Book 3: Blood Protecting Boundary

It is the 30th March; during the wee hours of the morning, once again there appeared an open vision to
my mother of three sublime, yellow roses. She had drifted into a deep sleep and saw wicked people who
were transformed into dark brown wild horses. These were massing outside our house preparing to attack.
In the spirit dream, the Lord revealed that she should seal the entire house and premises with the Blood
Protecting Boundary. She awoke to His command, sealing the place.

Arising early and interceding in prayer for our safety. She prayed, “Father, thank You for revealing Satan’s
attack unto me. Jesus Christ who for this reason had already made a provision at the Cross of Calvary.
I confess Him as my Lord, my Great Mighty Hand. Father, as I bind these three levels of darkness – the
principalities, the powers and the rulers of the dark world massing outside this house – would You send
your angels to remove them? I thank You for bringing this about through Your Son, Jesus Christ.”

“Principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness – you are commanded to be bound at once in the Name of
Jesus Christ. I now take authority over this attack of Satan in Jesus’ Name and I rebuke these wicked spirits
to be powerless in Jesus’ Name. Wicked spirits leave immediately; go to the dry and barren places in Jesus’
Name. I draw the Blood Protecting Boundary as Jesus revealed to me, sealing this entire house in Jesus’
Name. I plead the Blood of Jesus Christ… I proclaim the Blood Covenant of God. God cannot fail the Blood
Promise. Jesus’ Blood which flowed from the Cross of Calvary speaks for me. Thank You, Father for bringing
this about in Jesus’ Name.”

She pleaded the Blood of Jesus until suddenly everything stopped.

Later that day, the Voice of the Lord Jesus said unto Brother Loie, “This world’s wisdom is foolishness with
God.” [1 Corinthians 3:19]