Book 15: Earth hit by another Planet

Earth hit by another Planet

During the wee hours of the 9th August 2016, I was to experience the following Spirit revelation.  A nightmare of fear and dread unfolded before the eyes of all humanity, which stood bewildered.

Earth in its entirety froze, while we tried to absorb and comprehend every bit of what had boggled our minds.

All hope melted away! Once again, I am unable to fully explain the reality of the devastation.

planets crashing

Yes, mankind has never known this type of fear that hung heavily, as it could be felt and touched. Goggle-eyed we watched as an enormous brown planet headed toward Earth at a phenomenal speed.  I could see hills and dales which covered the entire planet as it swerved in a u-turn.

The screams beyond deafening, swelled thickly moving like waves through the atmosphere. “Woe to the inhabitants of the Earth. No hope! No hope! It’s the end of the world!” as nations, peoples, and tongues sighed!

planets crashing

Unable to control our emotions, our eyes protruded as if on springs, shaking as both planets raced along side by side.

planets crashing

Suddenly, the earth shook and swayed under an enormous impact. The End had finally arrived; each one held the others hand and so it was like a chain reaction throughout the world.

planets crashing

Ubiquitous darkness covered the entire earth; the air was smothered from the atmosphere. In gasping for air, I died, yet I knew that my spirit was very much alive!

I opened my physical eyes, feeling very sick, as mom prayed for my bruised and battered body.

We came under very heavy demonic attacks trying to spread this important Spirit revelation.