Book 3: A serpent will bite whoever breaks through a fence or stone wall

I continued to be sick throughout the day and when mom returned home she laid hands upon me and
rebuked Satan’s wiles in Jesus’ Name. Then we discovered that a borrowed book I had seen in a vision, was
in our possession. It had been previously read by a certain Believer who had ignorantly gotten involved
with someone who had dabbled into the world of witchcraft. This person was warned of God that there
was darkness in his life. Although confession was made, the spiritual doorways linking him to the world
of the occult were left wide open. The inner Voice began speaking to her that those occult curses existed
in the spirit realm and that the demons associated with those curses were very much in existence. As she
handled the book, heavy, persistent burning pains ran like wild fire over her. Once the book was completely
removed from the premises, the curses broken and every demon associated with the accursed, bound in
Jesus’ Name – the doorway that afflicted her was closed and sealed with the Blood of Jesus, I recovered
immediately. Thank You Father for giving me insight into the Spirit vision!
Jesus said unto me, “There must be no doorway left open”

Ten days later, I was shown in a morning vision, a doorway of pornography left open in this person’s life.
He wanted to be alone with the computer but the Spirit of God convicted me that behind closed doors he
watched nudity on the computer. It was kept top secret; now he did not know that the Spirit of God had
shown me.

(Ecclesiastes 10: 8) “He who digs a pit for others will fall into it, and whoever breaks through a fence or a stone wall, a serpent will bite him.”

During the early hours of the morning of the 23rd day of the month, my mother was taken into an open vision in which she saw two devils. They flew high above the clouds. Their forms were horrid; the appearance of one was a pale, white face which exuded a deep hatred for mankind – the appearance of the other was like a huge, brown grizzly bear with small horns on his head. These frightful things were on a mission and were headed towards mankind. In an instant, they dived through the thick clouds and disappeared. Mom was screaming, “In the Name of Jesus, you demons are bound powerless.”

The morning she travailed in earnest prayer asking the Father to reveal what their mission entailed! “Satan
had spewed two more evil spirits out from the pit of hell,” replied the inner Voice.
Two days later, at 10 am in the morning, the Voice of Jesus spoke unto Brother Loie saying, “Satan! I resist
you in the Name of Jesus”.

It is the morning of the 27th May; I was shown in a vision of certain Believers (the wife of a pastor who
secretly worked hand in hand with the disclosed Satanist); for certain reasons, I cannot make public their
identities. They were keeping an open-air service. There were so many attending the service but suddenly
it began to storm. The leader of this group had arranged for such instances to be kept in a nearby hall. Now
this pastor and his wife had already reached the hall but along the way, half of his congregation each went
their own way. I observed that their countenances had lit up, they were set free. It appeared as though
heaviness had been removed; they were unshackled. Then I observed that the other half headed towards
the hall but heavy-heartedness hung dark over them.

It is the 29th day of the month when I saw in a vision that my infant was over a year old. We were holding
hands while walking but I also noticed that I was carrying a second child though it was still in the stages of
being formed within me. Throughout this script I had learned to nurture the Infant. Now I refer to the vision
in which I had cradled the Infant I loved so much. The Man above said that I could continue my lessons for
they were incomplete.

The next day, I had another vision in which I was back at the training camp. The many different groups were
at a huge jungle. The thick dense jungle was divided into many training sections. Each group was assigned
to various types of drilling. There were all manner of exercises. As the one group completed their program
they continued to a different section. Our group had completed the training of the first section. We sat for
a while to rest before starting up at the next section. Now during the training, Jesus appeared as a handsome,
young Man. Instantly, I was drawn to Him and felt Loved; so this is how I should feel when I meet
my Lifetime Partner, I thought. Although I did not recognize Him at first, my spirit responded towards Him
in a certain way. It was not so easy to concentrate on something else while He was holding my hand. The
second session of our training began; although I could not see Him, His Presence convicted me that He was
with me.

It is the last day of May; I was taken into a morning vision in which I was shown the male partner of the
Satanist. As he came to our gate, I was shocked to see distortion in all manner of ways. When he stared at
me, I began to suffer terrible headaches. It appeared as though he had used a drill to penetrate my head.
Excruciating pain almost overpowered me. I could actually feel the steel bit piercing into my skull. Suddenly,
a Voice spoke from above to me, “You see what he is doing?” I replied, “Yes! I see” The way I felt pain in the
spiritual realm, so I also felt it in the natural realm.

The morning of June 1st, 2008, I was taken into a vision and was at a camp. There were many young
people but I noticed that Heinie (aforementioned in preface) was also there. A section of the training rules
were that we should be at liberty with everyone. Now he had misunderstood true Liberty. I saw the old
anger kindled in him; in the sly revenge he was planning. Camp was over and each one headed towards
their habitation. I noticed that moisture exuded through the pores of his skin; he was in a poor state. As
he began stalking me, concealing his real actions the Voice of the Lord spoke to me from above. “He had
dabbled into witchcraft that is why he is that way”

When I got home, I told my mother who sent Brother Loie to settle the matter. Heinie thought that if
he used lies cleverly that everyone would believe him. He intended to use the liberty we were taught at
the camp saying that I had lured him. Now my mother knew from the terrible past experiences what his
intentions were.

It is the wee hours of 5th June, 2008. Brother Loie was taken into a vision in which he saw the Lord Jesus.
He was clothed in a pure white garment. His hair parted in the middle and hung onto His shoulders. With a
loving embrace he kept Him against his bosom.

That early morning the Word of God came to my mother while she slept, “I uphold all things by the Word of
My Power.”

[Hebrew 1: 3] “He is the sole expression of the Glory of God the Light-being, the out-raying or radiance of the Divine, and He is the perfect imprint and very image of God’s nature, upholding and maintaining and guiding and propelling the universe by His Mighty Word of Power. When He had, by offering Himself, accomplished our cleansing of sins and riddance of guilt, He sat down at the right hand of the Divine Majesty on High.” 

It is the 9th day of the month; I saw in a vision upon my bed that the child I was bearing was fully formed
in me. But this time my husband carried the other child who appeared to be two years of age. We had
boarded a train and as we sat down a young schoolboy shouted from where he hid, “You are not pregnant
of the Word.”

[John 1: 14] “And the Word was made flesh.” 

I looked seriously at him and thought, what does he know! He is too young to know Who is in me. He does
not know me. The embryo in my womb was nothing but the pure Word of God.
Now the Word of God said that the only ability Satan can exercise over you is the ability to deceive you. If
he can get you to believe his lies, then you are playing right into his hands.

[Galatians 4:19] “My little children for whom I am again suffering birth pangs until Christ is completely and permanently formed within you.” [2 Thessalonians 2] 

It is the 12th day of June; I was shown in a morning vision upon my bed that I carried the little girl who
was presently two years of age. Mother and I crossed over and entered a sweet shop. Immediately, the
child’s face lit up and she held out her hands. I handed her a chocolate and a lollipop which she kept very
tight. The cashier rang the goods through and then we left. Now I observed that my child was a healthy,
bouncing, happy girl but I saw that I stooped.

In the following morning’s vision, I was with a group; we were being chased by a giant. He appeared to be
of stone. We ran upstairs and climbed through the window to escape the monster that pursued furiously
after us. We ran through lodges and trees where we reached the beach. In hot pursuit, this thing swam
after us into the deep. Suddenly, my friend sank beneath the water; gently helping her to regain control I
noticed that there appeared before us in the middle of the ocean, an enormous mountain. With the stone
monster close behind us, we pressed harder, losing no time; we were keen to reach the mountain.

That morning, mother was interceding for me in earnest prayer. Her flesh became like jelly and the Word of
God came to her, “My people are destroyed because they refuse knowledge.” Now for this very reason she
was interceding for all of God’s children.

[Hosea 4:6] “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because you the Priestly Nation have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you that you shall be no priest to Me; seeing you have forgotten the Law of your God, I will also forget your children.” 

It is the 14th day of June; I was taken into another morning vision in which I saw myself, together with
Brother Loie and mom. We were walking through trees in the lodge when awful sounds were coming from
below. Brother Loie, with mom, went down to investigate the matter. While they were away, the owner’s
son walked with me along the path waiting for them to return. This man began to foul mouth Brother Loie,
disturbing me. I answered him, “Brother Loie is a Pastor.” At that moment, they returned with a new born
cub. The adorable changed his whole attitude.

Again I was shown in another vision, a group of young people. As we were walking along a narrow path, we
came to a very deep black hole. The hole appeared to be the width of the pathway. There seemed to be no
way around so half had already jumped over the hole. As I leapt, I missed and held onto the edge. Below
whirled the deep darkness but a friend helped me and suddenly we were standing on the other side. How
we got over I sighed but I also noticed that he had an open personal interest in me.

During this time the Word of God came to Brother Loie and said, “If God is for you who can be against you? [Romans 8:31-39] 

Three days later, in a morning vision, mother and I resided in a village. There were so many people; Sister
Paulina with her family lived within walking distance of our dwelling. Mom and I walked upright while
everyone in this village stooped. The spirit of poverty reigned heavily over the entire place but we were not
affected. The inability to buy bread caused the people’s aggressive behavior! I perceived that these people
were really at a low ebb.

Observing this scene, my attention was drawn to a wooden ladder which reached into the heavenlies. I
thought that the flimsy, structured ladder would break and bend under any weight. Healthy people were
climbing this ladder to the sky but when these same people descended they stooped low. Why? I thought
that climbing the ladder would uncover this mystery; so I hastily ascended and reached above the clouds.
To my surprise a solid, concrete floor spread over the entire village in the heavenlies.

The ground was very real, though from below it was not visible. There stood before me the biggest stone
house I had ever seen. The builders were touching up here and there. All at once, an unspeakable fear
came over me. Hastily I climbed down. So this is the unknown, I thought, standing once more at the shop
back in the village. I had escaped the mental fear that had gripped everyone.

[Amos 9:2]”…though they climb to heaven, from there will I bring them down;” I had escaped the mental fear that had gripped everyone. 

A huge truck pulled up loaded with victuals; the outside world showed so much compassion. They had a
truck loading off provisions once a week. Everyone was present but not mom, for we were unaffected by
the spirit of poverty. Now these people had gotten out of control. They were grabbing anything they could
get hold of. It appeared that in their desperation they had become absent-minded. I wondered whether
they had ever seen food or clothing in their life time. Sister Paullina and her family were likewise snatching
at what they could. So I decided to help her when mom arrived to give her a helping hand.

Within seconds the commotion was over and everyone disappeared. After helping Sister Paullina, mom
went her way but I remained. Again I noticed that although these people had received victuals they
stooped even lower than before. Why did the provision not make a difference?

Pondering about it as time passed, the unknown appeared. Emitting deep roars, there paraded a giant.
Although the people were aware of him, their minds seemed blank. Now this thing stood before me fuming
and suddenly he closed his one fist around my neck impeding my breathing.

“You must leave your God, I am the only god, and I am everything. You must serve me – only,” he burst
out in anger. Using sharp instruments, he began shredding my flesh; “I’ll prove that I am the only god.” His
swords glinted fire.

“I will never serve you for you are not my God. You are god of some other world; I will never call you god.” I
replied. Extremely furious, he began skinning me alive wanting to prove his capability.
“Just call me god there is no other god. What other God is there? Your God is dead! There is only one god
and that is me,” he spat it out so vehemently.

“I will never forsake my God to call you god. Even if you should kill me or shred me, I will never leave
my God. Though you torment me, you will never get me to bow down to you and call you god. You can
threaten others physically to fear you. If you are god why do you torture and kill people until they are
unable to bear it? My God does nothing of these evil things. If you are god, you would not do evil to these
people!” I replied. Furthermore our eyeballs met and I uttered, “I, I will never bow down and call you god I
am willing to die for only He is my God.”

The giant saw that he could not defeat and topple my Faith in the only True and living God. For
acknowledging my Faith boldly, I gained mastery proving to be superior. My obedience to the spoken Word
of His Power crushed the monster. The giant broke into pieces and vanished into thin air, gone. My spirit
triumphed; before me lay the entire village. I knew that the village had become a safe place to rebuild. The
message of Redemption preached to release the captives from their bondages, to be healed and restored.
It is time to build strongholds of Truth “WHO THE FATHER THROUGH HIS SON REALLY IS.”

[James 4:7] “Be subject to God. Resist the devil stand firm against him, and he will flee from you.” 

[Revelation 12:11-12] “And they have overcome him by means of the Blood of the Lamb and by the utterance of their testimony, for they did not love and cling to life even when faced with death holding their lives cheap till they had to die for their witnessing. Therefore be glad O heavens and you that dwell in them! But woe to you, O earth and sea, for the devil has come down to you in fierce anger (fury), because he knows that he has only a short time left!” 

It is a cold winter’s night of 24th June; the bathroom was lit up. The atmosphere billowed with soft warmth.
The Word of the Lord spoke into the heart of my mother.

Jesus said, “My Blood and My Word are two powerful weapons. Make My Blood and My Word your
testimony. My Word is established for all Eternity. My Blood is the New Covenant. Satan knows and
understands. This Covenant had been established for your Testimony.”

[Psalm 119:89] “Forever, O Lord, Your Word is settled in heaven (stands firm as the heavens).”

[Psalm 89:34] “My Covenant will I not break or profane, nor alter the things that are gone out of My lips.” 

[Revelation 12:11] “And they have overcome him (Satan) by means of the Blood of the Lamb and by the utterance of their testimony…” 

It is the morning of 1st July; suddenly the water in the taps began to trickle very slowly. “What is
happening?”, mom thought. I began to get sick and she prayed for me. The cat went berserk outside and
mom went to investigate. “Oh, so this is it!”, she said, witchcraft had been placed into a yellow bead in the
backyard. She took a vial filled with some oil, “By the Life and the Power of the Blood of the Lamb, I break
every curse of witchcraft and I bind up the demons placed into the bead, in Jesus’ Name.” As she scooped
it into the oil, she asked the Father in Jesus’ Name, to send an angel to cast the demon into the dry and
barren places according to His Word.

Immediately, I recovered; then she spoke to the water, ”Be unblocked in Jesus’ Name. By the Blood of the
Lamb of God, I unblock this water in Jesus’ Name and I make the Word of God my testimony so that what I
bind on earth is bound in heaven. I now bind this water-blocking demon in Jesus’ Name. I break every curse
placed on my water in Jesus’ Name. “
There was an immediate response; there was a sound of gushing water from the tap just as she had seen it
in her vision. The water main was connected and a surge of pure water gushed out into a white bucket.

The morning of the 2nd July, I was shown that a huge removal truck had loaded our possessions off at my
grandparents’ house. They had gone home to be with Jesus and left the house to mom. On returning to
lock the vacant place we had rented from certain Believers who had worked hand in hand with the old devil
to evict my family, we discovered that the place had already been sealed off. Now no one could access the
place; an unseen hand had forbidden it and had locked the house for good.

Mom had been praying for insight into this matter. Her spoken words were engrafted into her spirit. She
said, “No weapon that is formed against me shall prosper, and every tongue that shall rise against me
in judgment shall be shown to be in the wrong. The weapons that my Father gives me shall not fail and
everything I do shall prosper in Jesus’ Name.”

These Truths were established in her spirit and they became true in her. She continued saying what the
Word of God said, for she knew that this was a secret of faith. Don’t repeat what the devil had said. Speak
the written Word of God for the Word of His Power will put you over.

[Mark 11:23] ”For verily I say unto you, that whosoever shall say unto this mountain, be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.” 

For many different nights a demon would enter the house while we were out. Hanging in the air was a
sharp, pungent smell of cat’s pee. Now at first, this was a mystery and she would investigate why such an

Then an inner voice spoke and said, “Bind up the cat pee demon”
She walked about saying, “I bind up this cat pee demon in the Name of Jesus” as she continued the odor
moved into my room. She kept rebuking the cat pee demon which was suddenly at the fridge and then it

Yet in another vision, I saw that a man entered with his pet. The duck had pulled the bones out of this girl’s
legs; crunching, he ate them. Suddenly, he also pulled the bones out of my leg and swallowed them. My
leg appeared to have no support and felt like jelly.

Two weeks later, I could not sleep; my legs began to throb so badly. Now for three days it had continued
and mother anointed my legs with oil and rebuked the duck demon. Each night she anointed my legs with
oil until the excruciating pain weakened. On the third night, she anointed my legs and the duck demon

She would pray, “I stand in my Authority as a Believer and I take full control over this duck demon. In the
Name of Jesus, duck demon, I bind your powers. Leave immediately in Jesus’ Name. Be cast into the dry
and barren places according to the Word of God. I stand before you duck demon and I have no fear because
the Power of God is in me to put me over. I now release the ability of God in me and by the words of my
mouth and by the Word of God, “Be removed” in Jesus’ Name.
Yolin you are healed in Jesus’ Name. Whatsoever I do shall prosper because He is in me and He is greater
than he that is in the world.”

It is the morning of the 5th day of the month; I was shown by the Lord that mother and I were in a
discussion when a person entered. When he left she said to me, “I will never give my child to the devil.” She
knew the split image this person substituted, the god of this world – Satan.

It is the night of the 6th July; mother counseled me in resolving personal difficulties. The entire week my
mind had been in turmoil so that I could not sleep. I decided to approach her about the matter. Now in my
first Book, I had written about a friend who had bewitched me and had placed a strong curse upon me. This
curse worked to separate me from my family. I had not realized that in the spirit realm this curse was very
much alive and in operation. Upon this course of action she began.

She told me to denounce the agreement to separate myself from my family. She also told me not to keep
old hurts alive but to forgive. After I had prayed denouncing the demon of family separation, I also forgave
those who had hurt me in the past.

Thereafter she said, “Demon spirit of family separation assigned to this curse, you heard Yolin denounce
you. You are no longer needed. You heard that she has forgiven those who had hurt her. Now in the Name
of Jesus, I send you back through that door. In Jesus’ Name, I close that doorway. I seal it with the Blood
of the Lamb. Lord Jesus, sever and separate Yolin and Heinie in the spirit realm. I draw the Blood Line
forbidding it to cross over to her. Father, in Jesus’ Name, would you send an angel to speed up the healing
process of the damage done to her?”

As she prayed, calmness such as I have never known broke through and my bedroom actually lit up brightly.
Warmth and softness engulfed us as we sat and gave glory unto the Father in Jesus’ Name.

During that night the long forgotten curses broke, releasing burps from the top and bottom. I awoke
very sick and had collapsed under a blackout. All those chocolates that Heinie had given me to eat were
bewitched. Noxious matter came out from the top and bottom. When mother returned from the shop
she laid hands upon me and in the Name of Jesus rebuked the blackout demon. She took oil and anointed
me according to the Word. Again and again it came out under her rebuke. She helped me for three days;
every curse broke out with a stench. Then finally the inner voice told her to give me olive oil to drink. She
understood that the demons would come out tearing at me. She really stood firm for the Lord had said
unto her, “I had given you two powerful weapons, My Blood and My Word. These weapons cannot fail and
Satan understands that he cannot fight against them”.
I was flat out when she took me by my hand and said, “Arise, you are healed in Jesus’ Name.” Indeed, I am
healed in Jesus’ Name.