Book 16: Human yet not Human

Human yet not Human

As spiritual abuse intensified greatly, I was shown in a spirit dream that on this level were three classes. I was given the choice as to which classes to attend, so I entered the second.

As soon as I entered through the door into that class, mom and I immediately faced what appeared mind boggling.

I had met two men riding a rugged horse and cart, and seeing a parrot in a terrible state, I decided to negotiate with them. With the parrot in a dirty cage, I knocked on the door only to see mom looking at this whole situation with goggle eyes.

I told her that the poor thing was in a terrible state and that I would nurture it and rehome it. That night as we gathered, mom told me that I had brought home a thing which was gravely dark. That night all hell broke loose, and early the next morning I was forced to get rid of the bird cage. This light-blue parrot amidst my other parrots started to roll and wink its eyes like a human. Many times she told me that her Spirit ears could hear how this parrot called my name. I was drawn to it late at night into the early hours of the morning.

During the wee hours, I was standing talking to it when the unexpected happened. It appeared to have human eyes which twitched and rolled as it had a conversation with me. There appeared standing to the side of me an image of a human form.

I fled to my room as this form attacked mom who awoke rebuking it in a fierce battle, and took this matter to the Courts of Heaven.

She spent the night in prayer and dozed off only to open her eyes so very, very sick, and once again laid before the Altar of Mercy and Grace. I awoke in a bad state – my stomach shredded to bits and pieces.

We spent the day recovering, and as night approached there was a calmness in both realms. Mom dozed off only to dream that she saw a huge thing in the bird cage. The next thing she experienced that a cat, yet it was a bird, on her chest and opened her eyes rebuking it.

“Yolin,” she said, “This thing is not a bird yet it is a bird.  This thing is either a hybrid or entity in a transformed body.”

And sure enough, as we discussed this into the wee hours, it manifested as my Spirit eyes opened, this is what I saw… Sharp slits in piercing eyes.


The Holy Spirit is never too early or too late, there was an immediate manifestation. True Holy Fire fell over mom who raised her hands. “I release Blazing Fire, Holy Fire… mixed with Holy Electricity a trillion percent, full blast, full blast. Destroy, annihilate, obliterate…”

She placed this entity into a spiritual cage and sealed it with Poisonous Thorns of the Holy Spirit. Once again there was an immediate response, as True Anointing fell heavily, this entity fled into the dark.

The next morning when I opened my eyes, I discussed with her that in Spirit revelation, I was shown that the two rugged men who sold me the blue parrot were human yet they were not human.

These entities told me that because their bird was in my possession, our house had been opened  for them. Scared and terrified, I knew that they had the legal right to violently abuse us in the spirit realm ; so I rushed to mom relating the fact that we were facing humans yet not human.