Book 3: I will send Holy Fire

It is the 27th November 2008; now I refer to the 10th September. Mom was reading the book “The Torch and the Sword” written by Rick Joyner when suddenly the Voice spoke to her spirit as she read on page 39. I quote, “You can set nations on Fire with this Torch. This is the same Fire Moses saw in the bush. This is the Fire I sent with him to set My people free. It is what I am about to send with My messengers again to set My people free.”

Two weeks prior to this morning, Jesus stood beside her and said, “I have given the Sword to Michael; I have given you the Torch and the Cup I have given Yolin. You and Michael (teacher) will drink of the Cup I personally will fill which she (Yolin) bears for Me. I covenant with you that where you plant the Torch, I will cause it to take root. This Torch is the very staff that enabled Moses to perform My Will…It is My Presence”

Today Jesus said to mom, “Ever since you saw the Fire burning before you; I have sent it with you.”

“Lord I pray for Your Fire to come. Purify the earth and consume the chaff. Purify Your chosen ones. I ask for Your Will to be done on earth as it is done in Heaven.”

Again she wept deep within, “Father, Your people perish because of lack of knowledge. Give me a bigger brain to know wisdom and humility. Bring glory unto Yourself; let it be You helping Your people. Let You be seen in and through me; draw all men unto Yourself through Your Son Jesus. I also ask for this cloak of humility so that I would not make the same mistake those made who went on before me. Empower me through Your Holy Spirit to keep Your Way, Your Will. I make You Total Master of this area of my life; take full control Father, in Jesus’ Name.”

Five days later, the teacher (Brother Michael) of Christ End Time Ministries was shown in a dream that he was pregnant. He wondered about the pregnancy and spoke to mom. “Yes, you are called to bear His New Movement,” she replied. It was only when he covenanted with the Father, the ‘Call’ on his life to bear the Sword, that there was an immediate response from the Almighty.

I was taken into another vision of the morning in which mom and I were in a camp. It was situated in a mountainous area. There were only a few of us in intense training which seemed to be frightening. As I walked over the rocky ground, I felt comfortable. I could feel my feet on solid ground but when I thought that I had to swim across the deep ocean, I began to turn aside. I had to walk by what I could see. I could not bear entering a zone where my feet could not touch solid ground. Mom and the others pressed ahead determined to finish the training to the very end. It was very difficult as I watched them swimming across the deep. She had great determination, for as she swam, it appeared as if she was flying over the waters. On the other side, they continued the difficult training. Finally, they reached the end and started the training from the point that they ended; it had become their starting point. Once more, I watched and waited for her. As she made her way back to me, I opened my eyes and lay pondering.

[Isaiah 28: 26] “And he trains each of them correctly for his God instructs him correctly and teaches him.”

[Isaiah 30: 20-21] “And though the Lord gives you the bread of adversity and the water of affliction, yet your Teacher will not hide Himself any more, but your eyes will constantly behold your Teacher. And your ears will hear a word behind you, saying, This is the way; walk in it, when you turn to the right hand and when you turn to the left.”

The morning of the 3rd December 2008, I was shown in a vision that my cousin and I were in a certain shop when we heard such noisy disturbances outside. The outburst caused us to investigate the commotion. We were shocked to see the world ablaze, as far as the eye could see were fires burning rapidly. As we walked, the people were hysterical. I saw that they were terribly affected.

They appeared like zombies walking under a powerful spell. My cousin disappeared when I met another girl. It seemed that she was of the ‘Remnant’ that was not affected by the fire. Compassion overwhelmed me. Just then I realized that I had a can in my hand. I opened it and took a sip and gave it to my friend. The contents of the can strengthened me. I passed it on to the others who were under the spell. The moment each one sipped from the can, I saw that they were completely healed. Then they took it to the spell-bound people and so it was passed on. As I watched the can being passed on, I opened my eyes, thinking about the words of Jesus – that I would bear His cup. He would fill it to the brim and everyone would drink from it.

[Jeremiah 25: 17] “Then I took the cup from the Lord’s Hand and made all the nations drink it to whom the Lord had sent me.”

It was 3 o’ clock the following morning; I opened my eyes calling out to mom who rushed to me. We had been in a certain place where I spotted a young couple who had linked up with Satanists. Great evil poured from their presence that sent cold shivers running over me. For no apparent reason, they had joined the darkest evil to kill us. I opened my eyes, very disturbed. Mom listened carefully and stood up announcing, “No weapon formed against us will prosper but whatsoever we do shall prosper.” She told me the week before that we had to covenant with the Father for our protection this New Year. That morning, we prayed, laying the Covenant before the Father then signed and dated it.

Three days later, mom related her experience with me. It happened about 3 o’clock on Sunday morning. In her sleep, she was shown a dull, coloured man watching her then she saw his dull, grey hand. Immediately, her spirit within began pleading the Blood of Jesus. How long she pleaded the Blood she cannot tell but it seemed to start from deep within until it billowed out of her. She opened her eyes screaming, “The Blood of Jesus. Satan, I plead the Blood of Jesus against you!” The atmosphere hung heavy with evil. It was past four in the morning; she was still pleading the Blood of Jesus. Suddenly, the storm faded into calmness. Then a Voice said to her, “The battle is won. There had been a massive demonic build up around the place.” Praise the Great God Jehovah in Jesus’ Name.

[Psalm 18: 17] “He delivered me from my strong enemy and from those who hated and abhorred me, for they were too strong for me.”

In a morning vision of the 13th December 2008, mom and I were with a group upon a very high mountain. There we pitched our tents to camp upon the very tops of this mountain which towered into the heavens.

It was past two the next morning; mom was counselling me until the anointing fell. During my babyhood, I had been mishandled by the leader of old and for this reason, I grew to hate him. Mom prayed, “Father, in Jesus’ Name, would Your Holy Spirit bring to Yolin’s memory, the cause of her unstable mind? Thank you Father, in Jesus’ Name.”

Another sister had used a controlling spirit of witchcraft to perform her evil deeds. When I refused to clean up her messy kitchen, she began to sulk. Not knowing that I had seen the spirit of her father-in-law who had died relaxing under the kitchen sink. His spirit would chase me around the house and as a child I was scared. Now this unreasonable sister used a controlling spirit. Without discerning, the leader of old became hard, and before my heartbroken mom, I was given a solid spanking. From that day, mom struggled with my backache; my mind would wander. Many times I could not control my thought life. My mind became very unstable. Hatred, resentment, unforgiveness, bitterness, anger, hostility, retaliation and all the emotional scars were behind these memories.

During counselling, I came to forgive him but a little Yolin within me believed that she was unworthy of love. She was dirty and ugly inside and therefore that little child inside me began to act when painful memories emerged. It was without warning and for no apparent reason that this little me would surface.

Then the Lord revealed unto mom that the unreasonable sister had used witchcraft. She had come through the leader so that with every lash of his belt an evil force was to cause an unnoticeable unstableness in me. “Yes, I want a stable mind”, I replied.

We held hands and she prayed so that the anointing fell. Then she asked the Father, in Jesus’ Name, to send His angel to restore every fragment of my mind. She asked that my soul be severed from this spirit. “Blot out all these hurtful memories”, she interceded. As she prayed I saw a shaft of Light from the Father above. We sat into the wee hours just praising the Lord.

During that week, mom counselled me again because of a raging battle in my mind. While I was speaking to Jesus, His response was immediate, “That was a lie of Satan. You are not ugly. You are not dirty,” He said to me.

Satan stood by my bedside and repeated, “Nobody wants you, and you are ugly and dirty.” I remembered mom’s words, “RESIST THE DEVIL Yolin; Satan will try again. Jesus had said you are beautiful and His Words are for all eternity. Jesus had spoken it over you. Satan had lost his beauty; he is ugly and dirty, not you. You are the righteousness of God through Jesus Christ.”