Book 17: Alien Attacks

Alien Attacks

It puzzled us over and over again why our entire property, house, and possessions sank beneath the ground every day at a certain time. Mom would purposely do shopping only to experience that this followed her.

After much intense warfare releasing Blazing Holy Fire and Holy Electricity, she petitioned, “Father, open up the war rooms of Heaven, arrest all evil attacking us…”

Because of her earnestness and persistence in prayer to understand the crux of this matter, I was taken once again into Spirit revelation.

At a certain time of the day this is the closest to what I saw…


Alien Attacks

With goggle eyes, I observed every part of this spaceship from different angles. I studied the purpose of this thing’s manifestation.

This silver, metal, object, alien spaceship hovering just above me appeared only at certain times. Wow! Spirit discernment was given to mom who understood.