Book 15: Ancestral and Generational Demons Attack

Ancestral and Generational Demons Attack

After many, many months of inexplicable attacks from the demonic realm, something most terrible happened which shook me.

I was shown in Spirit dream that I was about to participate in a race with two others who had already taken their positions on the track. My spirit became aware that evil had stuck its ugly head out. A colleague who saw me walk away from the race, hurried to my side also convicted that dark matter hung heavily.

A sure conviction that it was my mother who had just passed away caused me deep, inner, lamenting grief and pain. I opened my physical eyes sore and broken.

I refer to a portion of the script (Spiritual Warfare & The Purple Robe, Book 9, pages 13 – 14) which read:

“The scene changed as a relative and I chatted, pouring out my heart to her. She said, “It’s someone dear to you whose lifespan will be shortened.” I pondered about this matter and told her that the only one dear to me was my mother. “Yes, it is your mother.” As though she knew beforehand!

I could not control my deep inner emotions and burst out weeping profusely. Great sobs shook my form as she said, “I was interceding for her all the time without anyone knowing.” It stunned me beyond words. “The reason it did not stop or anything is because you did not intercede for her life.”

Her words caused me to be deep in thought; I should have interceded seeing that I am her daughter! Then she said, “The Law of Nature is already in motion!” Just then, my Spirit eyes opened; I looked towards the heavens and could clearly see into the first heaven; many stars were moving.

Suddenly, I saw a substance which moved towards Earth. This substance was not gas or matter or atoms; it was spirit and it was alive. This caused me to weep even more bitterly; I had actually seen the Law of Nature in motion.”

On the night of the 3rd August 2016, mom sat in her room enjoying a cup of green tea with ginger and lemon when all of a sudden she grabbed her chest. I heard her rebuking and pleading the Blood of Jesus Christ, but to no avail. On hearing her call, I rushed to pray for her, but it seemed as though my prayer could not reach the need and desperation unfolding before my eyes.

I watched bewildered as she rolled from side to side gripping her chest calling earnestly unto the Lord Jesus to help her, pleading the Blood of Jesus. “Fight this thing,” I urged her. “Wrestle with it until it leaves.” I heard her rebuking and binding up death, but to no avail. Iron bands closed in around her chest to take its toll. “Yolin, phone Brother Mike,” she whispered.

Then the Holy Spirit prompted in her heart to rebuke death, so she wrestled with death for the space of half an hour. Furthermore, He prompted in her heart to rebuke all ancestral and generational demons of heart attacks and cardiac failures. Immediately, I heard her wrestle with so many, many generational ancestral demons; how many I do not know!

On explaining the urgency of the moment to Brother Michael, he began to intercede. She also told me to contact her sister who also began interceding in much prayer. An hour later, after much rebuking, the strong enemies released a little bit of its grip. She sat quietly just soaking in the beautiful songs of Terry MacAlmon, when in an instant dark substances lifted off her chest.

She described it as ‘spirit-like atoms’ that had attacked her chest with inexplicable powerful bands cutting short her breath causing her to become paralyzed. Her strength weakened within minutes.

It returned that night pounding, pounding, pounding until her physical body was utterly bruised and extremely painful. Like a sledge hammer, evil upon evil upon evil worked desperately to shorten her life span.

She had not slept a wink that night, but moved around the house slowly, feeling more than rotten, broken and battle-weary. Everyone who saw her could feel the unbearable, painful blows of the sledge hammer, one of its kind.

That day, she learned that Brother Michael had presented their Covenant of Protection before the Father partitioning for her life. Thereafter, the Lord led him to deal with the entire demon ancestral and generational bloodline, in fierce spiritual warfare.

She also learned from her sister that she had taken this dark matter to the Court of Heaven (according to Robert Henderson’s prayers). Thereafter, she spent long hours in Win Worley warfare prayers, binding and breaking the demonic ancestral and generational bloodline curses with the Name and the Blood of Jesus.

Suddenly, the dark forces lifted and Light shone through in Glory.

Well praise the Lord Jesus that the Prayers of the Righteous carry great, great Power and Authority.

That night, utterly exhausted, mom drifted off into deep sleep only to experience the impossible.

A lightning bolt hit her so hard that her physical body jumped like an elastic band. The depths of her physical body became like jelly, uncontrollable and shaking violently. “What!!! What is happening?” she awoke under heavy excessive burning pains as evil fires engulfed her and her bed.

But this time, when she opened her mouth to rebuke, the Holy Spirit prayed through her, “Father, You clothe and wrap Yourself in Light! In the Name of Jesus, I put on Christ! I fully and completely clothe myself with the Lord Jesus Christ fulfilling Your completeness over me. My Shield and Horn of my Salvation! Be more than just a match for these persistent evil upon evil…”

Glory to Father, in Jesus’ Holy Name, and so it was, as she regained her strength!

“In the Name of Jesus Christ, I command all evil present to be bound and cast deep into the abyss. Every mother spaceship and all spaceships beaming down on me, be melted as I release Holy Blazing Fire and Holy Electricity a trillion times a trillion times a trillion percent full blast, full blast.

Father, let it rain down fire and brimstone and completely cover and melt all alien spaceships, in Jesus’ Name… In Jesus’ Name….”

Jesus is the Power of Almighty Father God! And so it was DONE!

Mom awoke that morning thanking the Father in Jesus’ Name – HEALED!