Book 3: Mental Blinders

It is the 16th day of the month; once again I was taken into a morning vision and was on a rescue mission
with two others. We were to rescue a boy about ten years of age who was being kept hostage. On arriving,
we noticed that the child was standing at the window, edgy and nervous. The house appeared beautiful
from the outside but when we entered thick darkness hung heavily.

This child was scared out of his wits and was kept hostage by a snake. Although the front door stood wide
open, the snake had put the frighteners on. The fretful child was too scared to run away. It seemed as if he
wore mental blinders and was put into a spiritual cage by the snake’s lies and deception. But the careless
snake forgot to lock the front door. Every careful precaution was taken to set this child free. We could tell
by the measure of the present evil operating that the snake was one of its kind; very deadly, possessing
enormous powers. On leaving the place with the child, we ran as fast as our legs could carry us.

[Matthew 24:4-5] “Jesus answered them, Be careful that no one misleads you (deceiving you and leading you into error). For many will come in (on the strength of) of My Name (appropriating the Name which belongs to Me), saying, I am the Christ, and they will lead many astray.”

It is the 17th day of the month; in a morning vision upon my bed, mother and I went shopping. It seemed
that total chaos erupted at the supermarket; through it all she shopped in her calmness. The gift of
discernment began operating and spiritually I felt that someone was stalking me. While pushing the trolley,
I saw that I was carrying a baby. The year old infant began crying so I fed him with food. He became ill but
when mom nurtured him he was better. As we stood in the queue, a chubby lady told me what to feed the
infant and which food I should not give him. I stood thinking how does this lady know the Infant? How does
she know what to feed Him?

[Psalm 84:11] “No good thing will He withhold from them that walk upright. O Jehovah of Hosts, blessed is the man that trusteth in Thee.”