Book 14: Witchcraft buried by Little Creature

Witchcraft buried by Little Creature

After a couple of weeks of removing bags filled with bones, also fish bones, matted wet matter and hair, a rusted key, smooth pebbles, the front half of a beige horse, little black bulbs, pieces of glass, cotton and wool pieces, fresh charcoal etc. her hand became swollen as the witchcraft attacked night after night after night.

One night, I told her that we had a visitor. “It’s a little dirty, off-white creature.”

“So, now the secret is out about who has been burying these abominations half a meter underground,” she began. “You dirty, filthy, off-white creature, I arrest you in the Name of Yeshua.”

Immediately, the atmosphere hung heavily as warfare intensified, but soon little, dirty, off-white creature fled.

Days later, I told her that I had looked into the spirit realm and saw someone jumping over the side fence through an opening. On searching, there was nobody, so mom raised her hand, “In the Name of Yeshua, I arrest this wicked human spirit astral projecting onto this property. I lock you up in a spiritual cage until Jesus deals with you.”

Sure enough, someone or something was looking through the eyes of the cat who acted more than strange. As she rebuked, the animal could not take mom’s touch. Overwhelming fear and guilt poured out of the cat’s eyes as though fire was consuming it. The following morning, mom commented that kitty cat was back to being a loving animal. “What next!” I thought.

I had been given a Spirit dream in which I understood that mom and I were given a house. Not knowing that the place was haunted, we began exorcising as we came face to face with the unknown.

We had sought the Lord for the source of all the witchcraft that had been planted into our enclosed backyard, when on several occasions a vision of the face of that Tanzanian guy came before me. That night, I saw an evil spirit who was suspended in mid-air in Tanzania. This thing was a dirty-grey colour with a head of a monkey and two very long arms.

I watched as it lifted one hand, took up the witchcraft and with the other hand dropped it onto our property in South Africa.

The following morning, I alerted mom who told me to divorce that demon, so off I went and fell on my knees. Reader, there was an immediate response.

Next, I had a Spirit dream in which this Tanzanian guy came astral projecting into our place. I watched as he transformed into my white rabbit. I picked it up and began rebuking, “I bind this human that shape-shifted to go back into your original form, and that you must never shape-shift again. Lose your shape-shifting, in Jesus’ Name.”

Immediately, this person started losing their shape-shift as a rabbit, and was desperate to flee. Within seconds, it shape-shifted into a rat and bit my hand, so I lost my grip as it fled. The rat had just about gone through a solid wall when it turned into its human form.

We continued to be severely attacked during the wee hours of the morning, and each morning we awoke bruised, sore and battered. Day after day, we continued to dig, filling bag after bag with bones, egg shells, beads, wire, cotton, plastic, rusted objects, fresh pieces of coal, plastic bags etc.

Mom admitted, “Yolin, witchcraft has a terrible, rotten, stinking smell. Always use something to remove it, never touch it with your hands. As long as it is being removed, plead the Blood of Jesus and Blazing Holy Fire. Break all curses and arrest the spirits attached.”

So we persevered for weeks on end.


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