Book 14: Queen of the Coast a Wicked Spirit

Queen of the Coast a Wicked Spirit

Yet warfare continued to rage as mom and I gathered each night for prayers, destroying every level of mystical and marine assignments and astral and shape shifting violence.


Seeing that she was unsuccessful, she dragged us to the intersection where the Atlantic Ocean met another current. The waters were churning into whirlpools, and soon sucked us deep beneath the Atlantic.

This mind boggling situation caused me to earnestly call out, “Jesus… Jesus… Jesus…. Help me!… Jesus…

Jesus… Jesus… save me!”


My physical body folded, collapsing, as I looked up and saw Jesus coming swiftly.

And so it was, mom and I were in the midst of where two currents of demonic worlds met. She awoke absolutely sick as excessive burning covered her entirely. The pain was so severe that her flesh repeatedly jumped off her bones.

There was much spiritual violence, so much so, that both of us were sick and vulnerable during the wee hours of each morning. She enquired with much tears, on her knees, when the scripture flooded her mind, “And from the time of John Baptist hitherto, the Kingdom of God suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.” Matthew 11: 12

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