Book 14: Being Monitored in the Spirit Realm

Being Monitored in the Spirit Realm

Once again, I was to participate in the realm of the spirit; looming before me was Facebook. I saw a person with great darkness. My spirit knew it was Moses of Tanzania. I observed closely and saw that he had optical eyes. His spirit eyes constantly monitored anyone browsing through his Facebook. He used this method to initiate any person or he would browse through Facebook with his optical eyes, and that is how he would initiate Facebook users. Be careful, for your enemy, though in physical, yet spies and monitors you in the realm of the Spirit.

When I came out of the realm of the spirit, I said to mom, “I feel too sick! Please pray for me!”

Please reader, constantly cover your Facebook with the Blood of Jesus and the Blazing Fire of the Holy Spirit before you activate Facebook.

Warfare intensified as I previously explained, so that the spirit realm and the atmosphere in the sky turned ugly, evil, heavy and demon infested.

This morning, the 8th February 2016, mom was compiling this true experience, for we had not slept peacefully ever since she had found a prayer written by Sherry Shiner in one of her archives. She printed it amongst dozens of other prayers and left it untouched.

That night, I was under severe, heavy, demonic attack and could not sleep. I told her that a little, black figure was lurking around the house. She prayed for me, and so I drifted off to sleep. Mom spent the night in prayer after a long exhausting day. She had picked up the prayer of Sherry Shiner not realizing its true contents, and prayed a couple of pages before drifting off to sleep, too exhausted. Soon she awoke under heavy demon attack, feeling more than just rotten, bad and ugly.

She had dreamt that a black, vicious figure had just broken through the burglar gate at the front door, and marched unhindered into the house. Of course, at this point, she told me that a dark anointing like heavy mind-control was gripping us. Once again, words are insufficient to really describe the type of mind-control.

As long as this prayer was in our presence, we suffered greatly. Please do not pray it, as it carries a heavy, alien, initiation which opens up hundreds of doorways and gateways, and this is what we had experienced.

I reminded her that we had experienced the ugly, evil, demon atmosphere one night, and that she had remarked that it was an alien ship high above the clouds.

“Don’t forget the demon face I had seen in the clouds,” I added. “So true, so true,” she said.

After mom had prayed and reversed each word and the entirety of its source and hard centre core of Sherry Shiner’s prayer, in Jesus’ Name, there was an immediate shift and change in both realms. The heavy mind-control broke, and the sick, rotten, alien, dark anointing and wicked marks lifted.

We had also experienced this with Elizabeth Sherry Elijah Nikomia, as later we learned that she was Sherry Shiner. Mom did further investigations and the following shocked her – Mom wondered how the prayer of Sherry Shriner had gotten into her prayer archive.

Elizabeth Sherry Elijah Nikomia

For further information google

Elizabeth Sherry Elijah Nikomia

Elizabeth Sherry Elijah Nikomia

Of course, mom was in prayer all night, and read her Bible as sleep had left her completely. It was five a.m. in the wee hours of the morning when she dozed off, only to be awakened two hours later by heavy mind-control. Feeling overly rotten and completely covered with burning pains from the crown of her head to the soles of her feet, she decided to compile this portion of the Script.

I awoke and explained to her that this black form had forcefully tried to hypnotize and rape me in my sleep. I had fought hard and resisted this thing which later fled, not knowing that she was in earnest prayer.

“Abba Father, send Your most vicious, fire, warrior angels to destroy the evil that is presently attacking Yolin and myself…” she continued fervently.

On the morning of the 10th February 2016, mom was out in the garden when an unusually disturbing incident occurred. She was heavily attacked as a slice of spiced tomato fell from the sky onto the crown of her head.

Under heavy sway and feeling overwhelmingly sick deep inside her, she rebuked, but to no avail. When I awoke, she related the rudeness of the incident and said, “Yolin, rebuke all levels of mystical and marine witchcraft, voodoo and occult. Break all levels of curses, spells, bewitchments and mind-control, in Jesus’ Name.”

And so it was, done!


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