Book 16: Attacked! It’s Halloween!

Attacked! It’s Halloween!

Yet spiritual warfare increased the more so that it became unbearable.  Why ? It’s the season of Halloween.

Exhausted and drifting in and out of sleep the unexpected happened!

An evil force suddenly appeared ripping and tearing me out of my physical body. The pain was horrendous, shredding my entire stomach as I left my body.

Fighting with all my might I returned to my body which was lying on the bed. After the sixth time, I was screaming to mom who heard me loud and clear in her sleep.

At last, a powerful force tore me completely away.  I hovered over my body turning to see what I never expected.

I looked into the face of a relative chanting amidst a handful of Satanists. Eyes rolled back in their heads chanting and humming.

Wickedness and evil billowed up into an ugly, fiendish atmosphere.  Why this relative? Why? Why? My mind raced!

I fought extra hard calling out to my mother who rushed to me. Not knowing what had happened she released Blazing Holy Fire mixed with Holy Electricity a trillion fold full blast. This end time weapon shattered the powerful force.

I was sick for many days, my stomach torn to shreds.

Because of months of being violently attacked at the most vulnerable moments, I could not sleep. We would gather for prayer, but this time before prayer she fitted a key blocker into the lock and declared that the key to this lock claimed to be lost by this certain relative would not fit. “Father, in Jesus’ Name change this lock in the spirit realm.”

And so it was that the following afternoon the intruder operating in the spirit realm could not gain access. I clearly heard how loud the front door handle rattled and twisted, but in vain.

Instantly, when mom released Blazing Holy Fire the enemy fled.

“Father, Ephesians chapter 6 says to put on the full armour of God. Lord, as we wear Your Armour fight for us. Watch over us and put a hedge of protection about us. Lord, we put our spirits in Your hands.

We cancel the evil effects of this destiny destroyer upon our lives. We claim back our destinies and stars that were stolen. We break the ungodly soul ties, let our souls be tied only to You Lord Jesus. Place a hedge of Protection over our minds and cover us with Your Blood.

We take Authority and Power over the principalities and powers waging war against us in the Name of Jesus. With Your mighty army, we bind up this strongman and plunder the goods he has stolen. Father, send warrior angels to block every resister in the air, in Jesus’ Name…”

Reader, that night we drifted off into a peaceful sleep, over exhausted.