Book 15: Continual Warfare

Continual Warfare

Still warfare continued so that we were under the impression that the white-eyed demon kid was still at large. Our sore broken bodies were on the verge of collapse when I was taken into an open Spirit vision.

This thing illustrated below should be viewed as being a thousand times worse in appearance and power.


We fought against this impossible fiend into the wee hours of each morning only to awake feeling very sick. One night, it attacked my over-exhausted mom who had dozed off. She awoke at about two in the morning calling on Jesus.

Just enough strength infused her to raise her hands to rebuke it and instantly it fled. She fell at Jesus’ feet thanking Him and praising Him. Instantly, Spirit anointing poured over her breaking the evil yokes of darkness.

The Lord had placed a Spirit seal over us and then left, but this abomination returned with renewed fury. Mom was not asleep although she had closed her eyes, and discerned that  this evil thing was standing beside her. Surges of powerful electric currents ran over her, but could not penetrate the seal the Lord had placed over her. After rebuking it, it fled and never returned.

During the wee hours of the morning after, mom drifted off to sleep about five in the morning. She had prayed through the night. In her dream, she was challenged by a red spider. This thing had very long, ugly legs and was dangerous. With all her might she fought this thing which later disappeared.

Suddenly, it reappeared and she observed that it had grown to about 30cm in diameter. Mom was wearing a pair of new shoes; with one shoe she smashed the gigantic red spider. Its huge, ugly legs broke as she bashed the crustation into bits. Oh, what a delight, she sighed!

small demon

After a two hour sleep, she awoke, very sick, and moved slowly around the house.

One day the Council department were cutting the tree branches on the main road near our street and I decided to bring some home.

For days warfare raged until mom told me that it was emanating from those logs. We were violently attacked each night, and awoke dripping with liquid lava. We wondered how it was possible that the presence of this type of demon could cause severe bruising pains without attacking us.

One night, I was just dozing off when I was taken into a vision and lo and behold, a black image of a demon thing loomed before me.


Its skin was black and a hard incrustation covered its scaly form. This thing had red optical eyes which exerted mighty power. Just a look said it all.

Just looking upon its victim caused severe bruising insomuch that liquid lava would form and cover whatever it looked upon.

We suffered night after night, persevering in prayer. Only when the logs were completely removed from our property did we regain ground and this unimaginable evil demon fled.

But warfare continued until mom said, “Yolin, we have to enquire from the Lord!”

I was taken into a Spirit dream in which Moses of Tanzania entered our abode. This intruder astral-travelled when he saw the delightful progress the Lord had blessed us with, and was overcome with envy and hatred.

His complete intention was not only to claim me in spiritual marriage and become a spiritual husband, but he also coveted our abode.

In the past, because he had utterly failed in claiming me in spiritual marriage, he was deeply motivated with much merciless evil.

Oh Reader, please be very careful not to accept a friendly request on Facebook because the unimaginable does exist.

He was filled to capacity with his evil capabilities; he spiritually raped me and left me for dead. I fled to mom’s bedroom and spent the night with her, but I was in a terrible state and could not tell her.

Mom on the other hand, was overly exhausted, only to open her eyes in the morning feeling very sick. This attack made her persevere deep in prayer. During the morning, I opened my eyes, experiencing a blackout and called out to her.

I was very, very sick that day until we gathered in prayer. I had taken this matter to Jesus when suddenly deep down in my spirit He confirmed my innocence.

Mom on the other hand, waited for the moment which had arrived, totally confirming my innocence, and prayed, “Father, in Jesus’ Name, I stand on the Authority and Power of Your Holy Son, Jesus. I ask that swift judgement be brought upon Moses of Tanzania.

I command that he be arrested and charged not only with spiritual rape, but also as a thief and a murderer, doing satan’s abominable work.

Now Lord, lock Moses up and put a restraining order on him so that none of his reinforcements or backups can come near Yolin or this dwelling.

In the Name of Jesus, I close this chapter of Moses of Tanzania, never to be opened again in Jesus’ Holy Name. Done! Amen!”

[Matthew 18: 19] “Again I tell you, if two of you on earth agree about whatever (anything and everything) they may ask, it will come to pass and be done for them by My Father in Heaven.”

Yet warfare increased – a boiling hot substance not only covered us, but also our beds. This continued until one morning, mom discovered a footprint burned into the grass under the window in the backyard.

This imprint had one very large toe and one smaller toe. “Yolin, there are only two toes on each foot! she exclaimed.

demon foot print

Yet warfare continued until we ran out of answers; then one morning, she found imprints in the garden under the pine tree. “Look there are three imprints – each one only has three claws. There are only two sets! Yolin, does this mean that this creature has three legs with three claws on each foot?”

I continued removing small, blackish, red beads, and tiny red beans each day. At times, I removed them in the morning and by afternoon the garden was once again covered with witchcraft items. This continued day after day even though I would remove the witchcraft items three times a day before locking up for the night. Then one day it all just stopped.