Book 17: The Dark Side of Electronic Warfare

The Dark Side of Electronic Warfare

Yet as intense warfare increased, the more we realized that its purpose was to distract us from the actual source –  mom had been suffering for months ever since cell phone towers were erected nearby.

These towers were positioned every 100 metres away from the other one. These were put up in residential areas, on church properties and on school grounds. One had been erected a street away from where we live.

She could only explain her torment as continual non-stop electromagnetic frequencies attacking her head causing very painful earache, as illustrated.

More than just puzzled, we sought the Lord for answers, when the unspeakable manifested. She was to experience that this was more real than what the human mind could perceive.

The Dark Side of Electronic Warfare

Researching for certain illustrations of domino effect of zombie fierceness, the Holy Spirit led her to the vital source of her suffering. She sat staring at the above image on the internet when suddenly light shone on this dark, dreadful matter.

Cell phone tower

The existence of these cell phone towers are actually controlled by demon entities in human form known as “gang stalkers”.

That night as we gathered for prayer, she was taken to one of the High Courts in Heaven.

“Father, Isaiah chapter 43 verse 25 and 26 says, ‘I, even I, am He Who blots out and cancels your transgressions, for My own sake, and I will not remember your sins. Put Me in remembrance; let us reason together. Set forth your case, that you may be justified.’

Holy Father I give You the right to be the Eternal Judge as I have a case against satan. Make satan appear for this Court hearing.

Holy Father, You have created a book of destiny which through the Grace of Your Eternal Son Christ Jesus, I am living and operating in to fulfil what You have ordained for me. Now satan is attacking me to steal, kill and murder my very existence, destiny and star.”

Reader, at this point the Court Room of Heaven literally opened up in our abode.

Oh yes, satan was present and our Spirit soaked in the quiet awesome Presence of the Highest Court that earth is not aware of.

“Holy Father, I request that because Your Word in Ephesians chapter 2 verse 6 says ‘And hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in Heavenly places in Christ Jesus (the Anointed One)’   that the Heavenly me before Your Presence which is seated together in Heavenly places speaks on my behalf, as I am battered because of satan’s dirty attacks.”

Mom chocked back a flood of tears as fire that was shut up in her was released. Oh this scene before me could paint a thousand words of value!

Holy Father and Eternal Judge, Your Word in 1 John chapter 5 verse 8 says, “And there are three witnesses on earth; the Spirit, the Water and the Blood: and these three agree (are in unison; their testimony speaks as One on my behalf.

Furthermore there are also three witnesses in Heaven: the Father, the Word and the Holy Spirit, and these three are One which testifies on my behalf.

For the Spirit Himself thus testifies together with our own spirit, assuring us that we are children of God according to Romans chapter 8 verse 16.

And He that searcheth the hearts knoweth what is the mind of the Spirit, because He maketh intercession for the saints according to the Will of God according to Romans chapter 8 verse 27.

Holy Father hear Ye Your Holy Son, Who, ever liveth in Your Presence to make intercession according to Hebrews chapter 7 verse 25.”

We continued praying which led to Spirit worship, and so Father granted us a peaceful sleep that night.

Mom opened her eyes hearing her Spirit singing unto the Father as a great anointing fell over her, and so it was that entire day.

When night fell something unexpected happened – the aforementioned demon gang stalkers had only come back with a more powerful revenge. What now? She could not understand it.

In her sleep, voices were telling her that she was going to die, while powerful mind control pulled her into their world mocking her. Her entire bed covered with burning evil fires like demonic electromagnetic frequencies got the better of this situation.

Her ears totally blocked and painful, her head swelled into an enormous, unbelievable state as though she was in the presence of her tormentors.

Her rebuke was like a match-stick against an overwhelming, over-powering mind control which fell like a domino effect. I felt sorry to see the state she was in – poor mom swayed from one side to the other.

In the meantime, I too was heavily attacked, and sleep left me completely. No amount of prayers made any difference; we were mutilated from the inside, our entire guts ripped to shreds.

In this dire situation, mom said to satan, “I refuse to doubt, I refuse to open the door of fear. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is more than Faithful. Only He is able to match an enemy that is greater and stronger than I.”

These are some of the many, many links that she had researched which were able to shed some light. There are also many other different excellent videos available.

Then Pastor Michael Birch educated the Believers with some of the following videos relating to the Courtrooms of Heaven. There are many more good videos available.

That night, mom approached the Court of Accusation and asked that the judge open the book. The fact is that legal accusations against her were being used by demon gang stalkers to violate the ruling of the High Court.

Words cannot exactly describe what we have been experiencing, but so far we have tried to explain it.

Yet we were terrorized even more by the invisible electronic warfare, to such an extent that when I walked near to one of these cell phone towers, I became very sick and mom remained nauseous.

That morning, she wept before the Lord, she was downtrodden, exhausted and battle-mutilated beyond what anyone can imagine.

“Jesus, these gang stalkers have legal ground and we have become victims. Allow me to see what You are seeing and to understand what You are understanding. I am not seeing it. I am  just not getting it,” she earnestly prayed.

Then deep down in her spirit, He spoke, “There is now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who live and walk not after the dictates of the flesh, but after the dictates of the Spirit.”

“There is no more accusation My Blood has erased all accusation. You want to know what accusation is brought against you when it has all been erased.”

Yet electronic warfare spiralled out of control such that even looking at one cell phone tower caused me to become sick to the point that I was sorry I ever looked or passed by one.

Remember, we are encountering demon entities who had spun a spider’s web in the spirit realm with these towers. We also understood that when the radiation is released by the switch of a button on the control centre that the electromagnetic frequencies can be released at different levels. The amount of radiation is frightful.

These are erected at church premises, school grounds, on top of buildings, in industrial areas, and each is about 100 metres apart from the other one.

Mom understood and had deep conviction that the time had arrived. “You are going to die…die…die….”, she muttered.

But before entering into this type of warfare she requested the Father to allow us to enter into the Blazing Holy Fire Tunnel. This is more than a firewall of protection.

I see what looms before my eyes, she thought spiritual warfare, and yes the time had arrived.

“Holy Blazing Fire…. Holy Blazing Fire…. Holy Blazing Fire destroy…, annihilate…, obliterate…, all their control panels, computers, cables, wirings, databases, headquarters etc. Let a tsunami of Holy Electricity short circuit their motherboards, scramble and fry all connections…. Poisonous Thorns of the Holy Spirit destroy all gang stalkers… In Jesus’ Name… In Jesus’ Name.”

The fire that was shut up in her bones was released as she persevered, until the anointing of the Holy Spirit fell.

That night after exercising Power and Authority given to the Believer, she disconnected the coils of her mattress and destroyed each link connected to the cell phone tower. While carrying out this process, excessive burning pains came out of her mattress which seemed as though the coils were sizzling and making noises.

She fell asleep over-exhausted and when I approached her I could detect a rotten, stinking, dirty smell which had entered the house. “So that is what I was waiting for!” She got out of bed rebuking, “Die… die… die… in the Name of Jesus; I command that these demon gang stalkers who are violating the Ruling of the Court in Heaven, be arrested. For an interdict had been issued that such should not come near my dwelling.

Angels, arrest the demon, as I command that the evil be bound with fire… fire… fire… Holy Blazing Fire… die you dirty gang stalkers! In the Name of Christ Jesus, cast the demon into the abyss never to return.”

Reader, that night she slept peacefully and awoke entering into Heaven’s Courts with praises and thanksgiving unto the Father, in Jesus’ Name. No zinging in her ears and no frequencies tormenting her brain.


I awoke with a splitting headache, but when she prayed for me, I could literally feel the release of claws or tentacles as it slowly released its grip. We walked in victory that day rejoicing in the Lord our God.

There was a period of calm before another storm turned ugly, when mom over-exhausted, dozed off after sleepless nights. She awoke from a dream that one of the outside doors leading to our backyard was open, and she was in the act of securely locking it.

I heard her rebuke and rushed off to behold her in a state that I had never ever seen her before. I could not enter her bedroom as electronic magnetic waves hung thickly. I laid hands on her to pray for her, but they were burning because radiation covered her completely. Incredibly, even her bed was like live electric wires!

She could hardly utter a word, her heart was pounding outside her chest, and she was muttering… “Blazing Holy Fire consume all radiation… The Blood of Christ Jesus dissolve all radiation from my room…”

Oh what a night as I watched her half lifeless, over-exhausted form slumped forward. I felt so sorry for her that I told her to lay on my bed as my room or anywhere else in the house was not affected by this radiation warfare attack.

Weak, she dozed off and when she awoke, crept slowly to her room and deactivated all electronic magnetic waves connected to her coiled spring mattress. She could barely pray as her only hope in this desperate situation was JESUS, but she remembered a dream she had that a hit man was all out to kill her. He had used much force, placing a bomb which exploded near her, but did her no harm.

In this state, she collapsed into a deep sleep and awoke healed and unharmed.

Reader, Christ Jesus is more than Faithful.

That morning, her tears could not stop flowing as she approached Christ Jesus.

“Holy Father, how am I going to even begin to describe it all, but yet You already have the answers. I have been to the Courts in Heaven and to the Court of Accusation, but the gang stalkers had violated every ruling, the interdict and summons.

Show me Your Face Lord, show me Your Face Lord… At this point all I need to see is Your Face, only Your Face… I realize that this radiation warfare cannot be compared with Your Presence.”

Words in the form of agonizing tears speak deep, and at a twinkling of Divine moment, His Power radiated through.

“Lord, You showed me for some reason or the other that one of the back doors was left open, and that I saw myself in the process of securely closing it. Now I seal that open door with Your Blood.

Lord Jesus, I am still not seeing what You are seeing, please help me. Open my eyes and my understanding. Yes, I know You, but yet I don’t really know the depth of You. Please Lord Jesus, You showed Moses whom You knew face to face.

These all knew You face to face, this is what I really, really need. You in me and I in You infused and increased to an enormity.”

Then a soft, very gentle voice spoke into her Spirit as Light shone and lifted the radiation off her.

“I Am your only Weapon in this type of electronic radiation warfare. Only I can reverse radiation activity. Only I Am is ALL that you need.”