Book 17: Worldwide Zombies Epidemic

Worldwide Zombies Epidemic


Yet spiritual abuse spiralled out of control as the time to find the source of this type of spiritual persecution became prolonged. So for weeks, we suffered, especially during our most vulnerable periods when we were too exhausted to defend ourselves.

Our bedrooms turned into torture chambers especially during the wee hours of each passing morning.  “This type of nightmare, who can understand? Who will ever believe us?”

We cannot even begin to describe it! Our entire internal organs were completely spiritually mutilated. Sick to the core!

Time could not tell! In desperation, mom cried out to Father, in Jesus’ Name, “At all costs, I will not doubt the Lord! Even though I am deeply tested and tried. Even though I am brutally slain, yet will I look to Him for only He is the Author and Finisher of my faith.”

Then He made her realize that even the bravest warrior is nothing without Him. He must be in control. Only Jesus can take you through the eye of the STORM.

One morning, she opened her eyes, under great strain, in a state of collapse. Covered in excruciating pain, she was to experience what is to happen which is very near.

In Spirit realm the unexpected happened; great multitudes of decent law abiding citizens completely and utterly lost all control. It appeared that the whole earth was under mass mind control at a switch of a button.

Billions upon billions moved across every inch of the earth as ONE, controlled by unseen forces of utter darkness.

There was an uncontrollable appetite to devour anyone who crossed their path, who was not driven by zombie fierceness.  The ugliness of it all shocked her.

A global epidemic of zombies spread like a domino effect, totally controlled by dark matters.

Worldwide zombie epidemic

On opening her eyes, she slowly crept before the Father, as floods of tears of anguish poured uncontrollably from her.
Utterly sick and covered with a demonic atmosphere of what happened in the spirit realm, she realized that without Jesus who could ever make it. Oh, how she suffered, and was sick!
This is so real, so true, so important to be able to make you the Reader realize what is just about to be released to the public, as normal.