Book 16: A Beast – Image of a Bear

A Beast – Image of a Bear

[Daniel 7: 5] “And behold another beast, a second one was like a bear, and it raised itself on one side and three ribs were in its mouth between its teeth; and it was told, Arise, devour much flesh.”


Yet again I was to participate in another experience and opened my eyes shaking so badly that I prayed unto the Lord.

I had seen that the beast had reached Cape Town; immediately the spiritual atmosphere turned into an ugly evil. I turned to look at the demonic monstrosity.

The once warm atmosphere was mercilessly gobbled up. Cruelty and cold bloodedness crushed and squeezed existing life forms.

Diabolical passions intensified and had taken on its spirit form. The energy forces and might exerted was overwelming and murderous.

Once again earthly words fail to describe it all, but my Spirit knew that this was spoken of in the Book of Revelation.

Firstly, the beast had to be captured and locked up.  Brother Michael together with mom and I had just enough time to do so.  Instantly, all the Believers were alerted.

I saw the Word of the Lord come to Brother Michael, “Lead them to higher levels.”

So Brother Michael with mom and I began leading the masses of Believers. The Lord Jesus directed us when to stop at certain levels and when to continue to higher levels.

The presence of the beast alone was so unbearable that I opened my eyes shaking violently and

crying out to Jesus.

I remained sick for days and only the Lord delivered me.

[Revelation 13: 2] “And the beast that I saw resembled a leopard, but his feet were like those of a bear and his mouth was like that of a lion. And to him the dragon gave his might and power and his throne and great dominion.” 

[Revelation 13: 4] “They fell down and paid homage to the dragon became he had bestowed on the beast all his dominion and authority; they also praised and worshiped the beast, exclaiming, Who is a match for the beast, and, Who can make war against him?”