Book 16: A Gateway to Hell – Muslims

A Gateway to Hell – Muslims

Mom and I had gone through such intense warfare that words fail me once more. Our poor physical bodies were badly bruised and worn out for many weeks on end.

The Lord had given me Spirit revelation in which I saw a Satanist shapeshifting into one of our rabbits. In this way, he entered the house each night. We had wondered about the actual purpose of these particular attacks!

During the wee hours of one morning upon my bed, an enormous flat screen appeared in my bedroom. Out of the blue, something so terrible and frightful occurred which sent cold shivers down my spine.

Piercing and ear-splitting screeching penetrated deep into my very existence.

Goggle-eyed, I looked up at the huge screen. My imagination failed me!


Before me was a continuous, never-ending fountain of the reddest, hottest liquid lava flowing from an unknown source.

I was to participate in this most awful moment!!

My spirit knew that this fountain was one of the many gateways into Hell.

Immediately, I was not only standing in front of the screen, but was transported into this particular part of Hell’s very existence.

Reader, this place truly exists!!

The density of the blood-curdling screams could not only be touched but the pain, the terror and tones were so blatantly and rudely expelled that my mind boggled.

Out of the mouth of the fountain of liquid lava which appeared like a waterfall, poured the souls of men and women.


As they fell into the pure, red-hot liquid, it wrapped and enfolded the poor, wretched souls, sucking and twisting the miserable ones deeper and deeper into its terrifying depths.

Each scene unravelling before me could not be described in words as it gripped me more and more.

Billions had already filled every inch – a destiny which seemed to expand with every second that passed.

I understood the hugeness of this ever expanding part of Hell ; my spirit saw it as vast and as big as the


My composure forever melted into nothing; lifelessly I continued gazing around and saw the most terrifying, unimaginable sufferings and torments.

No hope, just no hope! Forever doomed!

Every inch of liquid lava burned, knitted and intertwined into the souls of the men and women. The horrors were so real that I actually shrank back.

The noise was deafening.

Overwhelming despair caused my eyes to literally hang out as if on springs; I was shaking violently and uncontrollably.

I reiterate – there was no hope, just no hope!!  I could not control myself.

Deep down, blood-curdling screams swelled into gut-wrenching shrills. The collapsing forms of what was once human on earth were now just a nightmare.

A continuous agony of shrieking swelled and billowed from the guts of the sorrowful. The once upon a time mankind who proudfully resisted, rejected and blasphemed the Holiness of our Lord and Saviour was now a mangled, unrecognizable blob of humanity.

From where I stood looking up, I beheld the soul of a Muslim man who had just died back on earth. I watched as his soul left his physical body and sank into the cold earth.

This poor soul fell headlong down, down, down and entered through this gateway of Hell.

He came through the fountain of red-hot liquid lava screeching hysterically. No hope, no way out of the terrible torment.

The bubbling waterfall of lava folded and twisted with loud, hungry noises as it gobbled his naked form.


His agonised and piercing screams violently shook me as the red-hot liquid boiled into him.

For eternity, for all eternity, billions and billions of naked souls, lost forever!!

My mind froze, still unable to blink an eyelid ; suddenly I was transported back.

Still shaking violently, I turned to switch off the screen and laid upon my bed.

I tried hard to take in every bit of the minutest detail. Then my spirit understood – it was billions and billions of souls of Muslim men and women, both old and young, rich and poor who had died on earth.

On leaving their physical bodies, they came straight through the fountain of the reddest, hottest, boiling and bubbling, violent liquid lava.

I also understood that they would not be called up for judgement, but would spend the eternity of the eternities there.

With boggled mind, I prayed, “Jesus, what must I do?”

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Go, and tell the truth.”

I moaned and said, “Lord, You know how they are.”

The second time Jesus replied, “Go tell the truth.”

Now I said, “How am I going to tell them when we know what is going to happen?”

The third time He replied, “Go tell the truth!”

Dear Reader, I opened my eyes shaking so badly that I was sick for many days.