Book 2 – Title of this Script given by an Angel

We continued to walk until we reached a flight of stairs which led to a basement. Another group of

students were being lectured by a very tall Holy Being. We joined this group of students who radiated with enthusiasm. Their undivided concentration grew while the Teacher walked and preached in detail about Spiritual Warfare. I tried so hard also to concentrate but the Lord had caught away my focus.

Finally, I became interested in the Spiritual Warfare as it was implanted into my mind. Every different depth of warfare taught became very important. The Heavenly Principles are absolutely effective. Therefore the Lord Jesus allowed me to remember His Message,




At once the Holy Spirit convicted me that the Teacher had given the Title’ to this Script. I felt a deep, Spirit surge – this was my “Call”.

The Lord Jesus concealed as a young Warrior guided me.

[Luke 5:40] “A pupil is not superior to his Teacher, but everyone (when he is) completely trained (readjusted, restored, set to rights, and perfected) will be like his Teacher.” 

It is the 29th May 2007; I had Covenanted with the Father in Jesus’ Name.

I requested : skill – efficiency – stand the test warrior

: Teach me Divine Art of spiritual warfare

: Your guidance and to be perceptive to Your Voice

: You open up – make way for: You silence – terminate

: Your protection – replenish my needs.

Then I signed and dated the Covenant and laid it before the Father in Jesus’ Name.

[Psalm 18:34] “He teaches my hands to war, so that my arms can bend a bow of bronze.” 

It is 2nd June 2007; the Lord Jesus disclosed to me in a night vision and upon my bed I beheld that I was back at the Heavenly School but this time I was in the mathematics lesson. The classroom was situated inside the building where we were taught by a very tall Heavenly Being. I could clearly see that this class had but a handful of students. The Teacher most graciously assisted each one and I beheld once more the patience and power of endurance. When I looked at the mathematics paper on the desk in front of me, I sat absolutely dumbstruck.

The teacher proceeded to help me; this is the first step she wrote down:


Even though she continued to the next step, it seemed more difficult than the first step.

This is what she wrote down


—– X 136 X 1021


At this point, she left me to continue but I did not have a clue. I knew the completed sum had filled the entire page. I comprehended that an entire different Mathematical System is used in Heaven.

An event on the 3rd June received its wonderful nature from the gleam of God’s eye. Mother and I were mesmerized. We watched as giant sparks of lightning brighter than the sun crashed. Great thundering like heavy chains hurled down incessantly! Upon this noteworthy happening she said to me, “Have a single mind on God’s purpose.”

So I continued, even into the wee hours saying these words. All at once, the Lord’s Presence filled my inner most being, insomuch that I perspired greatly. Saying these words continuously caused sweat to roll from my quaking flesh. An overpowering heat lasted for two hours. Those words faded away in the distance as I turned from side to side utterly consumed; my flesh could not endure His Presence.

For He has created all forces and there is none that resist Him or that does not subject himself to God. For all subject themselves to His monarchy and labor for His Sole Rule. Lying listening to the loud, angry clouds together with lightning crashing, I felt exhausted. The following day, twenty minutes before two, while relating all things to my mother, the intense heat covered my back insomuch that my legs became like jelly. Confirming the exact time I had an encounter with the Lord Jesus.


During the beginning of the month of June, the Lord Jesus forewarned me in a night vision. He had allowed me to use my gift of discernment. As I have mentioned before, that certain children of God through wicked intentions, were trying to evict my family from the dwelling we have rented.

Now presently, I watched as these Believers stood knocking at the front door. With all kindness, we were hospitable and welcomed them as guests for the night. They were to occupy my room while I prepared to spend the night in the spare room. But with wicked perpetration these guests went about secretly placing witchcraft everywhere. One of them came to me and gave me a letter with the answers. While they brooded over their deal with the old devil, I beheld a strong ruling demon that followed them.

These Believers had no idea that I could see these things. Immediately, I confronted my mother who was bewildered. Now the gift of discernment was correct, for a strong spell was cast upon the letter. I became troublesome and returned to the spare room but something made my flesh to creep. Glancing toward the chair I saw a scarecrow. It was long and thin, the very ruling demon of these guests. This thing made my hair stand on end. It viciously pounced upon me and I became mute trying so desperately to alert my mother who was even more bewildered.

It is the night of 6th June, a knock came to the front door and lo and behold, the same Believer stood with a letter in his hand. Just as the Lord Jesus had forewarned me, and because we had refused to accept his letter he hid it in the letterbox. Now as long as it was on the premises I became very ill and troublesome. The gift of discernment began to show me directly what to do, I recovered immediately.

[Leviticus 19:26] “…neither shall you use magic, omens, or witchcraft (or predict events by horoscope or signs and lucky days). 

[Deuteronomy 13:17] “And nothing of the accursed thing shall cling to your hand, so that the Lord may turn from the fierceness of His anger…” 

It is the 9th June; a supernatural power took me and I became aware that I had gone through time. Opening my eyes, I lay on rich green grass where I saw a Person who had the appearance of my mother. She hurried over to attend to me and said, “We have to be at a certain place at an appointed time.” Surprised by the awesomeness of the Supernatural Life I was in, I got to my feet and looked in all directions. Far to the front of me, there was a huge mansion-house designed in ancient style and built with light brown bricks. Amazed at this beautiful scene, I noticed that each in reality was a separate flat. Each one had a continuous rise of storeys reaching into the blue sky. The complete location was enclosed with light brown bricks. To my left, I saw one street which led to the entrance. Everything appeared more Glorious almost like a fairy tale.

Suddenly I heard a peculiar sound and looked up into the blue sky. “Hello Yolin, welcome to this place!”, nodded the Sun with a happy smile. It seemed to bow forward and immediately I could tell that it had eyes and a small nose.

[Revelation 21:23] “The city had no need of the sun or of the moon to shine in it, for the Glory of God illuminated it. The Lamb is its Light.” [Psalm 84:11] For the Lord God is a Sun and Shield; the Lord…No good thing will he withhold from those who walk upright” 

I beheld briliiant beams of Light which brightened up the entire sky. This attributed to me. I glanced at the Woman who radiated such Joy, Peace and Love. Fascinated by the Sun’s features I did not realize that it was Jesus. He was disguised as the Sun. I perceived that He spoke within and kept on smiling. By then the Woman urged me to continue our journey but I was so captivated by the Sun, for He drew ALL of my attention to Himself, that she led me away by my arm.

For this reason, the Sun turned around towards me with a Powerful response. Simultaneously, a surge of Supernatural Power swept me off my feet. I lay engulfed by a brilliant, white brightness which blinded me. After a while, I regained my vision and wondered why the Sun had a huge grin, showing his teeth. Bedazzled by the Supernatural force, I glanced at the Woman who covered her mouth and smiled. She rushed over and lifted my head into her lap, folding both her arms around me. Just then, I realized her true identity, for she was my guardian angel. She began emitting a radiant Light. I looked around, all – all Supernatural Life seemed to breathe. Everything looked more Glorious.

Unknowingly, I was transported to the certain place alongside a river bank. Gazing about, I saw rich, black soil and here and there were groups of bunches of what looked like leeks. Presently, I glanced at the Woman who stood in the middle of the River. She was busy with her hands in the tinted water. Playing in the water alongside her were two of my relatives. The River was very long and flowed gently from its Source. Gazing upon all things present, I was aware of a Man sitting next to me. I did not realize that it was Jesus. Once again He drew ALL of me to Himself and sat closer to talk with me.

Then Jesus said unto me, “I Love you. There is no description of My Love for you. I will do anything for you. It does not matter whether it is simple and small or big – whatever it may be. In time of trouble or in any predicament you may be facing, just call unto Me. Come directly to Me, and I will leave whatsoever I am attending. I will come to you immediately. I will sort all things out for you.”

I sat pondering, “What are all things Jesus would leave to help me?”

After He spoke, His voice seemed as if it was coming from a distance. Though His voice sounded clear, I could not understand what had happened. Bewildered, I sat quietly, and then sudden flashbacks of the young Brave Warrior came forth. Repeatedly these flashbacks reappeared. Without a doubt, I was fully

convinced that it was Jesus. Forthwith, He gave me Spirit insight while observing my reciprocation.


It is the 13th June, I was back at School but the scene appeared differently. It was the end of an interval and the students gathered together in their classes. I had joined a certain group and was led to an area where a diversity of leafy plants grew luxuriously in rich black soil.

Each student was assigned to various tasks. We had to specifically work with the leaves of the plants. Just then the teacher came and gave instructions to work out the sums of the plants. Various tasks were given to us on sheets of paper. Now to obtain the result of the calculations, we had to study the plants. But somehow I could recall a portion of a task, which was to count the many cells in a plant. Some of the tasks seemed difficult.