Book 17: Spiritual Abuse

Spiritual Abuse


Instantly, warfare broke out, as the black crow flew away there remained standing before our front door an entity which I am not able to really describe.

Mom destroyed all satan’s properties and footholds, mansions etc. built in the spirit realm on top of our house.

The black crows continued making their appearance at certain unexpected hours and warfare turned the more heinous.

Each night was worse than the previous; no amount of intense warfare prayers sealing each night helped. “What now?” we sighed.

Instantly, I was taken into Spirit vision, and before me appeared an entity that was  definitely was not human.


Shocked, I turned to mom and said, “A pair of black eyes amidst a dirty cream forehead is the unwanted intruder.” No body, shape or form – only a pair of black eyes as illustrated.

In less than a wink, black eyes fled as a torrent of Blazing Holy Fire a trillion percent full blast was released to totally annihilate every bit of its existence.

Yet warfare continued and each night my over-exhausted mom had just about dozed off when she heard strange voices. Immediately, spirit violence and abuse overtook her within seconds. She had no strength to defend herself, and opened her eyes, feeling sick. She could not touch herself as burning excruciating pain covered her badly bruised body.

While heavy, iron bands began squashing her brain, she prayed, “Lord Jesus, please lay Your hands on me. Lord Jesus, please pray for me.”

I looked upon her and felt sorry to see her in that state, even so, there was a sure response from the Almighty as she persevered.

“Yolin,” she said, “these attacks must be associated with the Elite who had sent me an invitation to join them. They knew I had deleted their abominable message. No deal.”

At this very point all hell broke loose. “I had several warning dreams that I was sentenced to die,” she said.

Each time she played the video – “Angel Choir Singing Part 02 of 02” , there was a Divine Presence which flooded through.

She sought the Lord very earnestly asking, “Jesus, please reveal on what legal grounds am I sentenced to die?”

Then the Lord gave her a dream in which she was falsely accused!

Whether awake or asleep she is not certain, but she found herself before the Judge putting forth her case. On opening her eyes, she immediately went before the Courts of Heaven.

“Father, in the Name of Jesus, thank You for Spirit revelation. I have been falsely accused and am not guilty. Summon satan to appear and make him take his hands off my life. In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I thank you Father.”

Well praise the Lord and so it was.