Book 14: Occult Midget

Occult Midget

Yet warfare intensified so greatly that we ran out of answers. Mom was viciously attacked behind her head, and wrestled with the unknown which after two days never returned.

One night, she heard me calling her very earnestly and went out the back to investigate the urgency of my voice. “Look up at the sky,” I urged her. “The sky is not clear; can you see the atmosphere is infested with demons!” I muttered, very sick.

“Look, Yolin,” she replied. “The entire atmosphere is heavy. I wonder why?”

Days later, I was once again in the back yard when she heard me calling. “There is a demon in those clouds. He is looking down at us.” Poor mom could only see clouds and said, “Yolin, the Lord has once again opened your Spirit eyes to see.”

Immediately, she lifted both hands high and commanded this principality be arrested in Jesus’ Name. “I release the Blood of Jesus mixed with the Holy Blazing Fire to totally annihilate, obliterate and wipe out this demon.” As she continued rebuking, I ran for my camera to snap it, but found that it had lost its shape and later vanished.

“So that is why the atmosphere was a dirty, evil colour,” I responded.

Yet spiritual warfare intensified even more, so each day she spent long hours in prayers destroying the kingdom of darkness and releasing the authority of chaotic confusion into all the camps of the enemies.

One night, I called out to her, “Rebuke occult midget!” I remained sick for days.

That night, I was taken into a Spirit dream in which relatives were present, when suddenly an occult midget approached me. “I vow that when you return to your physical body, I am going to kill you! I am an expert occult midget.”

My spirit knew that this thing was a master occult spirit, and it was what he stated and operated in. I also knew that once I opened my physical eyes that all hell would break loose.

Reader, I was sick for days when I opened my eyes. I understood that I was allowed to see to whom he returned after that deadly threat.

Mom had gone into several earnest warfare prayers, “Master of occult midget, in the Name of Jesus Christ, I command that you be arrested, bound and put into a strait jacket for all eternity. I pour Fire over you to burn for all eternity, in Jesus’ Name…” And so it was “done.”

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