Book 17: Entity Shapeshift


Entity Shapeshift

The Lord Jesus in His infinite Mercy had given us victory over the aforementioned demonic attacks. With fervent prayers, we entered the New Year covenanting for our protection. The few days which followed gave us much hope when unexpectedly the unwanted reappeared.

We had once again no clue as to why a deadly seal covered both mom and myself. Fierce warfare broke out causing the evil present to flee, only for us to face a worse situation.

“What now?” we sighed.

As evil took its toll, mom sought the Lord earnestly; as usual I was sick to the core of my gut. Then Jesus responded in a vision of the night and upon my bed I witnessed that an entity was cast out of our white dwarf rabbit who collapsed in instant death.

That day, I understood my previous Spirit dream in which another form had shape-shifted into my dwarf rabbit. Yet in another dream, I was shown that my dwarf rabbit had died some time ago.

Immediately, when we realized death was operating under our roof, evil waves like atomic explosions more powerful than what you could imagine, became a nightmare.

Mom told me to take the dwarf rabbit down to the local pet shop, but I wanted confirmation from the Lord. This only prolonged our sufferings when on a day she became too quiet and would not talk much.

“Yolin, I am very, very sick, so sick that I am asking Father to rather take me home! It’s more than a year of suffering under unconditional torments. Who can bear it this long? We are fighting a losing battle because the enemy is in the camp.”

Shaken, I took my dwarf rabbit to the local pet shop not knowing that once again mom’s tears gushed from her eyes interceding for me. She was repenting as her tears rolled and flowed, her badly battered form shaken.

A very happy shop owner welcomed my pet and so a flood of joy and happiness came over me.

At home, we gathered, I repented and broke the abominable curse; there was an immediate response as mom recovered. Darkness faded as Light flooded the entire airways and house.

Oh, what an experience I thought, when the Lord gave me Spirit revelation and I saw my original dwarf rabbit in Heaven! I also understood why I had been to school on many occasions that week.