Book 15: White Eyed Demon Kid

White Eyed Demon Kid

Meanwhile, warfare intensified leaving me speechless! Mom had dozed off after prayer. I stood beside her bed with our guinea pig. I had not realized that something had shape shifted into our pet.

Leo guinea pig

Mom awoke as a thunderbolt of evil fire surged over her physical body, running over her bed like wild, wicked, lava fire causing her to jump in her sleep like an elastic band.

She was completely covered with severe burning pains and crept slowly out of bed bent over just ready to collapse. “Please pray for me Yolin,” she murmured.

It appeared that the intense, burning pains were like boiling lava stuck to her flesh and bed. While she rebuked and rebuked that night, anointing herself, I was taken into an open Spirit vision.

Before me stood a white-eyed demon kid whose blonde hair was tied into two pony tails. She could have been around ten years of age.

White eyed demon kid

“So this thing had shape shifted into our guinea pig,” she muttered, as we went about rebuking the white-eyed demon kid who fled, but soon returned.

So the battles of each night raged into weeks. I remained sick, as iron claws gripped me each night.