Book 14 : Swampy spirits

Swampy spirits

We were still under the impression about these demon attacks when something else mind boggling was revealed.

Mom and I had reached a point of desperation, seeking Father to deliver us from the evil one. No amount of rebuking helped when during the wee hours of each morning, spirits would enter our abode, especially during vulnerable hours of over-exhaustion.

Our sleep turned out to be heavy, our bodies swollen and bruised, not knowing the actual source. We approached Father for the answers, in Jesus’ Name, and that night mom told me, “Yolin, you have to spend the night in my room; so it was that when I was about to doze off, I left my physical body. I was transported to a swampy, murky place. After observing evil spirit-like forms moving over the swamps, I was allowed back in my physical body.




Now this happened over and over again `- how many times, I am not able to recall. On coming back, I alerted my mother, “The Lord had taken me to the source of our warfare.”

So off we went with the Bible which she held high. “Every one of you swampy spirits present, I set you alight with blazing fire. Be consumed, burn for all eternity! Fire, fire, fire, fire, burn, burn, burn as I destroy these swampy spirits with blazing fire!!!”

Amazingly, there was much difference in the atmosphere which began clearing as mom persevered in earnest prayer. Over-exhausted, we closed our eyes.

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