Book 3: Father honours “The Blood Covenant”

It is the night of 19th May; I heard thumping on the rooftop and knew that these Satanists had astral
projected trying to enter into our place on three different occasions. The Holy Spirit had prompted mom to
seal the house and break every incantation. When she obeyed the command, the Power of God responded.
That night, a deathly ache pounded her head; it seemed to spread over her.

She sat up most of the night into the wee hours of the morning holding her head. In desperation, she
called out unto the Father but her prayers had reached the ceiling. The excruciating pain seemed to shred
her head and inner voices were telling her, “Your God is weak… We are stronger… He does not care about
you…” Tension built and she became depressed – what a mistake. Her pain began eating huge holes when
the Spirit of God prompted in her spirit, to rebuke the demon of depression. Without a thought, she began
binding the demon of depression in Jesus’ Name. It was 4:30 am yet she reasoned her case before the
Father but nothing happened. It was already 6 am; she began to hear the hustle and bustle of people going
to work but to no avail. The atmosphere was so tense that I became ill. Drifting off to sleep she was saying.
“Father if I could do for You what You do for me I would but I am not in Your position. Your Word said, ‘I Am
the God that healeth thee’”.

Upon awaking, she went to the prayer room and immediately the Spirit of God began interceding, flooding
her eyes. Kneeling down very sick, she spoke inwardly unto the Father. She prayed, “Father, I kneel before
Your Throne of Mercy and Grace in the Name of Jesus. For He is the only Mediator between man and his
God. Your Word says that no man cometh unto the Father but through Jesus; I thank you that I can stand
before You. Satan in some way, had the right to afflict me. But You are a God of Mercy and Grace. Father I
plead the Blood of Jesus to cleanse me – Your Word says, ‘I, even I, am He who blots out your transgressions
for My own sake; and I will not remember your sins.

Put Me in remembrance; let us contend together; state your case that you may be acquitted’ Father, I stand
before You not because You are God but because of Who You really are and what Jesus really means to me.
Your Son did not keep back His life but He gave it freely to redeem me, to purge me. I stand before You as
though I have no sin. Because I am built together in Christ I have a Legal Covenant – The New Covenant –
The Blood Covenant. I am a child of the New Covenant because of the Blood Jesus shed for me at the cross
of Calvary. I stand in my full right as one washed in His Blood. The Word and the Blood speak for me.

For Life and Power is in His Blood. I request Father, in Jesus’ Name, to summons Satan to come before You.
Make Satan take his wiles from me. I thank You Father, in Jesus’ Name. Father, thank You that You honor
The Blood Covenant of Your Son. I know that Satan has no other choice but to respect the Blood Promise.”
The Spirit of God convicted her that Satan stood before the Father. An immediate response came from the
Throne of God – the explosion in her head stopped. It felt as though a Healing Balm covered her head and
she groaned in the Spirit.

Upon looking out, I saw the accursed planted under our front gate. Look! I exclaimed to her, the Satanists
could not come in but they sure left their trade mark outside. Wasting no time Brother Loie removed the
object and every curse was broken; the demons associated with the accursed were bound in Jesus’ Name.
Mom was soaring, completely healed.