Book 2 – Jesus exposes the ocean bed secret: awful activities

Yet in another vision of 15th November, I ascended way above the sky. While looking toward earth my sight became sharper; then each continent appeared distinctly. As I looked at the bodies of waters surrounding the lands; it appeared that the surface of the ocean parted. The waters scrolled open extremely deep insomuch that I was able to see the darkness of the ocean bed. The intensity of the color became translucent; for a light passed through the forbidden fathomless which for centuries had remained a mystery.

Suspended in mid-air, I wondered the purpose of my mission, when unexpectedly I saw masses of green creatures. They were moving and conversing in the deep.

Some of these flew to the heavenlies and returned to this place from which awful operations and activities were directed. Their appearances were frightful; these goblins with their pixie ears. They were extremely ugly; these imps were reporting their efforts met with success of extensive havoc; chaos; obliteration; destruction; catastrophism damages etc. sweeping worldwide.

My discernment became sharper; I knew this secret operation was meant to be kept hidden from ALL. A forbidden place completely secluded but Jesus Christ will both bring to light their secret things that are (now hidden) in darkness and disclose and expose their secret aims (motives and purposes). Observing this carefully, opening my eyes shocked.


It is the morning of 26th November, in a vision my mother hurriedly approached me. She said that Jesus had appeared twice to her. Each visit lasted for five minutes. But while she yet spoke to me, she was carried away by the Spirit of the Almighty. Since that prophetic vision, she was taken into many open Spirit visions.

That same morning I was shown a very great tornado. As it made its way across the seas toward Cape Town, without hesitation I secured the place. Before the tornado approached and passed hitting Cape Town I had already alerted the family.

The Lord Jesus came into our humble place at 10.30 am on the 14th December 2007. Jesus said unto Brother Loie, “My coming is very soon. The trumpets are going to sound and everything is going to stand still.”

[1 Thessalonians 4:16–17] [Matthew 24:31] 

“For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a loud cry of summons, with the shout of an archangel, and with the blast of the trumpet of God. And those who have departed this life in Christ will rise first…” 

Mom had previously been to the Court in Heaven because certain children of God through wickedness refused to live up to the Lease Agreement insomuch that our water supply was cut to a minimal trickle. At this moment, I was taken into a Heavenly vision on the 20th day of December. A sheriff approached her. He set down in writing an official report. This evidence was to be presented before the Heavenly Court where the case was to be decided upon. On hearing her adverse circumstances, her crying out for help the Chief Executive Officer administered justice.

The angel of the Lord was sent from Heaven to touch the drops of water which trickled – presently giving us a steady flow of water. “Hallelujah, Glory and Honor to our Heavenly Father in Jesus’ Name.”

Yet in another vision, the Lord Jesus opened my Spirit ear so that it became sharper. My spirit ear heard how these Believers went about teaching a false doctrine. They convinced so many that I reprimanded them sternly. They had counterfeited the Truth insomuch that it sounded genuine to the natural ear.

[Job 41] “In our walk, everything must pass through the Light of God, lest Leviathan counterfeit the True Light.”