Book 2 – Jesus Emitted Rays of Splendid Light

In a morning Spirit vision of 22nd September 2007, I was with the Lord Jesus.

The Heavenly Garden splendidly arrayed, gave the sensation of a place of complete happiness. Elegant wooden benches added luster. I watched as just a few people walked around, also observing that there were chalets which enhanced the scenery.

I turned to Jesus Who emitted rays of splendid Light. Resplendent waves of Glory dazzling from its Source. It appeared as though the Lord Jesus stood inside the actual Heart of this Foundation’s Fount. Such Brilliance shone that I could only make out His form deep inside His inner most Presence. Then I noticed His

outstretched arms were covered with very soft silky white raiment. The only visible part was His strong, manly arms and hands.

The next moment He embraced me in His arms as I held His neck and placed my head against His. Jesus kept me so tight that I was taken away. I entered deep inside the Son’s Light Resplendence. Absolutely engulfed! I could feel how He was swinging me. Such Supernal Light surged into my inner most being insomuch that I became absent-minded. Then He placed me onto my feet and vanished. I staggered, completely overwhelmed, perfectly whole, healed deep within. I was transformed, it seemed as though I walked on Heavenly air. My spirit being experienced a sensation lighter than air.

Only Jesus could bring this about; only He could make a thorough change in my life.

[Habakkuk 3:4] “And His Brightness was like the Sunlight; rays streamed from His hand, and there in the Sun like Splendor was the hiding place of His Power.”

[John 8:12] “… I am the Light of the world. He who follows Me will not be walking in the dark, but will have the Light which is Life.”

In another night vision 1st October 2007, a medium sized group of Believers were fleeing from a horde of fierce, evil barbarians. Immediately, I had joined them and showed a clean pair of heels. We had reached the bridge and I saw that on either side were large areas covered with trees and undergrowth. Behind the woodlands peaked a huge mountain. Suddenly, these tortuous minded men laid hold of us. It had seemed out of the question to fight them. By force we were taken as hostages, but an unforeseen moment helped us to escape. Like a bolt from the blue, we flew towards the mountain and very close on our heels were these evil hordes. We managed to reach the foot of the mountain and landed on a massive base. In an instant, the Believers received Strength. We had entered a Supernatural atmosphere only found on God’s Holy Mountain. There, a fierce battle was fought with boldness, reducing to submission, our enemy through God’s Supernatural Power.

[Psalm 66:3] “Say to God, How Awesome and fearfully Glorious are Your works! Through the Greatness of Your Power shall Your enemies submit themselves to You (with feigned and reluctant obedience).” 

[Hebrew 2:8] “For You have put everything in subjection under his feet. Now in putting everything in subjection to man, He left nothing outside (of man’s) control. But at present we do not yet see all things subjected to him (man).” 

I refer to the vision of the 22nd July 2007, in which I saw certain Believers who had used much wicked


One October night, in yet another vision, I saw that one of these Believers had forced herself into our house. As usual mom was practicing on the keyboard and I went to investigate. I had to look once more to recognize the intruder; the person behind the distorted appearance. In that moment, she tightened her hands around my neck, her lips moving quietly chanting. On hearing the commotion mom hurried to me but the person had already left. I told her what had happened and together with Brother Loie, began breaking all curses, spells and incantations.

It appeared that evil spirits had stuck onto her footprints. Demonically, she carried a heavy load. My spirit observed that whatever she touched or wherever she sat, evil spirits were left behind. Wherever she went evil spirits were constantly attached to that particular portion of space or person or thing or situation. In this instance, demon spirits were left behind in our house and in her footprints. Mom prayed for me; I was very ill. It also appeared in the vision that the ground she walked upon was cursed, or any situation she touched was cursed. All and every curse, spell and incantation was broken. All demon spirits attached to these curses, spells and incantations were rebuked pleading the Blood of Jesus Christ.

The Lord God had forewarned me a week ahead, when on the evening of the 8th October, this certain Believer came knocking at our door. Mom was busy so I went to answer the knock. This Believer stood smiling from ear to ear and handed me a slip of paper for mom. She told me to rewrite its contents and I threw the slip of paper into the outside trash bin. Mom anointed my hands with olive oil and rebuked every curse according to the vision. Together we pleaded the Blood of Jesus. Upon my hands, hundreds of demonic creeping things moved working from that slip of paper. We took all the necessary steps, sealing that legal right of Satan to be powerless through the Blood of Jesus.

That night I was restless as demon spirits began operating. Why? We had not destroyed the slip of paper as it was left in the trash can outside. It should have been taken completely off the premises but we had overlooked this important point. An evil spirit stood at the head of mom’s bed and tapped upon her head swaying its finger from side to side. Then its huge fingers gripped her so that she rebuked with all her strength. The more she fought, the stronger its grip tightened. In her weariness, she found herself calling upon the Blood Covenant of God in Jesus’ Name.

Her spirit believed that God never failed to honor the Blood Promise. An instant response from the Lord Jesus caused the powerful darkness to release her. She opened her eyes still talking to Jesus and soon drifted off to sleep in which she saw a huge tyrant; an absolute ruler who seizes power without the legal right to do so.

The giant reached into the heavenlies, his huge feet placed on the ground and he sat upon the roof of our house. Along with him, she saw two white cows and a black one. As the white cows vehemently attacked her, she opened her eyes screaming, “The Life and the Power of the Blood of Jesus…”

Mom lay calling on the Father in Jesus’ Name. She requested that the Father, in Jesus’ Name, send an angel to remove this strongman. For she believed

[Matthew 12:29] “Or how can a person go into a strongman’s house and carry off his goods without first binding the strongman. Then indeed he may plunder his house.” 

And indeed the Father through His beloved Son’s Name responded. Our God is a very understanding Father, He knew that mom grew weary after a long night of battle. He immediately granted her request and she fell into a peaceful sleep.

[Proverbs 3:24] “When you lie down, you shall not be afraid; yes, you shall lie down, and your sleep shall be sweet.” 

When she awoke, every joint ached for what took place in the spirit really affected her natural body. After praying and asking the Father for the complete Armor of God in Jesus’ Name; she thanked the Father in Jesus’ Name. Then she removed the slip of paper from the premises. I awoke feeling sick so she prayed for me. Together we rebuked, “Again I tell you, if two of you on earth agree about whatever (anything and everything) they may ask, it will come to pass and be done for them by My Father in Heaven.”

According to the Spirit vision, we carefully took all the necessary steps worshipping the Father in Jesus’ Name.


The following night, as I closed my eyes, I was back in another Spirit vision. Not knowing that I was, mom heard the Holy Spirit through my lips say to her, “A snake had entered the house.” Upon investigating the warning, she found an object placed inside the front gate on the pathway. That morning she removed the accursed thing and commanded, “Don’t come back in Jesus’ Name.” Then she took the necessary steps and from that hour we watched and prayed and so we slept peacefully.


In the early morning of Saturday 20th October, while mom was out shopping, I heard the Lord calling my name. Once again Jesus had used her voice. It sounded as though He was calling me from Heaven.

In the morning of 22nd October 2007, I was taken into a prophetic vision in which I saw my grandfather had gone to be with the Lord Jesus. I was in deep mourning over him and saw his body which had turned to jelly and then to dust. The Lord had allowed me to stir milk into the dust and it became jelly. I asked mom to continue for I wept bitterly. I opened my eyes weeping sorrowfully.

[Ecclesiastes 12:7] “Then the dust will return to the earth as it was, and the spirit will return to God who gave it.”

During the second week of April 2008; I was shown in a vision of the morning that my grandfather had closed his eyes and died. But as I looked life returned to him once more.

On the Saturday of the third week in April, Brother Loie was taken into an open vision and saw a sickle in front of my grandfather’s front door. The following morning while mom travailed in prayer for her dad, the sickle appeared once more in a vision unto Brother Loie.

[Mark 4:14+29] “The sower sows the Word. But when the grain ripens, immediately He put in the sickle, because the harvest has come”