Book 14 : Three Deadly Spiritual Lizards

Three Deadly Spiritual Lizards

Yet warfare intensified insomuch that mom was removing witchcraft bones, bright yellow coloured beads, pieces of crushed egg shells, sea shells, threads of wool and cotton, fresh coals, etc. I remained sick most of the time until she removed the filth from the premises.

Then she told me that while sifting the sand and removing these abominations, something bit her arm. For days she was sick until I anointed her arm praying, “In the Name of Jesus, I draw all lizard poison out of this arm. Poison leave this arm, in Jesus’ Name, leave!”

The Lord had given me a Spirit dream in which Pastor Michael, together with his family were at the sea-side. Out of the blue, three deadly lizards came out of the sea water. It appeared to be a mystery to everyone present that these lizards came out of the ocean.

Three Deadly Spiritual Lizards

Three Deadly Spiritual Lizards

One of the innocent, young children touched the lizard, and immediately the deadly poison moved through his little body. Yet nobody actually took notice of what had taken place. The grey lizard somehow stuck to the pallet of one of their dogs and released its deadly poison.

Now, because I understood that these most deadly lizards were sent by the queen of the coast, I rebuked the marine poison out of my mother’s arm. Immediately, the poison left as I commanded, “Never return to the sea in Jesus’ Name.”

Yet the warfare intensified further until mom prayed through most of the night which turned chaotic. Overly exhausted, she would doze off only to discover that she was lying in a bed of boiling lava. Excessive burning pains not only covered her, but her entire bed.

“Yolin,” she muttered, “This is the second week that when I open my eyes after I have dozed off, I am in a state of collapse. Please pray for me and rebuke all poison out of my body.”

It seemed as though the Lord had once again locked up shop and left. One morning, after praying through the night she said, “Lord, it appears as though You do not see and hear my desperation! Yet even though You slay me, I would not doubt my Lord, for He is Lord! I believe in You and confess that You are Lord!”

Three days later, I was about to doze off when a Spirit vision loomed before me. My spirit eyes beheld that a mouse had entered our house.

Then a soft voice spoke. Immediately, I knew it was the Lord Jesus. He said, “This mouse keeps the door open for those Tanzanians.”

I remembered then that this guy, Moses of Tanzania, had forcefully made his appearance on my Facebook. I had seen the same mouse enter my bedroom. I had accepted no friendly request from Moses, he just appeared on my Facebook. Anyway, this thing gnawed behind my wardrobe for a month.

We suffered greatly while warfare intensified out of control ever since. Immediately, I alerted my mom who had been earnestly seeking the Lord for answers.

We gathered and began to pray according to the Spirit vision given to me, in Jesus’ Name, and so it was.

A week later, I was taken into an open vision, and saw Moses of Tanzania standing at the far end of our private backyard. That night, the Lord revealed the secret. I saw that a round, black bead with a hole in the middle had been planted in our grounds. The Lord said that this was used to keep the door open for Moses to access our property.

Well, we searched the property and found the abomination which mom flushed down the toilet and said, “In the Name of Jesus, never come back!”

“I arrest Moses of Tanzania and put him in a strait-jacket until Jesus deals with him. I ask Lord that You will make this dwelling invisible so that all his reinforcements will lose their way!” And so it was.

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