Book 14 : Healed of Uterine Fibrosis and Ovarian Cyst

Healed of Uterine Fibrosis and

Ovarian Cyst

I refer to Book 13 of Spiritual Warfare & The Purple Robe, page 22 which reads as follows:

“Yet warfare intensified beyond what my words are able to describe I was rushed to hospital and after a long sixteen hour wait several doctors, each giving a different report, ended up stating that I was diagnosed to have suffered four months with Uterine Fibroid and Ovarian Cyst. The right fallopian tube could not be found and what made matters worse was that an operation could only be performed four months later in January 2016.

Shocked, I told mom that when one of the doctors scanned my uterus, my Spirit eyes opened only to see the face of a demon. To all appearances this thing had no eyes, only two holes. Of course, doctors could not detect this, but rather stated that they could not make out what substance was filling my uterus.

Imagine, each confused doctor left me in such a pitiful overwhelming painful state, let alone the demon spirit I actually saw began its torment. It ate and ate and ate at my uterus causing pain like I had never felt before. Mom and I not only had to come face to face with the demonic realm, but the overwhelming manifestations in the physical realm also.”

Well, the time had arrived for my appointment at the hospital, so off mom and I went. A very confused doctor could not find any records on the computer system, yet my file stated that I had a level 2 uterine fibrosis and ovarian cyst and that I was unable to bear children. He could not find the x-rays nor the scan previously done.

“Are you sure you had not attended some other hospital?” he said, very confused. “There are no records, but come back to me in two day’s time and I personally will attend to you,” he assured me.

Well, mom had prayed many prayers. “I commanded the uterine fibrosis and ovarian cyst to return to the queen of the coast a trillion times full blast and that it should hang like pumpkins on her eye balls. Father, I ask for swift judgment to come on this wicked spirit, in Jesus’ Name.”

Well, praise the Lord, she deserved just that!

I returned to see two doctors after the second day. One doctor said, “I remember doing the previous scan and x-rays. I wrote out a report that you had a level 2 uterine fibrosis and ovarian cyst and that you were unable to bear children. How is it that I am not able to find any ovarian cyst? It is all clear! The uterine fibroid is very small!” uttered a very, very confused doctor.

“You are ovulating which means that you are able to bear children.”

Later, this doctor became a mouthpiece for the queen of the coast who spoke through her. “I am going to put you on a contraceptive injection or contraceptive pills. Now choose which one you want and then place your signature below.”

At that point, I felt deep urges to contact mom, which drove me to phone her. Mom had advised me not to fall prey to the queen of the coast. “She is looking for an opening, do not sign anything! Do not take the injection or pill! Say NO! NO! NO! Give no foothold to the devil!” came the response from an extremely serious mom.

A very, very disturbed and upset doctor stormed out of the office, “You are of age and can decide for yourself,” she spat it out so vehemently.

After some time, she returned and said, “Come back to me in two months time for a check-up.”

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