Book 15: Aliens


As the time passed into weeks, I was taken into Spirit revelation and lo and behold, when I peeped out from behind the curtains of my bedroom, I suddenly had lock jaw. The unimaginable was unfolding before my very eyes.

The Earth was thrown into disarray, and complete chaos reigned like great swelling waves. The atmosphere grew terribly dense! Who could bear it? Who could fathom it!

The sight was beyond my comprehension.

Alien spaceship

Fleets of flying saucers united with fleets of warcraft ships were on the right and there were  flying saucers and warcraft ships on the left. No one wielded the sword! Suddenly, thick dark laser beams and deafening noises dominated the skies!

Alien spaceship

Oh what an unusual war cry!

Alien spaceship

My eyes bulged out of their sockets! How far they protubed I do not know!

I fell on my knees repenting, repenting, repenting, repenting. Then it dawned upon me that it was the end of the world. “Death, yes death! It’s the end of the world.”

I hurriedly approached mom who was also aware of this inexplicable happening. Both great and small, young and old fled wildly. Evil fires raged out of control! Goggle-eyed and overwhelmed with hysteria, they fled to mom. I turned to look, and saw that only she remained calm and undisturbed.

I peeped out once more from behind the curtain, and saw that the alien invaders had moved around all the skies of the world. It appeared as though every eye could see into the spaceships. As the spaceships moved away something appeared out of the blue.

Alien Mothership

I watched as an enormous mothership hovered above our house. Beams of scanning lights moved from left to right, over and over again.

This was more than an eyeful of what I never thought could ever happen. Searching, searching, and searching for any existence of life in our abode.

Oh Reader, what a nightmare! I was pleading, “The Blood, the Blood, the Blood… of Jesus.” These were the only words that brought hope, comfort, strength. My very existence depended upon what came from my heart, “The Blood of Jesus.”

Yet warfare intensified even more insomuch that it seemed that all our physical body organs were hanging loose. Also, our nervous systems were shredded and hung like live wires touching our body organs. So for weeks on end we were in despair.

Each night at a certain hour, our cat would come strolling in, and this was when chaos erupted. Mom said, “Yolin, it seems as though a shape shifter has entered our cat.” She would sit with her chest pushed out under a little table in the corner of the room, under cover.  So one night, mom let her out early in order to research the matter.

During the wee hours of the morning, I was in the penthouse cleaning the cage of our parrots when an entity stood watching me. The presence of an indescribable evil caused my flesh to cringe so that I fled to my room.

Mom had dozed off already. As the entity entered her room, she smelled an odour so terrible that it paralyzed her whilst asleep. This being was using great force to pull her out of her chest. As strength entered her, she blurted out, “The Blood of Jesus…. The Blood of Jesus…”

On opening her eyes, she was covered in bruises and burning pains ran over her entire physical body. I heard her rebuking all evil that was present, but the foul odour increased. Mom stumbled to my room saying, “Yolin, pray for me! Draw out all poison from my chest and stomach.”

A heavy darkness hung over her causing me to become sick when I was in her presence, but we persevered. I laid hands on her and prayed for her. I did this several times, but to no avail!

Her only hope was on her knees at two in the morning as she began worshipping Abba Father, in Jesus’ Holy Name. I saw the state she was in when she fell on her knees and felt very sorry for her, but it seemed as if I could not put a finger on the cause of her condition.

She persevered in earnest prayer, as I lay listening to her, I must have dozed off!

As the Presence of Abba Father swept through, He healed her, for she quoted Matthew chapter 23 verse 9 and 10 – “And call no man your father upon the earth: for there is but One, your Father which is in Heaven. Be not called doctors for One is your Doctor, even Christ.”


Reader, it was past five in the morning and oh how Abba Father’s Presence manifested in Jesus’ Name. “Father, Your Presence and the Blood of Your Holy Son, no foe can withstand! These are Spirit Weapons for the Glory of the Father and of His Son, Jesus and of the Holy Spirit.”

She sat reading the Scriptures and dozed off at 6:30 that morning. When she opened her eyes, healed, she greeted the Father, His Holy Son, Jesus, and the Blessed Holy Spirit. “Father, in Jesus’ Mighty Name send Your angel to clothe me and my angels with God’s end time armour. Thank You Father, in Jesus’ Name.”