Book 17: Shapeshifting / Reptilian

Shapeshifting / Reptilian


One morning, I was given Spirit vision in which I was amongst the public where I beheld the two sons of Princess Diana.

I watched as her younger son, prince Harry, engaged in homosexuality, and knew that he was gay.

To the public it was considered normal, but then something unexpected happened!

As a result of his actions, he began to shapeshift. It began with his arm changing shape and colour, resembling a reptilian.

Prince Harry Lizard Eyes

Prince Harry could not control this transformation before the horrified, mouth gaping public. In desperation, we watched intently as he searched and searched for a way out.

Yes, I understood that Harry needed a lot of human blood. He needed to drink enough human blood, not just any blood, it had to be human blood, to keep his human form.

Desperation got the better as he had to keep from shapeshifting completely to reptilian.