Book 14: Satanists had Infiltrated Ministries

Satanists had Infiltrated Ministries

I had received a friendly request on Facebook from someone working at Jimmy Swaggart’s Ministry, and without any thought, I accepted. That night, I prayed and asked the Lord, “Lord, I had seen downloads concerning Satanists infiltrating Jimmy Swaggart’s Ministry! Lord Jesus reveal unto me who this person really is who had just sent me this friendly request?”

I had just about dozed off when in Spirit vision I was transported to a service being held at Jimmy Swaggart’s Ministries. I gazed around at everyone present; before me stood the infiltrator.

Satanists Had Infiltrated Ministries

My spirit knew and understood that it was he whose eyes had suddenly changed to an evil colour. He stood tall with straight hair styled to the back with the microphone in his hand. While the service proceeded, I noticed that the entire congregation of Jimmy Swaggart’s Ministry came under heavy initiation. The infiltrator’s image had completely changed; red, optical eyes glowed in their evil cunning.

No one became aware of demon infestation, so everyone who was initiated, acted very strange. I saw that satanists had infiltrated the entire Jimmy Swaggart Ministry.

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