Book 3: Huge War Horse

In a morning vision of the 10th April 2008, Brother Michael Birch and I were on our way to my
grandparents. We were riding upon a very huge War Horse. I had never seen such an enormous stallion.
Put under restraint, the wild horse had to be tamed. Brother Michael supported me, while in such a short
time, I had to learn to bridle this raving beauty. With special training, I eventually developed skill how to
restrain this muscle rippling horse.

Rick Joyner explains well in ‘The Torch and the Sword’ on pages 64 and 65. Quoted: “The Horse represents
the movement which you have been called to start! Movements have the purpose of taking ground back
from the enemy. They are for establishing strongholds of Truth, which the enemy cannot prevail against.
These become safe places for the captives who are released from their bondage to be healed, restored, and
armed to go back out into the battle. Many will draw close to those who have the Torch, but they will only
follow into battle those who have the Horse as well. Women have a special place in this fight; children will
be for signs and wonders. They will turn the tide of the Last Battle.”

In a morning vision on the 13th April, mom and I had to attend a School meeting. On returning from an
outing we rushed to prepare ourselves to collect my personal achievements – my credentials.

In a morning vision on the 19th April, upon my bed, I was in a certain place. Looking up into the sky, a
shockwave physically and emotionally traumatized me. The entire sky had turned a horrible, bloody color
amidst the hovering black clouds. It appeared as though the complete region of the atmosphere and outer
second heavens hung very, very heavily. At any moment, they could detach and fall flat. The presence of
the darkest, damnable wicked spirits seemed to have been spewed out of the pit of Hell. Afraid, I shouted
to my companions, “Look! Diabolical”. Hurriedly, we tried to escape in every direction.

It is the 21st April, about 11:45 am. Brother Loie was taken into an open vision in which he saw the Lord
Jesus in Grand Resplendence. The Master sat high and lifted up on His Golden Throne wearing a pure
white Garment. In His hand, He held a golden Scepter and upon His head a Crown of Red. Jesus had the
most beautiful captivating blue eyes. Such Brilliant Light shone around Him. A gracious speech came from
the Throne: “Be still and know that I AM GOD,” He said, with a polite epithet used of a Royal King. Brother
Loie beheld His gracious living, His meekness, such compassion and kindness, mercifulness, tenderness,
forbearing, forgivingness, piousness and gentle in nature. He saw that each Word in the Bible was True
about Jesus Christ. [Matthew 19:28] [Revelation 21:3–7]

That same morning, the Lord showed me that more powerful demon spirits were placed into beads of
assorted colors and placed into the grounds of our premises. Mom had responded and unearthed the
different sized beads plus a silver skeleton head. In Jesus’ Name every curse associated was broken and
every demon attached to bring about the curses was bound up. She requested that the Father through His
Son send an angel to assist her in this warfare and indeed He had granted her petition.

During the first week in April, in a Spirit dream, I had a sudden occurrence of an illness and called out to my
mother who rushed into my room and wasting no time, began rebuking. Immediately, I threw up pieces of
flesh which had blocked my spirit.

The morning of the 24th April, as I awoke, a severe blackout hit me. I staggered to the bathroom and
called out to mom. Hurriedly, she anointed me with olive oil rebuking the blackout demon. An intense
piercing pain rested in the small of my back. It felt as though the sturdiness of my spinal cord began tearing.
Incessant rebuking along my spine downward and out it came just as I had seen in the Spirit dream.We sat
enjoying a cup of coffee; my inward person indeed was not under the control of another. I did not know
that she had begun fasting early that morning interceding for me in earnest prayer. Instantly, the power of
God unblocked and healed me.

[Matthew 17:21] “But this kind (demon) does not go out except by prayer and fasting.” 

It was the day before that the Voice of Jesus spoke to Brother Loie and said to him to fast and pray. Being
obedient and willing, mom followed the Lord’s instruction.
That same morning, I saw in a Spirit vision, the Believer who had tried to evict my family from the house
we had rented. I saw that he had an Ahab spirit. He lied and used women for his gain. He discredits
the Believers, perverting the Truth. The following morning seeing his face in an open Spirit vision, I lay

It is the 29th April; Brother Loie was invited by Believers to sing at the local civic hall. That evening, he
approached the keyboard player who admitted that he was a Satanist. As his Pastor and all the Believers
present began dancing to the beat the Satanist played, Brother Loie walked away. Never before had
mankind understood that the enemy is within. This Ministry had been satanically infiltrated under the cover
of Brother.

It is the 4th May; in a Spirit dream, I was shopping at a supermarket when suddenly an unusual darkness
covered the entire mall. Like blind people, everyone groped in the dark and had to feel their way around
the shopping centre. Although I noticed that some light was coming through the air ventilations, it was
insufficient to shine through the nightmare of darkness.

It is the 9th April; in a Spirit dream, Brother Loie saw that he wielded a mighty Sword. It appeared more
than a meter in length and 10 centimeters in width. The Sword was a sharp, two-edged sword, emitting
great Light. As he held the silver handle firmly, he noticed that on the blade were names embossed in
beautiful, soft blue colors. Each illuminated in its uniqueness.
Opening his eyes, the anointing of God rested upon his forehead. During this period of three days, the
vision loomed before him and so did the powerful anointing upon his forehead.

[Exodus34:29-35] “…and the two tablets of the Testimony were in Moses’ hand when he came down from the mountain, that Moses did not know that the skin of his face shone while he talked with Him…” 

[Hebrews 4:12] “For the Word that God speaks is Alive and full of Power (making it active, operative, energizing, and effective); it is sharper than any two-edged sword, penetrating to the dividing line of the breath of life (soul) and the immortal spirit, and of joints and marrow of the deepest parts of our nature, exposing and sitting and analyzing and judging the very thoughts and purposes of the heart.” [NKJV] 

During the year, he had a Spirit dream in which he led a pure white stallion into the house. Yet in another
vision, he was very high in the sky, sitting upon the shoulders of a huge, mighty angel.

On the same morning, I was taken into a vision in which I was back at school. The school appeared to
be local yet it also appeared as a Majestic Palace. Suddenly, an unsaved friend showed up. He began
interfering with me but in warning voice tones his friends called out, “The people she knows are very
powerful; they sit in very high places.” Almighty God as Head of this Heavenly School, His Son Jesus as
Principal and His angel were Teachers. Jumpy and nervous they were afraid seeing their friend imposing
against my will.