Book 2 – A fire devours before them and behind them a flame burns

During the second week of October, in yet another Spirit vision of the morning, once again I saw the whole Earth consumed by visible combustion. Great fires fell from the firmament and brilliant orange-red colors were shooting from beneath. Countries burst into untold glowing flames. The suddenness of inextinguishable fires running wildly had caused the whole world to lose its power.

I saw dark smoke arising everywhere; in split seconds countries were burning. Thousands upon thousands were trapped in underground stations; in buildings and everywhere. I had joined a small rescue team; we were heading toward many of these different stations. Each time groups were rescued, they were taken to a huge field. This certain place had been free from harm and was preserved from these awful activities. The rescue team had been exposed to adverse consequences. We had put our own lives in possible danger, loss and injuries. At times, our movements were touch-and-go, each one had risk their neck. Our final purpose was to rescue the last group of people who were trapped in an underground station.

The end was very near and eventually we were running as fast as we could, the flames were licking at our heels. Finally, the last one just about climbed the stairway to safety, when I turned to search for more people, though all had reached the field. Immediately, I too showed a clean pair of heels; the fires were running out of control. Just as I ascended the stairway in full speed; the flames licked my heels. I opened my eyes in great shock only to find that the morning sunrise had already colored the sky from behind the clouds.

[Joel 2] “…A fire devours before them, and behind them a flame burns; the land is as the Garden of Eden before them, and behind them a desolate wilderness; yes, and none has escaped (the ravages of the devouring hordes)…They run like mighty men; they climb the wall like men of war. They march each one on his ways, and they do not break their ranks…The earth quakes before them; the heavens tremble. The sun and the moon are darkened and the stars withdraw their shining…for His host is very great and strong and powerful who execute God’s Word…there shall be those who escape, as the Lord has said, and among the Remnant (of survivors) shall be those whom the Lord Calls.” 

While having breakfast on the 26th October, I heard the Royal Telephone ringing for some time. The Lord Jesus is waiting for your call, urged mom. She then said to me, “Speak to Jesus.” During the wee hours of that morning she opened her eyes and straightaway looked into the realm of the Spirit. She saw a strong pair of hands carrying the front portion of a brown wooden box. While pondering its meaning the Spirit vision faded away.

The following morning while asleep, a Power touched my foot. As I responded with a loud call, a soft Voice replied, “It’s about the Light!”

My spirit would respond in a certain manner when I am in the Lord Jesus’ Presence.

[1 John 1:7] “But if we walk in the Light, as He is in the Light, we have fellowship one with another, and the Blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanseth us from all sin (darkness).”