Book 2 – The remnant must be captured

In the morning of the 27th December, I was taken into a vision. For some time, the Remnant of God walked through a deserted place. At length, we reached a lodge where we rested. Without direct human intervention, the television had bee n automated. Then the voice of Satan broadcasted his undercover plan. The old, sly blurted out; all work and no play, the Remnant must be captured. Bad news traveled very fast; the darkest hour had arrived. The Prince of Darkness had caused the citizens of that place to pursue after us in cold-bloodedness. I opened my eyes shaken.

[2 Timothy 3:1] “But understand this, that in the last days will come (set in) perilous times of great stress and trouble (hard to deal with and hard to bear).” 

In a morning vision of 3rd January 2008, I was shown a black woman who not only dealt with demon spirits but who was a fiercely energetic demoniac. As I made my way toward the station there was a huge crowd. They were being threatened by this witch-like woman who believed in the power of demons. While I looked upon this happening, a lady approached me. She pointed to the opposite side of the main road and then I saw her. She was skillfully performing a hell-bound dance to Satan shaking her entire form. Multicolored beads covered her naked body as she swayed according to the dance of death. Thus threatening to bewitch anyone who passed by. My attention was drawn to a long table filled with a weird selection. Her fierce stare stuck out like a sore thumb. Great fear hung heavily, nothing certain but the unforeseen. Her stare alone appeared to cast dreadful curses upon her victims. Now the tension brewed amongst the onlookers. With boldness, I proceded past this demoniac who had gone berserk. Her eyes goggled out as she poured curses upon me. I could outrun her but I could not escape those unbearable curses she placed upon me. Suddenly a God-sent relative appeared, just as I was about to collapse. I fell into his arms as she left no visible trace. Explaining all to him, he rebuked the curses from me.

[Deuteronomy 18:9–22] [Exodus 22:18] [Micah 5:12–13] [Nahum 3:4–6] 

During the year of 2007, I was given a prophetic vision of the same certain leader of old; before him were two sisters who were worshipping him. It pleased him well to receive honor and praise; then I heard that he sent for my mother. She had not paid homage to him for she brought him a Scripture. With sudden outburst of anger he yelled at her, “Go away from me you dog.” In a wink I saw that she had disappeared.

[1Corinthians 3:21] “Therefore let no man glory in men, for all things are yours” 

[Matthew 23:12] “Whoever exalts himself (with haughtiness and empty pride) shall be humbled (brought low), and whoever humbles himself whoever has a modest opinion of himself and behaves accordingly shall be raised to honor.” 

It is the evening of the 27th January 2008, while sitting in my room, I heard the Voice of the Lord Jesus calling, “Yolin!!!”

It sounded so calm and soft but from a distance. That night Jesus came to me and communicated from His heart into mine, His message for this certain leader of old.