Book 15: Anton LaVey in Hell

Anton LaVey in Hell

It is the wee hours of 9th April 2016; I realized that it was not a dream, I was actually taken to a certain section of Hell.

I found myself in a very dark, dirty, dusty place where I met a handful of people. We were well aware that an assignment was given to each one, but we did not know what to expect. We just gazed around wondering what the actual purpose was of being in this awful place.

We were on a hill and before us an ocean of liquid lava boiled and bubbled. The noises went far and wide spewing flames of liquid miles into the dark sky.

hells burning liquid fire flares

The entire place was dimly lit up by the liquid flames. Flares of liquid gases, a replica of the sun’s atmosphere, shot miles into the sky. The only light came from the cruel merciless flames. The entire scene grew like a nightmare. The flames were boiling over with anger.

As I looked down from the top of the hill, I had an experience I will never forget – boiling  liquid shot up into my face. The liquid lava clung to my form and within seconds my eyes melted and my flesh hung like liquid wax.

Unable to describe the horrors of what had happened, words failed me once more. The blinding pain and hopeless situation I faced was more than I could bear.

I was speechless and blind!

Every fibre of my being screamed out in agony. Covered in bubbling gas like lava, I was not able to move. Those who were with me carried me out of this most awful tormenting place.

I was taken to a certain place and was immediately attended to. My Spirit understood that He who knew all things present, past and future carried out the operation.

I was given a brand new set of eyes, my face was completely restored and healed.

Wow! Thank you Doctor Jesus! I opened my eyes and knew that the Pure White Man knew every bit of what had just taken place.

Instantly, I was taken into an open Spirit vision and an image loomed before me.Anton LaVey in hell

My spirit knew that the image was of Anton LaVey the founder of the church of satan and author of the satanic bible, also the religion of LaVeyan Satanism.

Anton LaVey died on 29th October 1997 and was given a secret satanic burial and then cremated.

My Spirit also understood that Anton LaVey was in a terrifying torment for all eternity in this most hideous place.

The Lord had allowed me to experience the terribleness of this type of liquid-clinging-gas-lava.

1 John 4: 1 Beloved, Do not put faith in every spirit, but prove (test) the spirits to discover whether they proceed from God; for many false prophets have gone forth into the world.

When I returned to my physical body, I was viciously attacked by the demonic realm, so mom constantly prayed for me. The deep down awful stench of rotten decayed flesh pierced my nostrils for days and also, the tormenting presence of Hell caused me to be very sick for many, many days.

Yet warfare continued and I told mom that we had an unexpected, unwanted visitor which had attacked us for some time especially at night. This thing shape shifted into our white rabbit; the moment mom rebuked the shape shifting thing, it fled.