Book 17: Entities / Dream Catchers

Entities / Dream Catchers


Yet warfare continued as spiritual violence intensified especially during our most vulnerable hours of sleep.

In spite of deep warfare prayers at night, this remained a huge unanswered question!

One morning, mom awoke under heavy spiritual violence and wondered about its source. Feeling awful she decided to persevere in warfare prayers and amazingly every tormenting pain disappeared.

When I opened my eyes approaching her I said, “I have answers.” This really caught her attention.

In Spirit vision of the night, I saw that a certain relative had placed a dream catcher outside her bedroom window.


After anointing the burglar bars outside her bedroom window with olive oil mixed with the Blood of Jesus Christ and Blazing Holy Fire, she prayed,  “I obliterate and annihilate the dream catcher placed outside my bedroom window with Blazing Holy Fire mixed with Electricity of the Holy Spirit mixed with Poisonous Thorns of the Holy Spirit a trillion times a trillion percent full blast… full blast… full blast in Jesus’ Name.

Property and foothold of satan, I command that thing to die… die… die…

In the Name of Jesus, I command every strongman assigned to this dream catcher to be bound up. Die… die… die… in the Name of Jesus…

Father in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, anything in me or around me or connected to me through evil soul ties with this relative that gave this enemy the advantage over me expire by Fire and break… break… break…

Father in Jesus’ Name, send down Your Fire… Let Your Fire consume every darkness.

I disconnect myself from this satanic thing and command that this thing must die… in Jesus’ Name. Let the Blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth begin to purge every defilement, every contamination and every pollution. Wash it away…

In the Name of Jesus every hidden curse, every evil pronouncement working against my life is broken, disannulled and cancelled. I command all curses to break… break… break… in the Name of Jesus… break… break… break…

I forbid all spirits interfering with my present life to go… go… go…

In the Name of Jesus every demonic network, every satanic conspiracy, stealing away my destiny and my star and my blessing be destroyed by Fire.

Father, in the Name of Jesus, Your Words declare that when the thief has been found out that he has to return seven fold what was stolen. Now in the Name of Jesus, I claim back all the wealth and treasures stolen from my ancestors. I claim back what was stolen and snatched away in Jesus’ Name…”

That night there was calmness in the house; we had prepared for a restful evening when this entity appeared.

The sudden appearance of this entity was beyond my ability to describe to mom what was actually present.


Its presence alone knotted my guts so that the entire me tumbled, crushed into bits.

Oh, what a match as I stood behind mom!

The image below should be multiplied a trillion times more powerful, terrible and deadly.

What did this have to do with destroying the dream catcher?

Dream catcher demon


The following day, mom continued destroying all hidden curses and dream catchers, when I awoke very sick. Mom was severely attacked and went to investigate, only to discover a black crow perching on the roof of our carport.