Book 14: Queen of the Coast New Advanced Products

Queen of the Coast New Advanced Products

Queen of the Coast New Advanced Products

Once again, I was taken into a Spirit revelation and stood observing, yet everyone present could not see me. Before me stood the most beautiful, blonde headed lady I have ever seen. She was waiting for the queen of the coast who had prepared her well for a mission to earth. Then I heard a voice that I knew was the queen of the coast, “Go to earth! Take these products to earth!” she commanded.

I watched as the queen used her marine powers to demonstrate her lipsticks, dyes, shampoos and other cosmetics etc. on her agent. Instantly, the blonde lady looked more than perfectly stunning. She was radiant and so pleased.

The sheen in her hair made her hair glow. “These are to make you look and feel better!”

I heard the queen’s urgency, “Go, go, go take them to earth now.”

Advanced products of all well-known brand names on our shelves.

The following week, mom and I went into one of the Stores and lo and behold, the well-known brand name shampoo products had a new advanced selection. I remarked to mom, “Look!”

“So true, so true!” she exclaimed.

Reader, as mom and I picked up one of the many products sent to earth, not only did our physical bodies sway, but both of us became sick.

“There are heavy marine powers on these products,” we sighed.

Reader, be vigilant and sober, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the other abominable products of the queen of the coast.

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