Book 15: Gruesome Aliens attacks upon Mankind

Gruesome Aliens attacks upon Mankind

Day after day and night after night the strain of spiritual warfare weighed heavily on us. I could no longer sleep and each morning was feeling more than rotten, tired, bruised and sore.

Meanwhile, mom was into very deep, deep prayers with Father seeking for Spirit revelation about these dark matters.

It happened unexpectedly – I was to participate in the Spirit revelation of the night which answered her prayers.

I saw and understood the purpose of why the entire earth had become a school yet a dungeon. Hurrying along long corridors to their classrooms were terror-stricken youths.  Each one geared in special protection, full length overalls.

As it was the final day of school our parents were engaged in parent – teacher meetings. Escorting us to our classrooms was a group of specially trained warriors.

In front of us, impossible blood curdling cries echoed through the corridors. Painful screams and the most dreadful howling mingled with terror shook the foundations.

Panic-stricken youth with eyes as big as saucers fled through mutilated pieces of what used to be their friends and families, to the nearest classroom.

face melting from man

Shocked to the very core of my being, I thought, ”The tortures happening in Hell itself could not be compared with what was unfolding before me”.


My eyes, glued to their sockets, were unable to wink. As my feet raced, my mind boggled, so many, many mutilated bodies beyond what any illustration could convey.




Aliens of the most unusual sort of species roamed the entire school dungeon. They were so very, very huge that mankind appeared like ants.


The presence of these evil beings said it all. Dark powers and evil such as was never demonstrated before merged into folds upon folds.


Together with a group of special warriors, we fled into a classroom where the teacher was engaged in a parent meeting.

Then I heard someone call my name, “Yolin!” I turned to a lady who smiled, “Clover sent this laser gun to you to fight the aliens,” she urged.

I thought for a moment, “Clover is in Heaven.”

With the gun in my hand, I knew that I was to come face to face with the very alien in the illustration below.


Thousands of corridors and thousands of classrooms, I thought! Also, thousands of demon aliens made me shudder.

What a most difficult situation!

Yet I knew that my mother was waiting for me in room number twenty which was situated on the other side of this massive dungeon.

Reader, I opened my eyes to find my physical body in such pain, shaking like jelly. Bewildered, I said, “Lord, is this before or after the rapture?”