Book 16: End Time Entity

End Time Entity

Yet the demonic attacks seemed to spiral out of control. We had prayed many a time for answers, but once again it seemed as though we were plunged into something so big that we were left speechless.

We were given over to experience how it would be when the Saints are utterly worn out and exhausted.

Reader, this is no joke!

Our strength virtually melted away, day after day, and night after night. Spiritually, we awoke each morning after sleepless nights, being beaten up. Oh, I cannot find the right words to describe it all.

Life became a living nightmare, especially during the most vulnerable hours of the morning. There were moments when our bodies collapsed in a miserable state of exhaustion.

After many months of severe and utter desperation, I approached mom who never ceased to pray fervently.

She had always told me that this type of present warfare exerted deep mind binding, mind controlling spirits that block and bind the will of their victims.

It felt like very high levels of heavy hypnosis and hypnotic trances, evil energies that drain and suck the very existence of its victims.

“Yolin, what are we facing?” she sighed over and over.

“Lord Jesus, what are we to do? Without You, who will ever make it? I ask for Your Will in this matter to be done and I thank You Jesus. Thank You for revelation! Thank You for understanding! Thank You for wisdom in this matter…”

As great sobs shook her form, she persisted fervently until one morning I was taken into Spirit revelation.

I had been with a group on our way through forest and bushes until we had reached our destination. It appeared to be an enormous Rock upon which we were to pitch our tents.

There appeared to be an entity seeking whom it could devour.

For this reason, I remained in my tent focusing intensely into the Holy Word.

But it all happened when someone who shared the tent persisted into sin. I noticed that there appeared a form of an entity inside a dirty grey mist.

This thing was seeking and seeking an unexpected moment; as I watched it struck an enormous blow.

The woman’s mind was ripped and stolen away, every bit of her sober mind gone. There remained only a shell of a mind, a constant blank starring into nothing.

This poor, poor woman walked about a total lunatic. She was completely unbalanced.

Then I understood the purpose of this type of entity, which had enormous influence and powerful, mind-controlling, mind-binding powers.

Just its presence alone could steal, snatch away and devour the mind!

For this reason, I remained focused, using a great defeating weapon – deep prayers and also an intense focus in the Holy Word.

The following day when I tried to help this person, I came under heavy, demonic attack. The entity manifested inside dirty, grey mist coming through the roof to devour me. So this is one of its tricks, I understood, so I left off helping her.


It had only given the evil spirit an opening to come face to face with me. An intense battle broke out as I opened my eyes.

I was very, very sick.

Once again so many, many sleepless nights left me exhausted while mom fought intense battles until she became too exhausted.

Then she was shown in a Spirit dream that she was on her knees, every fibre of her being in intense prayer appeared like fire.


Her intense prayer each morning would help ease her painful body which she says is already a bit bent. She stated that this type of warfare caused grey hairs to appear when it was not needed.

The entity purposed to wipe us off the face of the earth with unbelievable torments and tortures. At this point Reader, we are fighting for our lives.