Book 14: Spiritual husbands

Yet warfare intensified to such unimaginable expectations for weeks on end. One day I was listening to Retah McPherson on “Spiritual husbands and wives”. Then I thanked and praised the God of Heaven for at that point the secret was revealed into my Spirit. Mom had always told me that a door in the spirit realm had opened allowing dark forces to violently assault us especially in our sleep. We awoke all bruised, and pondered the reason.

Before my eyes appeared a vision; I saw this Tanzanian guy whom I do not know, using dark forces. He was declaring a forceful marriage onto me. This enraged me and with an immediate response, I deleted such an abominable thing. After a year, he Facebook’d me just saying, “hi”. Something happened in the spirit realm, although I refused to respond.

Yet another vision appeared before my eyes, in which a white man Facebook’d me. In order to get rid of his persistent irritation, I agreed to go out with him. Oh, what a mistake! Later, I found out that he was a Satanist who had monitored me in the spirit realm. At this point, I deleted both from my Facebook.

Though I had never physically met any of them, I then understood that these were spiritual husbands.

I had gone to the Courts in Heaven to divorce these spiritual husbands, when mom and I were assaulted through witchcraft being buried in our grounds by tokoloshies. We knew that these spiritual husbands were not giving up easily.

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