Book 14: Occult / Islam Worship

Occult / Islam Worship

Warfare became somewhat unbearable until I was taken into Spirit vision upon my bed, and beheld myself going to the enclosed backyard of our dwelling. Hearing a commotion, I stopped and saw a Muslim man on his knees. He began bowing and raising his head in prayer.

I listened to what he was saying; it appeared that he was chanting, moving his head and hands in a type of ritual. Shocked, I fled and just about reached my room when I was taken into an open Spirit vision.

I was transported to a huge auditorium filled to capacity. On stage appeared a white woman whom I understood was deep into dark, mystical powers. I watched closely as this woman began moving her head and hands and began chanting.

Shaken, I recalled the Muslim man whom I had previously mentioned; my spirit understood that there was no difference between these two.Islam Worship

In the realm of the spirit, everyone knew that both were chanting. Their chantings were offered up to satan. Their worship of hand movements were an offering to satan.

I was dumbstruck and speechless at this Spirit revelation!



Islamic Black Crow Outfit /  Gothic Hooded Cloak/Wicca Robe Medieval

I understood that this woman had mystical powers of darkness. She knew that her source and power was directly from satan.

Furthermore, I also understood that the Muslim man did not realize that the source of his Islamic worship derived from one of satan’s diabolical secrets. He too was altogether deceived and misled.

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