Book 2 – Spirit of Greed – End Times

In a vision of the night 24th August, the Lord Jesus gave me Spirit insight of greed during the End- Times.

Observing, I stood outside a building which had an open foyer structure. The large public room and open front entrance was splendidly decorated. I observed the hustle and bustle of the ladies and gentlemen of the press and the crowd. Immediately my gift of discernment operated and my spirit knew that I would have insight of some mystery.

Well groomed business leaders started walking the red carpet. The urgency of the moment and the business press conference began. These leaders were led by a fair handsome man. Each appeared honorable putting on an imitation smile. Their lips parted and the corners of their mouths turned up.

These business leaders began waving as applauses broke into hand clapping and hand shaking.

I, too, was walking along with this group of celebrities but they could not see me. Then I joined the crowd and was inspired as these leaders gathered around the microphones. “Why could no one see me?” I thought, presently I am in physical form yet in spirit form.

Just then Jesus came to me; I looked and saw Light emanating from Him. He is Spirit. I could not clearly see His face but my spirit knew it was Jesus. Then He whispered into my ear like the wind. He Who knew all things present said unto me, “The leading man is Satan.” With that, He disclosed the Truth into my mind and left immediately. I was shaken, how could I have been deceived?

So this is Satan, the mastermind, forefront leader directing an intricate operation. He concealed his motives under the veil of friendship. But not even Satan could see me I thought. I looked once more at him and noticed that his beautiful hair was styled into spikes. He looked very fair and handsome.

The old devil absorbed the attention of the crowd, through mental engrossment. Unexpectedly, behind-the-scene hired agents moved secretly. They plundered without violence but were too powerful to block. I was on the roof top, observing a wealth of diamonds and jewelry being loaded into helicopters. A great fortune disappeared before my eyes.

[2 Corinthians 11:14–15] “And it is no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light; so it is not surprising if his servants also masquerade. But their end will correspond with their deeds.” 

It is 27th August at about 5.20 pm; mother beheld a ball of Light about ten centimeters in diameter. It was blinding to her eyes and shone brilliantly at my feet. It was thirty-two years ago since the same ball of Fire came rolling towards her.