Book 2 – Persecuted, why have you written these Scripts

In a night vision of the 15th June, I was attending a local earthly school. At the end of the day, the Scripts of “Spiritual Warfare & The Purple Robe” were handed to most of the students. Somehow, the head of the school had gotten hold of it. An explosion of anger shocked everyone present. The principal outrageously scolded and accused me of a shocking violation of his rights. With fierceness he said that I had insulted his gods and religion for he was not a Christian. He also mentioned that all religions had but one god. “Why have you written these scripts?”

He pointed his finger at me, “You have injured my dignity and therefore your punishment will be torture and you will be terrorized every day.” Blasphemously he swore that I’d suffer badly for this achievement. I was humiliated. The following day I returned to school and once again it was interval. Under intense tension every student present waited for that moment that my sufferings were to begin. With throbbing hearts we stood around but the principal was nowhere to be found.

[Isaiah 41:10–13] “Fear not (there is nothing to fear), for I am with you; do not look around you in terror and be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen and harden you to difficulties, yes, I will help you… Behold all they who are enraged and inflamed against you shall be put to shame and confounded; they who strive against you shall be as nothing and shall perish. You shall seek those who contend with you but shall not find them; they who war against you shall be as nothing, as nothing at all…”

It is the 19th June, in a night vision I was in a Heavenly Garden and stood awe-inspired. Looking up into the blue sky, pure air filled my lungs. I reasoned as to how I had come to this Superior and most Glorious Garden. The complete layout with a pond in the centre and striking miniature flower trees planted adorned the garden. Around the colorful flower trees grew vast luxuriant green grass. Bordering the rich grass, beautiful miniature flower trees added luster to the design. I was completely captivated by the dazzlingly array of bright colors. Behind grew beautiful trees that filled the landscape with some mountains behind the landscape.

The entire landscape portrayed a striking picture-gallery. Breath-taking. There was not one damaged leaf and not one faded flower. Each one cultivated for its combination of qualities. What an unblemished masterpiece. A small monkey stared at me in his intelligence which fascinated me. This creature was so cute and adorable. Observing that there was not a cloud in the blue sky, I remembered that I entered from a particular inlet.

Then the Lord Jesus showed me that He allowed an angel on the premises of our dwelling. God had granted us Divine Protection. In the vision of the night I beheld His creature patrolling the premises. Jesus had given me many more Spirit visions in which I saw secret plans put together through satanic power. Believers in company with non-Christians, united.

It is the 20th June 2007; the Lord Jesus always has His chosen hours. In a vision of the night, I was back at God’s Heavenly School. While the students were changing classrooms for the next lesson, a mighty sound of rumbling rolled through the School. It sounded about two meters away from where I stood. Instantly with thumping hearts, each one hastened away bewildered. The children, because of the sudden effect of the thunder, ran in circles and hid behind their tall Teachers. I, too, ran upstairs in circles, for it sounded as though the thunder spoke to me. Then the answer came to me that God had spoken in our midst, things which could not be comprehended.

By then I had calmed down, thinking, was He talking to me? Why could everyone present not feel the Terribleness? God’s Powerful Voice could be seen and heard as it appeared like flashes of Light lingering over the Heavenly School. For how little a portion is heard of Him? These are parts of His Ways, who can understand?

[Job] “Indeed, at His thunderings my heart also trembles and leaps out of its place. Hear, oh, hear the roar of His Voice and the sound of rumbling that goes out of His mouth…He does great things which we cannot comprehend.” 

Yet in another vision the Lord Jesus appeared as a young Man.

While the group of students was on an excursion, a young Man of fairness accompanied me. I was drawn to His charm and attractiveness. But soon I realized that a friendship developed similar to that of the young Brave Warrior. After walking some time we reached a flight of stairs, where we sat. Some students were at a long table browsing around various displays. They had hearts or butterflies put onto their hands. So I decided to go for a heart but this young Man cheerfully tugged at my arm. Once more I felt that He drew ALL of me to Himself just as the young Warrior.

It is the 22nd June; I was back at the same Heavenly School of the night vision of the 22nd May. Once again the massive School appeared to be a Majestic Palace. The many storeys so exquisitely well crafted, reached into the sky. It appeared that the higher each level, the more refined precious stone completed the elaborate development. I was on one of the top levels, designed of solid pearls which reflected brightness everywhere. I could not see any darkness or shadow, no lamp as I gazed upon everything. Now every student headed towards the massive hall. As I joined the many down a long corridor I noticed that the different shades of pearl everywhere displayed an acme of perfection. The executed lay-out appeared superlative. Solid doors of pearl, the many classrooms along the corridor all led to the hall which reached into the sky.

Approaching the entrance such a powerful queer depth of wavelengths traveled down the passage. A sound deep and long hit me and I froze. In my mind’s eye, I imagined something terrible, but one of the students replied that I would see for myself when I had reached the hall. Not knowing what to expect, I fled below into the garden of miniature trees. The premises stretched for miles, no place to hide! I found four other girls who had fled for the same reason. To our shock the most attractive and adorable young female appeared from nowhere. Amazed, I felt a surge of divine love for her.

Then I recalled the same relationship I had experienced toward the brave young Warrior.

“Where do you want to go?” she inquired gingerly.

Each one sat in silence, afraid to breathe for fear!

I could not take my eyes off this Heavenly Being Who radiated such Beauty.

It is the night of the 26th June 2007; I had fallen lightly asleep when an unforeseen occurrence of two-minds raged simultaneously. I had tried to wake up but there was no time. A fierce battle raged, tearing my mind from its axle. My thought life flashed out of control so fast that I could not keep up with the speed of so many thoughts. I could actually feel how my thought life was tearing apart. It felt as though my flesh was being shredded through a device; so the fragments of my thought life were fragmented within seconds.

My flesh became very weak until my inner most being burst out weeping. I was shaking hard and crying out to the Father in Jesus’ Name. I could not understand what had happened. Just then there was an immediate response. The Almighty in His great Mercy reached out and in an instant my human mind was in its original regulation. I lay exhausted pondering how Satan could cause severe mental derangements or chronic mental disorders.

I am absolutely convinced that our Almighty Father through His Son, Jesus Christ can heal any form of insanity of the human mind. Unperturbed, I drifted off to such a peaceful sleep.

[Mark 5] “…and searching at the man who had been a demoniac, sitting there clothed and in his right mind (the same man) who had, had the legion of demons; and they were seized with alarm and struck with fear…” 

It is the 2nd July 2007; I was with the Lord Jesus in a Spirit vision of the night. Jesus held me once again drawing me to Himself. He appeared as the brave young Warrior but looked so matured. But on this occasion my spirit was filled with conviction Who He was. Instantly, a deep Love enveloped me. Jesus wore a white long sleeved round neck sweater and blue jeans. Jesus is all Beautiful. It does not matter how He disguises Himself, my spirit underwent the process of responding to Him in a certain conduct.

In a morning vision of the 5th May 2007, upon my bed, I stood at the foot of a steep mountain path. The series of astonishing ranges intertwined. At the pathway, I met two Heavenly Beings who radiated like the Sun. Although I met them on this first instance I felt that we had been friends for very long. While walking this path we came to a particular branching off and heard a kind of heartfelt Spirit stirring Divine music.

My friends headed towards the ledge and urged me to also. But I resisted being afraid of heights. Very carefully, with difficulty, I peered keenly. Musicians were staged upon a little mountain which appeared to be a miniature plateau. Before the platform were seated multitudes and multitudes of people. Each one radiated like the Sun; they were sitting around beautiful rectangular shaped tables made of solid wood. I looked about but could not see any litter; there were no shadows in this wonderment. Each person was in absolute unison with the other. I was deeply touched by the beauty of it all. By this time my friends had vanished.

Standing amazed before a skyscraper, the massive building reached into the sky and stretched for miles and miles. I looked up into the blue cloudless sky and the purest air filled my inner being. I stood trying to absorb all things so I decided to enter ground level. These multitudes of people came to collect their food on this floor. I saw many outlets of food cafes, shops, restaurants and kiosks. After some time I decided to climb a spiral stairway to the very top of the building.

The empire with each storey which interconnected was constructed of mountain rocks. Each square exactly answered one another, and each one was joined in such a way to the other, that there was no space to be seen where they were joined, so that the empire tower appeared to be built as if it were of one rock. Between each flight of stairs there was a landing which led to an indistinguishable door. Behind each door the level stretched for miles. I reached the topmost level and entered a massive sitting-room. Beautiful floral couches adorned the area. In the centre of the room stood many beautiful designed wooden tables.

Adjoining were many doorways leading into thousands of rooms which extended for miles on end. I gazed upon all things present; two divine women sat nurturing infants with great care. These Heavenly Beings shone like the Sun. Their warmth and tenderness filled the room. I was captured by its beauty for a love for infants flowed through me. There I met a man who was waiting for me. I was given an Infant to nurture and saw that the little one was premature. The baby’s frail weak form was to be trained by good posture and balance. In my human thinking, I had not realized that I was unskilled, for I kept the Infant in a sitting position upon my arm. Then the man instructed me to support its spine and head. I was shocked to see that the man arched his back into a hunch and his neck turned skew.

This is how crooked the Infant would grow he demonstrated to me. I stood rubbernecked with an open-mouthed stare as he returned to his normal posture. Once again I cradled the Infant’s head skew on my arm. Then I became aware that the man had wrinkled his brows in deep thought. I placed the sucking thumb into the Infant’s mouth and watched as his eyes grew sleepy. After returning the Infants to their rooms the two Heavenly Beings took the baby from me but I refused, so they gently took him and left me with the man. I noticed that they had retained their composure but my cheeks were bloated. Close to tears I could not understand why they had taken away the Infant.

Sulky and gloomy, my spirit sank low but the man explained that I was not yet ready. He said that the time would come when I would be skilled. I asked him to return the Infant, turning away as He took my arm. A sad sack, I felt inept as I began descending the stairway. Half-way I met my two friends who were radiating like the Sun. Just then a cute boy came hurriedly toward me and said that the man upstairs had given me these sachets. I took the two sachets and was aware that the women had paid the Boy great homage.

One sachet was yellow with a blue label and embossed in beautiful letters SUNLIGHT. I knew this one was of original fragrance. Below the word, beautiful yellow flowers matched the display. On the other sachet the fragrance of berry was sweet smelling. This sachet was a berry color with the same blue label as the previous one. In my human thinking, I presumed that these sachets were stay soft for the infant’s clothing, so I took a long deep breath. Immediately the aroma of berry filled my inner most being.

All at once a wonderful feeling gently entered my composure. My bloated cheeks and sulkiness all faded into the sea of forgetfulness. Now the boy did not explain a thing but when I opened my eyes I was changed.

Then he said to me that the Man above sent a message that I could return for my lesson was incomplete. Wholeheartedly overjoyed I would be with the Infant I loved so dearly. He reminded me of the young brave Warrior, for they looked so identical. A sure conviction the Man above would teach me concerning the different levels. So as I descended the stairway with the sachets in my care, my heart sang with joy.

On the night of the 7th July, I dozed off very lightly and fell into a trance. I felt myself floating so I turned to look at myself. I gazed upon the furry, white raiment and matching furry, white boots I wore. My spirit body swayed, as I turned, the trance lifted.