Book 16: Generational Black Snake

Generational Black Snake

While fighting for our lives, I can’t tell you as Reader how we had made it through. Actually, I can’t find the proper words to describe it only to learn that not only were we fighting the above unimaginable demonic, but also against a long, thick, black snake that had suddenly appeared.

During the fiercest moments at its most terribleness, it all united. I was not sure just what exactly was before my eyes; confused, I neglected to alert mom that I might be seeing a black snake.

Every moment felt like it was the last of our existence as we were severely attacked night and day for twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, at our most vulnerable exhausting periods. I could not sleep and remained sick.


She already uttered, “Yolin, our physical bodies are beyond painful and twisted. Who can bear it?”

One night, she awoke, boiling in hot lava on her bed, her body wrapped in slithering snakes. Too sick to fight she uttered, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, please Lord, will You pray for me!”

As she sought the Lord intensely His Presence filled the room and that’s when He placed His hand on her. In an instant, dark forces released their iron fists from her painful chest.

For this reason, she remained in prayer through the early hours of that morning.

The following day, Brother Michael (pastor) telephoned her that someone had alerted him. A generational black snake had struck the family purposing to bring poverty, sickness, unbearable torments and to wipe the family off the face of the earth.

While mom and I gathered for prayer that night, she mentioned it to me and it struck me full blast.

Only then did I realize that in the Spirit vision, I had been shown that for the entire month. I needed confirmation because the black snake had power to camouflage itself.

On many, many different occasions the Lord gave me Spirit revelations that I was back at school.