Book 2 – School in Heaven: Majestic Palace

It’s the morning 22nd May 2007, I was unaware that it was the Lord Jesus, disguised as a young Warrior, distinguished in fighting, who came walking towards me. All at once I developed a deep-felt affection towards Him.

In the vision upon my bed, I saw myself with a group of scholars in a double-decker bus. After we had traveled for some time, the bus pulled up in front of a school. Anxiously, I looked and saw that we were in front of massive buildings. There were huge sections of mansions, even a dormitory town, unmatchable of its kind. I could not see the top of the buildings because of the different levels. There were many huge, thick pillars everywhere. A group of scholars were led by a very fair and tall female Teacher. She guided us to huge fields of black fertile soil.

The scene appeared to be that of a jungle. Skillfully, she demonstrated how to toil the ground with our bare hands. Without supervision, we worked laboriously, removing and clearing away the unwanted weeds.

The alluvial, rich soil then looked most impressive. Just then the Teacher returned and instructed us to cleanse ourselves of the dirt and contaminating matter back at the school. After a time, the teacher told us that we had completed the “toiling lesson” but a deep conviction filled me that this was not my “Call”.

Once more I looked at the School, which now appeared to be a Majestic Palace. Looking down at our shoes which were covered with humus, I was aware that the well-crafted exquisite white, cream tiled floor was not affected. The dirt had vanished.

Elegant furniture decorated the entrance. We reached a wall where embedded unique, uncut diamond taps were mounted. I touched the diamond and held my dirty hands under the crystal water. To my amazement, the most extraordinary miracle happened – the dirty water vanished. There were no drainpipes or hand basin yet not a single drop of water was wasted.

How precious each drop was – it cleanses all filth.

Absorbing all things and watching every one, a young Male Warrior hurried toward me. His build in size and strength to all appearance, was very Brave. Even His hair style reflected a fighting Warrior. He wanted to guide me and be with me. Excitedly He communicated with me.

He was meek and very kind; I saw Him as a Lion, yet as a Lamb. Watching Him closely, I did not realize that it was Jesus. His quality and brilliance reflected like a diamond of the finest cut. I developed a deep, uncontrollable affection towards Him. He drew all of me to Himself.

[Exodus 15: 3] “The Lord is a Man of war; the Lord is His Name.” 

As we approached the entrance of the Palace, we met many tall Teachers who were Holy Beings. Instantly they knew Him and paid the Lord Jesus the greatest homage. The acknowledgment of His Superiority radiated, for the King was in their midst. They knew my name! “Yolin!!!” I heard them called excitedly.

He brought to light the Father’s Love which drew all to Him.