Book 3: Covenant for Protection

It is the 10th April, 7:25 in the evening, our electricity switched off. Looking out, I saw that everyone’s lights
were burning but I noticed the mysterious enemy hiding. She had poured a cursing fierce stare upon the
place we had rented.

It appeared that she was waiting for a result and when everything went dark she flew for cover. Such
demonic force entered our house, tension built up and we started rebuking, remembering every warning in
my visions. I had looked directly into the heat of her stare while curses poured into our dwelling; instantly,
my spirit turmoiled into rolling thunder; I was shaky. Later, when mom prayed for me, calmness came over
me. In the far distance, I clearly heard demonic movements playing with the switches on the wall but I had
drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

I awoke from a Spirit dream in which I found myself at my grandparents’ house. After bathing, I could not
find my clothing. Someone had stolen it so I decided to walk home in my underwear. A rugged man met me
along the way; he spoke in an inward voice. I asked him where he lived but he shrugged away. Immediately,
a woolly covering of the purest white Lamb’s fleece was put over me by the Lord. The Lamb’s covering felt
very soft and warm; immediately the rugged man disappeared.

The following morning, mom was in earnest prayer before the Throne of Mercy and Grace. Tears streamed
down her checks as she spoke to the Father in Jesus’ Name.

“Lord, I put You in remembrance that You have blotted out my transgressions and that You have forgiven
my sins. Thank You that I can stand in Your Presence as though I’ve never sinned. I have a legal standing
with the Father through His Son Jesus which enables me to enter Your Presence as though my sins never
existed. I put forth my cause that it may be justified. Your Word abides in me and I abide in Your Word.

You said, ask what ye will and it shall be done unto you. Thank You that Your Word belongs to me and Your
Word works for me. Every Word in the Bible is True. Only You Father, in Jesus’ Name can summon Satan
to come before You. I have a Legal Covenant with You for Your Protection against the coming attacks of
Satan. Thank You for acknowledging this Covenant in Jesus’ Name. Father, make Satan take his hands off
my electricity. Father God has given him no power over His Blood Covenant children who abide in His Word
and His Word abides in them. I thank You for bringing this about through Your Son Jesus Christ. Amen”. She
waited for a reply from the Father in Jesus’ Name.

The next day, being Monday, she went to a public phone to contact the electricity department.
She heard a van hooting outside and the driver of the electricity department shouted, ”Is your electricity
off?”. “Yes”, she replied, then he rode away. The entire day, she spent phoning the electricity department.
When she arrived home, I was sick so she laid hands on me and rebuked the demonic attack of Satan.

At about 2 in the afternoon, as Brother Loie rested, he was taken into an open vision. The appearance of
the purest, white, glowing Cross became visible. Upon the cross Jesus hung; His Blood oozed from the
bleeding wounds as the crown of thorns pierced deep into His skull. His Blood covered most of His face;
with sadness Jesus looked down. Brother Loie saw the nails in His hands and feet. The deep hurt Jesus
was going through – God’s only Son hanging upon the cross stark naked. It penetrated deep into his soul;
nothing covered Jesus’ naked body. The vision appeared three times then vanished as a powerful anointing
rested on his forehead.

The morning of the 13th May at 4:30 am, I awoke from a vision in which the Lord Jesus had spoken to me.
I saw that mom came to me and told me to read all of Rebecca Brown’s books. Immediately, the book
“Vessels of Honor” appeared beside my bed. I lay browsing through Chapter One when I drifted off into
the spirit realm. Then I heard the Voice of Jesus. He said unto me that the mysterious enemy I saw was a
Satanist (Jesus called her on her name but for certain reasons, I am not allowed to use it).

As I came from the spirit realm back into the natural realm, I called out to mom who greatly rejoiced for the
answer to her prayer of the 11th day of that month. She understood why the electricity had been cut off
and thanked the Father for replying, in Jesus’ Name. She related all things to Brother Loie; they wasted no
time and understood the importance of the matter. It needed more attention than just the electricity being
cut. So we gathered in the living room, when a gangster rushed into the house. Angry and vehemently, he
used foul language and hunted for a wheel in our back room. Mom told Brother Loie to put the man out of
the house so that there would be no open doorway for the mysterious enemy to sneak in.

“There should be no doorway left open” she urged him. Once outside the man became stubborn and
furious, he was even more determined to re-enter our place. As Brother Loie took the wheel from the man,
I saw the mysterious enemy. Her face was the resemblance of pitch black leather. It seemed that the Spirit
of God contended with her. She stared at us with deep passion. When we returned to the living room she
had already astral projected and placed a dummy on the table. Mom told Brother Loie to put the dummy
out, for she said, “There must be no doorway left open”.

I opened my eyes at 4:30 am; an intense heat covered my physical body, especially my back. The anointing
ran deep into me like an electric bolt so that my depth quaked. Later, I called out to my mother who rushed
to me. On relating what the Lord had revealed she was taken deep into prayer. I remember her travailing
for half an hour before the Throne of Mercy and Grace. The Spirit of God convicted us that Satan was there
accusing us before the Father. As the Spirit prayed through her, the shaking of my body stopped and the
intense heat disappeared; my physical body was exhausted. When she came to herself, refreshed – the joy
of the Lord flooded our souls.

The Father had good reason to convince her that we were to Covenant with Him for our Protection for the
New Year. (This covenant can be found in the script). She had legal standing with the Almighty God because
of this covenant; Satan lost hopelessly. We could almost hear the Father saying, “Sorry Satan, I honor the
Legal Covenant of My children, leave and hinder them no more”.

Mother and I sat rejoicing over a cup of coffee at six that morning then we drifted off to sleep. The Lord
awoke her from her sleep urging her to dress and prepare; the face of the electrician appeared before her.
As she entered the living room someone knocked at the front door and behold a smiling electrician stood
before her. He had received a call the evening to replace our energy dispensary box but was not able to
come. The following day was his day off but Father had good reason to add to the intense heat in my back
so that I had called out to her. She was then taken before the Father in prayer; Satan lost and sent the
electrician. If the thief is found out he will have to restore seven times what he had stolen; he must give the
whole substance of his house if necessary to meet his fines [Proverbs 6:30-31].

The spiritual gangster the Lord had warned me of was one of the mysterious enemies who popped his
dirty head out; now as long as he stood at our fence staring, casting curses, a demon of confusion caused
chaos. I saw him and alerted mom who bound the confusion demon hand and foot and requested “Father
in Jesus’ Name send an angel to cast this very demon into the dry and barren places. Thank You for bringing
this about through the grace of Your Son Jesus Christ.” The attack stopped and the man disappeared, praise
the Father in Jesus’ Name. It was smooth going all the way.

My mother walked around the property drawing the Blood Protecting Boundary in Jesus’ Name. Before
she completely closed the spiritual border, she rebuked every demon spirit placed on the grounds through
occult objects, to leave immediately in Jesus’ Name. Then she dedicated the grounds holy unto the Lord.
The night she painted all the door posts and all window frames with oil, “I paint the lintels of these doors
and window frames with the Blood of the Lamb of God.”
Before going to bed, we prayed and sealed every wall, door, window, ceiling, roof, floors, grounds and every
crack with the Blood of Jesus, proclaiming the Blood Covenant of God in Jesus’ Name. That night the Father
granted us a peaceful sleep.

The afternoon of the 14th May, we stood at the bus stop when the angel of the Lord carried mom to
the other side of the pavement. Satan had entered the oncoming bus, with suddenness of high speed, it
overtook a vehicle and missed us by a meter. Again she had to pray for me; in the incident I had suffered a
heavy pain on my chest. Remember, Satan and his servants can’t touch us unless the Lord Jesus allows it.

[Psalm 105:15] “Touch not My anointed, and do My prophets no harm.”

The evening of the 15th May, we were in prayer; mom broke all ley-lines around the property. She also
broke all incantations placed in three round circles in the garden. Then she bound all watchers and
doorway demons associated with these openers by the Life and the Power of the Blood in Jesus’ Name. She
proclaimed the Blood Covenant of God in Jesus’ Name. There was an immediate response from the Father;
the Power of God fell over us. “Father in Jesus’ Name disintegrate and remove all occult objects hidden
on this ground.” Most nights we would play gospel music aloud and would sing along; this only sparked a
response from the Father.

For many nights a terrible, rotten, sulfurous odor swept through the house; demons are sure stinking rotten
hard to describe. Every demon was commanded to leave in Jesus’ Name. We would not cease pleading the
Life and the Power of the Blood of the Lamb of God until the house was clean.
We also understood why our neighbors turned against us; those certain Believers worked hand in hand
with the mysterious Satanist. All sorts of lies that were brought against us had turned many unmentioned
neighbors to join their horde. Their minds and thoughts were always inconsistent with God’s Word. Yet in
many visions the Lord would warn us showing me insight into all their secret plans. Since then we walked
very light; our Father always prepares and alerts us.

[1 Thessalonians 5: 6-8] ”Therefore let us not sleep, as others do, but let us watch and be sober…let us who are of the day be sober, putting on the breastplate of faith and love, and as a helmet the hope of salvation.
[1 Peter 5: 8] NKJV

Two days later, in a dream, a huge angel of the Lord touched the right side of Brother Loie. As Power surged
into his right arm the angel said, “Stay on the right side”
Supernatural Power rested in his arm for a week. [Matthew 25: 33-46] NKJV