Book 2 – Invitation to Royal Ball

It is 18th July 2007 in a night vision upon my bed, stood a cottage in a reserved, peaceful neighborhood. In the living room I held an invitation in my hand. While absorbing its contents I knew that it was an Invitation to a Ball. Although the eye-catching embossed white card was blank, everyone in that place understood its secret. There are various color coded cards used in Heaven. As time passed, some women brought beautiful white and cream stylish evening gowns. They had already adorned themselves for this golden occasion. As none of the evening wear was of my choice, I laid them aside after these women left. At the same time an unexpected delivery arrived, it was addressed to Yolin. Cautiously I inspected the dress bag not knowing who had sent it.

The next moment The Divinity touched me. One moment I was a person of unrecognized beauty and merit then and again I was changed into a Cinderella. I looked at myself as though it was a fairy-tale. The high-class costume seemed to glow. Even the beautiful colors were alive resembling sparkling diamonds. An elegant costume that was too difficult to describe. From the waist down were gatherings here and there which gave way to drapes and more enfolds. It was a straight cut but flared at the feet forming a slight train all around. Thin straps across my shoulders fell into many interknitted straps across my back.

Immediately, I fell in love with this stunningly designed costume.

At that particular point in time, a limousine stopped and a very fair and handsome Royal Chauffeur stepped out. His broad white belt against his black attire was extremely impressive. He escorted me to the luxurious enclosed passenger compartment and drove away. I could not take my eyes off Him; He was every woman’s dream.

I knew mine had come true. Such Divine Love and meekness and kindness won my trust. I felt the very same deep, deep Love for Him, I had experienced towards the brave young Warrior. I wanted to ask Him to be my Chaperon but He knew all of me and extended His arm to me. As we walked a distance towards our destination, I lay cogitating.

I knew who He was; Jesus is all-knowing and all-seeing. As He extended His arm to me, I foresaw His Message ‘Life Partner’.