Book 2 – Curses Part Two

During the first week of August 2007, while travailing in prayer; the Lord Jesus came and prompted in my heart. He showed me that this portion of the script was headed Part Two of Chapter Two.

It’s the morning 10th May 2007, the Lord Jesus disclosed a picturesque scene and from a distance there appeared a stream of crystal clear water. The flowing water had a rippling effect and seemed to be ruffling in its movements, passing beautiful trees and rocks. From its fountainhead at the top of a scenic mountain, the stream flowed through shadiness. Long, thin, irregular shafts of sunlight lit the area brightly, breaking through the partly clouded sky.

Cathy Coeries, mother and I strolled along a byway. It appeared as if we were walking on air, yet we were on gravel. The far-reaching panorama of beauty caught my eye and I paused for a while. For a moment, it carried me away. However, I caught view of a sparkling waterfall. The purest water appeared to be flowing from the top of the mountain. Inspired with awe, we saw streaks of light which caused the waterfall to have great, silver glittering suspended from its source. As I watched, I realized that the waterfall was not actually coming from the mountain top but from a cloud.

I turned to mom and pointed to this strikingly beautiful scenery, “Look!!!”

Our sudden realization of this total, visual impression which produced natural beauty, won the day.

Unconsciously, we absorbed its entire magnificent splendor but later we perceived that the waterfall appeared to be moving. A Heavenly Cloud carried the waterfall and it came to rest over us. The purest water rained down over us and drenched us. Soaked to the skin, marvelous refreshment came upon us. It felt as though we were given a new lease of life. Presently, we saw many more people on the same road but this Holy Cloud of Glory had not covered them. Then I remembered that the Cloud of Glory flowed directly from the Presence of Almighty God.

[Acts 3: 19] “Repent ye and be converted that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the Presence of the Lord.” 

The following morning the Lord Jesus Christ disclosed the Heavenly alphabet to me. Presently, I was

attending a certain school. The attendance was full as many, many scholars gathered in the courtyard. Upon the podium were five professionals. The new alphabet consisted of very long words. A system was used to show how each headword was pronounced. With a great deal of patience and power of endurance these teachers assisted each pupil. The alphabet appeared on the screen in our minds enabling us to learn the speech pattern. Being my very first lesson, I struggled with the key pronunciations.

The other students were already well acquainted with them, as they had attended many of these lessons long before me. But the gracious Lord had allowed me to remember the Alpha and Omega of the Heavenly Language.

[Revelation 1: 11] “Saying, I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last. 

Write promptly what you see (your vision) in a book and send it to the seven churches…”