Book 18: Microwave Weapons

Microwave Weapons

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Yet we suffered very heavy pressure of mind binding and bending powers and were once again puzzled. That night we went back to the Court of Accusation.

After the gathering of prayer, it was dropped into her Spirit to remove the microwave and to put it out into the back penthouse. It was not long after that, that the mind binding powers faded and broke. Well, what does that tell you as a reader? This is very important!

Although we hardly use the microwave, and it is not even plugged in, the amount of microwave radiation became a nightmare. This was a dreadful on going invisible warfare as insulting mocking voices told her that she was going to die.


So mom once again researched shocking discoveries; microwave ovens modified into weapons of warfare!


Here is the link to “Whistle Blower Barrie Trower / Exclusive Interview / The Effects of Microwaves” on Take The Red Pill’s website: https://RedPillInfoWar.Com

This is just an excerpt written by Barrie Trower, would you please read the full interview.

“Trower describes microwaves as “the new atomic bomb”. A much more effective weapon than an atomic bomb because it is almost impossible to trace them back to their source. Their effects as weapons are varied ranging from causing cancers or heart attacks, mind control and a whole range of psychological and physiological effects. Microwave technology, according to Trower, is employed in satellites which can be used to affect the performance of individual Olympic athletes.

You may not know it but microwaves are also chemically addictive (They can induce effects like morphine and marijuana, as well as many negative effects). The lower the frequency, the more dangerous the effects. The “men in power” have always cloaked their advanced technology in order to keep it hidden from the “common folk”, otherwise how would they maintain their advantage over the rest of the populace and thus get rich by keeping those secrets to themselves.

There was another study on the effects of microwave radiation on humans and that one took place. Ionizing radiation affects living things on an atomic level, by ionizing molecules inside the microscopic cells that make up your body.

When ionizing radiation comes in contact with a cell any or all of the following may happen:

  1. It may pass directly through the cell without causing any damage.
  2. It may damage the cell but the cell will repair itself.
  3. It may affect the cell’s ability to reproduce itself correctly, possibly causing a mutation.
  4. It may kill the cell. The death of one cell is of no concern but if too many cells in one organ such as the liver die at once, the organism will die.

Non-ionizing radiation can also cause biological damage in the body by affecting the edges of the cells causing DNA damage via a cellular process which does, in fact, cause cancer.

When a wave hits a conductor (your body) it induces an electrical current and it is that electrical current which muddles various parts of the body. As Microwaves enter the body they setup an electrical current which goes directly to ground, taking the path of least resistance. In the body that path is like a “trunk road” that travels down the same “trunk road” as your neural transmitters, hormones, and antibodies.

This new electric current can contaminate the electrical charges of those important body control mechanisms and confuse their “destination and purpose charges” which originally was assigned by your body’s biological computer to program them for their intended purposes and destinations.

With regard to your personal electronics, if left on while you sleep, your cell phones, tablets, WiFi routers, etc. will continue to broadcast their wave forms through your head or brain cavity and can confound your brain with regard to knowing where the line is to be drawn between night and day, thereby confusing the body as to when to begin restful regeneration sequences. So if they are left on while you are sleeping, your body is, in effect, not aware that you went to sleep and therefore may not begin the regeneration process. This can explain why you wake up fatigued or even more tired than you were when you went to sleep even though you may have slept 8 to 10 hours.

Ionizing and Non-Ionizing technologies are becoming more and more prevalent today as more companies are making “New Discoveries” in wireless and portable technology and so we are being exposed to more and more of these types of radiation in our daily lives. With, near as I can tell, no safeguards in places to warn us of the levels we are experiencing.

Without knowing how much of these types of radiation we are being exposed to and not being able to know the damaging effects they may have on our health, we cannot know which technology is hurting us and our families and which technologies are safe for everyday use.

Auditory Hallucinations (Voice to Skull) via microwaves – Auditory hallucinations are false perceptions of sound. They have been described as the experience of internal words or noises that have no real origin in the outside world and are perceived to be separate from the person’s mental processes.”

These are links to some good videos that supply vital information. However, there are loads of other very important information out there.


As mom was compiling this portion of the Script, a sudden thump

upon the roof of the house so heavy and loud caused her to raise her hands, “In Christ Jesus’ Name and on His Power and Authority, I command that this principality be bound up by Militant Angels and Patrol Angels and be cast into the abyss never to return!”

And so it was.

That morning, she had been to the Court of War and Protection, putting forth her cause; Matthew chapter 16 verse 19, “And I will give you the KEYS of the Kingdom of Heaven: and whatever you bind (declare to be improper and unlawful) on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever you loose (declare lawfully) on earth shall be loosed in Heaven.

Yet in another Spirit dream, I was shown a fierce entity which had viciously broken through our front door insomuch that both mom and I went for cover.

And so it was that the above revelation came to pass, and we awoke bruised and battered each morning. During the gathering prayer one night, we prayed:

“Father, in the Name of Christ Jesus, we come before Your Court of War and Protection. We present the revelation that You have warned in Spirit dream that a fierce entity had viciously broken through our front door which was fully locked and secured.

We appeal to the Court for help and ask that Militant Warring Angels of equal rank, power, and authority be assigned to apprehend fallen angels and other malevolent spirits attempting to come against us, as the battle with fallen angels is more intense than just a demonic attack. We further appeal that mighty Militant Angels and Patrols of War and Protection be assigned to take care of these battles before they come to us.

We also appeal that Escort Angels apprehend and escort any human spirit from astral projecting if they attempt to come against us at night. We thank You for this and give You all the glory and honour, in Jesus’ Name. Cause Your Militant Warring Angels to inflict a great damage on the armies of darkness, with their arrows of lightning. Give Your Militant and Patrol Warring Angels special instructions.”

At this point, I closed my eyes and told mom that the atmosphere was red and that the Blood of Jesus was clearing the airways. As we persevered in earnest prayer, there was a shift and a definite change in the spirit realm which swept through into the physical realm.

John 14: 13 “And whatsoever ye shall ask in My Name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.”

Then we covenanted that when the war trumpet is heard, that the Militant Warring Angels and Patrol Angels would take care of the battle, in Christ Jesus’ Name. And so it was done.