Book 3: Schizophrenic

On the morning of the 13th, a desperate knock came to the door. Brother Loie awoke and went to investi­gate. While he was gone the Lord told mom to prepare; hurriedly she obeyed. He was found lying uncon­scious. Immediately, she began rebuking the demonic attack. As he tried to communicate his tongue had gotten so thick he could not respond. Suddenly, his entire physical body collapsed. Whatever breath he had, came out in bubbling sounds. Mom checked that his eyes had completely turned white. Immediately, she rushed for the oil, rubbing it on her hands she announced, “Demons, here I come in the name of my Jesus”. As she anointed him, she felt that his body had turned icy; cold sweat poured from him. With oil, she made the symbol of the Cross of Calvary and said out loud,

“This is a token that there is Life in the Blood which was shed on the Cross of Calvary. Father, in the Name of Jesus Christ let the Life that is in the Blood of the Lamb flow into this physical body. In the Name of Jesus who is my Master, I bind up death, hand and foot. In Jesus’ Name, death you are commanded to leave im­mediately. In the Name of Jesus, spirit of witchcraft, I bind you up. Father, in Jesus’ Name, send your angel to clothe Brother Loie with the complete armour of God to protect him against this wile of Satan.

Thank You Father, in Jesus’ Name, for Life is in the Blood. In Jesus’ Name, death demon leave through the door you came through. In Jesus’ Name, I close death’s door sealing it with the Blood. In the Name of Jesus, spirit of witchcraft leave through the door you came through. In the Name of Jesus, I close witchcraft’s door sealing it with the Blood. I proclaim the Blood Promise of God. I plead the Blood…”

The Holy Spirit saw the danger and responded immediately to her cry. She then helped him to his bed and prepared a choice morsel. By that time he opened his eyes and told her that he was gone but God had used her. Later that afternoon, while they were in prayer the desperate knock was once more at the door. I called to mom who came hurriedly; she could not identify the person who addressed herself as Molly (not her real name). She is a close relative of his family. As they sat and spoke, mom offered the best remedy to all her problems, “JESUS”. Molly had backslidden when she was a teenager. Presently, she is 36 years of age.

During her wasted years, she had tried on so many occasions to commit suicide. She became an alcoholic and an addict to nicotine. The only words that she uttered were, “I don’t want to live any longer, I want to die. I am lower than a homeless person. I feel so dirty. I’ve had enough, I can’t take it any longer. Everywhere I go I am rejected; everyone tells me that I stink. I have a bad odour coming from my mouth. I have been in witchcraft and abused all my life. I cannot mix with people. I don’t want to live any longer. I just want to die.

There is no hope for me, nobody can help me. I am too far gone. I have tried everything that this world has to offer; everyone is cold; love does not exist. Deep down I am so lonely, my boyfriend cannot help me. The more he tries to love me the more I become frustrated. I hate everyone, I hate myself. I have become violent.

I am so depressed. I am so withdrawn from everyone. I quarrel and fight. I fear everyone will reject me. I feel inferior to everyone. I want to find real love.” Molly spat it out vehemently and wept in self-pity. She had hurt everyone who ever came in her path but felt that they deserved it because they had rejected her. “Why! Why! Why?”, she shook.

Mom once again offered her JESUS. She proclaimed Him to be all sufficient but this run-down woman resisted. She blurted out that twice she was given from a bottle of dirty water to drink. Mom immediately understood that it was witchcraft and the Spirit of God had shown her what wile had attacked Brother Loie. Mom said that if she would not make a total commitment and accept Jesus as her personal Savior that she could not help her. After much persuasion, the woman I call Molly left.

Brother Loie and mom prayed, “Lord, we stand in the gap for Molly. Father, in Jesus’ Name, please turn your wrath away from her. We bind up every demon spirit blinding her, in Jesus’ Name. Let Molly realize the desperate situation she is in. Let her feel the need for You. We thank you for it Father, in Jesus’ Name.”

Mom told Brother Loie that he had taken the full blast of what could have happened to Molly. (She was his relative). God had turned His wrath and both bore it away for her. But that night evil lurked through an open doorway. Mom then prayed and asked the Father in Jesus’ Name to sever Brother Loie and Molly in the spirit world. Then she closed that door with the Blood of the Lamb.

Very early the next morning, the Holy Spirit told her to dress and prepare for Molly was on her way. She looked out and saw that it was storming but it was not long when a desperate knock came.

Mom sat with Molly and began telling her what Jesus had revealed to Mary Baxter in condensed detail; the absolute truth about hell and its present activities. The reality of it all totally shook Molly. She fell to her knees and in desperation called out to Jesus. Mom led her into confession, then she told Molly to renounce and make a clean break with Satan and all his works. She renounced alcohol, nicotine, suicide and fornica­tion. Mom called each demon on his name, one by one, she said, “Demon of alcohol you heard that Molly does not need you any longer she has renounced you. In the Name of Jesus leave immediately. In Jesus’ Name, I bind you up. In Jesus’ Name, I send you back through the door you operated through.

In Jesus’ Name, I close that door. I seal that door with the Blood of Jesus. Mom rebuked each demon in the same manner. Finally, she rebuked suicide and in Jesus’ Name commanded that demon to be bound. In Jesus’ Name, door of suicide, you are sealed with the Blood of Jesus.

Father, in Jesus’ Name, would You send Your angel to clothe Molly with the complete armour of God to pro­tect her against the wiles of Satan? Thank you Father, in Jesus’ Name” She took oil and made the symbol of the Cross of Calvary saying, “Let the Life that flows from the Blood of the Lamb that was shed on this Cross of Calvary fill Molly, in Jesus’ Name.”

Molly sat weeping for a very long time. Later that evening, the demons began speaking through her. I can’t take it any longer, I want to die. I am too lonely. I am too empty. There is no hope for me. No one can help me. I am too far gone. It went on and on; into the wee hours they counselled her.

Wearily mom fell asleep and dreamed that an evil spirit hovered over her. This very powerful demon was moving viciously in a cycle. The thing had full control as it started up where it ended. This movement re­peated itself over and over and disappeared. Meanwhile, Molly was shown in a dream that a young child had jumped behind her back. She looked and grew scared for she realized what evil poured forth from this child. Mom came and rebuked the evil spirit. Molly awoke much shaken for a black cat came and bit her on her hand.

Once more they sat with Molly through the wee hours of the morning. Exhausted that early morning, Jesus came to mom and said to her, “Molly is schizophrenic. Many of My children are schizophrenic”.

“Lord, You are 100 per cent spot on for I have studied her every movement and her every word. Jesus, I am willing and obedient to You, if I can do for You what you do for me then I will. Let it not be me that will help Molly but You through me; use my lips; use me completely. I understand her dream.”

While she sat studying the Schizophrenic Revelation given to Ida Mae Hammond, Jesus said to her, “Do not fear any demon spirit. I’ve told you to lead My people out of Egypt.”

Immediately, she understood why Jesus had previously instructed her to read Exodus Chapter Three. “Lord, You have shed light on spiritual Egypt and also the spiritual bondage that Your people are kept in. Satan and his demons are spiritual Pharaoh.”

The entire day she focused completely on schizophrenia. Jesus said to her when one demon is rebuked and the doorways closed, fill that empty space with My Word. Do not leave any emptiness for Satan to fill. Do not rebuke all the demons at one time. Molly would feel too empty and lost. She has a network of demons tightly interknitted. Jesus walked and taught mom that entire day.

That night when Molly returned from work, mom began counselling her. She explained why Molly was feel­ing unclean, why the real Molly was spiritually trapped.

“This is a process, Molly,” she said “but if you will let Jesus, He will undo every tentacle of that spiritual giant octopus.” For the first time Molly enjoyed reading the Bible mom gave her. Every time mom spoke, it appeared as though it was the Lord speaking to Molly. The power of God caused her to shiver. Meanwhile that day, Brother Loie and mom agreed that Molly, by the grace of God, will make it. Mom said that what you say is what you will receive according to [Mark chapter 11 verses 22-24].

“And Jesus answering saith unto them, Have faith in God. For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith. There­fore I say unto you, what things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.”

Molly never again uttered the words that she was lonely, that she wanted to die. She never craved for a cigarette or wine for the doorways were sealed with the Blood of the Lamb.

The following day when she returned from work, Molly had gotten bitter because of rejection. She said that she had realized her anger and went aside to rebuke that demon.

Every morning, mom would prepare and lead Molly into prayer, “Good morning Father, good morning Jesus, good morning Holy Spirit. Father, in the Name of Jesus, would You send Your angel to clothe Molly with the complete armour of God? Thank you Father, in Jesus’ Name. Molly in Jesus’ name, I seal you with the Blood of Jesus.”

The Holy Spirit would control each session. During counselling He would provide the Scripture. Each Word of God brought Light into Molly. Mom depended entirely upon the Lord. She laid hands upon her badly bruised form and asked the Father, in Jesus’ Name, to send an angel to speed up the healing process for the damage that was done to Molly spiritually and physically.

The next morning the Voice spoke to mom, “It’s time to deal with the controlling demon called rejection (root of all bitterness).” He gave her the Scripture in [Hebrews chapter 12 verses 15 – 29].

“Looking diligently lest any man fail of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness springing up troubles you, and thereby many be defiled…For our God is a consuming fire.”

That night mom had prepared and sealed the room in which Molly was to renounce the main controlling demon of rejection, root of bitterness! She requested that the Father, in Jesus’ Name, send an angel to as­sist her. There should be no interference from Satan or his demons. Mom ministered unto her the Word of God which came unto her. Molly was on her knees rendering unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and unto God the things that are God’s.

“Rejection, you heard that Molly has renounced you, in Jesus’ Name. You are no longer needed. In Jesus’ Name, I cut all your cords asunder between you and the strongman in the heavenlies. In Jesus’ Name, I bind you; that which I bind on earth is also bound in the heavenlies. In Jesus’ Name, I cast you into the dry and barren places according to the Word of God. In Jesus’ Name, leave immediately through the doorway you operated. In Jesus’ Name, I seal the door of rejection with the Blood of the Lamb of God. In Jesus’ Name, I loose Molly from the grips of rejection that which I loose on earth is loosed in heaven. Father, in Jesus’ Name, sever Molly and the controlling demon of rejection in the spirit world. Thank you Father, in Jesus’ Name! Father, in Jesus’ Name, fill Molly with Your Holy Spirit.”

Molly sat for a while as mom ministered the Word filling the emptiness according to Matthew 12:43-45. She is to be filled with JESUS to let Him rule her life.

As the days passed by mom counselled her on the Word of God that came unto her. [1 Corinthians 3:16, 17] [Acts 7:4 8] [Acts 17:24] [1 Corinthians 6:18-19] and lastly [2 Corinthians 6:16-18]

“And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? For ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said; and I will be their God, and they shall be My people. Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you. And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be My sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.”

While she counselled Molly, the power of God fell. The doorway linking Molly to her boyfriend was closed that night. His life was in total chaos and Jesus showed mom that she was to be severed from her boyfriend in the spirit realm. The engrafted Word opened her eyes and she realized for the first time, the need to be severed from unclean things. She needed to be separate from the many idols she once worshipped. Mom explained that Jesus showed her to break every witchcraft curse placed on her. The curse had caused her tongue to become scaly.

The minute mom laid hands upon Molly, God responded and His power fell. Mom prayed, “Father, in Jesus’ Name, every curse placed upon Molly is bound powerless. In Jesus’ Name, I bind up every witchcraft curse placed upon her to be broken immediately. In Jesus’ Name, I bind up every demon associated with these curses that they hold no power to operate in Molly’s life. In Jesus’ Name, you are commanded to leave. Go to the dry and barren places immediately. In Jesus’ Name, I close every door associated with these demons. I proclaim the Blood Covenant of God in Jesus’ Name. In Jesus’ Name, I seal these doors with His Blood. Fa­ther, in Jesus’ Name, sever Molly from her boyfriend (called his name) that no unclean thing will cross over the Blood Line in the spirit world. I plead the Blood of the Lamb, the Blood of Jesus…”

Then with oil, she made the symbol of the Cross of Calvary and said, “This is a symbol of the Cross of Calva­ry. Father, in Jesus’ Name, let the Life that is in the Blood of Your Son flow through her. Fill all the emptiness with Your Holy Spirit.”

Mom’s hands shook under the control of the Power of God and it flowed into Molly’s bruised body. She was pleading the Blood all the way. The Power of God ran over mom’s lips and the hard, distorted face of Molly took on a difference. She was shaking from the inside and immediately Molly ran to the bathroom. A de­mon always comes out with a very bad odour. My, oh my, it stank and Molly could not believe that that smell was in her. “I am feeling better and better after each session”, she said with a shine on her face. “Molly, come let us give the Father through Jesus all the glory and honour. Praise the Father in Jesus’ Name.”

Mom gave Molly “Heaven Is So Real” to read. It thrilled her deeply when she read the back cover.

The next morning as mom sat with this script the Voice said unto her, “Many of My children still have open doorways. Many curses are still in existence. These are in the spirit realm.”

She had dreamt that The Bride had arrived; the crowd began to gather. Mom was to be the bridesmaid. As the Bride approached she looked stunning; wearing a pure white wedding gown. She appeared very tall and moved gracefully toward the unseen Bridegroom. Each step was well taken. The Bride emitted rays of Light – Life – Love – Joy – Peace – Gentleness – Goodness – Faith – Longsuffering – Meekness – Temperance and Purity. Now her sister ran to meet the Bride; she also wore a white gown.

As she took a closer look into the face of the Bride a frown appeared on her face. This did not disturb the Bride, who seemed to be focusing on what everyone present could not see – The Bridegroom.

That day during gathering, the Word of God came to the teacher of the ministry. Teach on the subject “The Word” and oh how the Power of God did fall.

It was praise and worship until very late during which Molly wept, “At last I feel the true me, and the person I should be.”

Eighteen days later, Molly came home from work very depressed. She sat in her corner weeping; feeling hopeless and despondent. Mom counselled her for some time and discovered that Molly was thinking of the past. People had ostracized her; they had used abusive language. This demon was keeping it alive in her mind. Mom sought the Holy Spirit for the answer to the situation they confronted. Rebuking the spirit of depression, the Word came unto her and the power of God fell, “If you can believe – Molly – Jesus can do it.” [Mark 9:23]

“Now Molly, God does not record failure in heaven. [Hebrew 10:17-18] Jesus sprinkled the book which contained all of the records of our iniquities and failures with His Blood. Jesus’ Blood erased the records of our iniquities”. God said, “I, even I, am He Who blots out your transgressions for My own sake; and I will not remember your sins. Put Me in remembrance; let us contend together; state your case, that you may be acquitted.”

She took her hand and said, “If two agree upon one thing on the earth, it shall be so. Now Molly, do you be­lieve with me that Jesus can do it?” Immediately, when Molly agreed upon the Word of God her face lit up.

Jesus said that He can do it for you, Molly, just as He had compassion on the epileptic boy. [Mark 9:17-29]

I refer to the 10th September 2005; Satan had taken the advantage to slice me open and steal my baby. Close relatives had abused me during my teenage years. The scars were still very raw. Mom counselled me as I wept sorely that night. Those doorways were closed, then in Jesus’ Name, she severed me in the spirit realm from those responsible. “You will get your baby back”; she held me to her.

I told her that the Lord had showed me in a Spirit dream that they had covered up their evil deeds. Claiming their innocence, I saw that beneath dwelt an evil heart.

The following morning, I approached her and told her that Jesus had revealed unto me that I was carrying a new born baby. The Infant was the most beautiful baby I had seen. Mom rejoiced and praised the Father in Jesus’ Name for responding.

The second last day of September, I saw that a small group was fleeing through a very dark tunnel. Before us lay black darkness. Close to our heels was a fuming horde of the most evil things you could ever imagine.

When I told mom, she went about binding up the horde of evil forces. “So this is the reason why you could not sleep since Molly entered our humble abode. Father, in Jesus’ Name, would You give me an extra mea­sure of Your Grace?” she prayed.

Days before, the Word of God came unto her, “To fight spiritual warfare use Spirit Authority. Put on Spirit armour and use Spirit weapons. Do not use force, speak the written Word. My Word is Spirit. My Word is Spirit Power. My Word carries Spirit Authority. Walk in True Spirit Authority to destroy the enemy’s attacks. Do not make meaningless decisions, always inquire of Me.”

In visions, I saw that I had given birth to one infant; yet in another I gave birth to twins; now in this vision I gave birth to triplets. These infants were newly born.

It is October 4, 2008; Brother Loie was shown in a vision dream that he stood on a huge mountain. Below lay a village; looking towards the sky a bright, blue light shone before his eyes. As he kept his eyes upon the brightness, it grew dull and dark. The entire village grew gloomy and dark. Then he heard the Voice of Jesus saying, “South Africa.”

On the sixth day, I was shown a vision of Jimmy Swaggart. While we were together, he sang a beautiful gos­pel song. The Power of God began to fall. It blessed me the minute I heard it. Later, I told Jimmy that I was feeling sick. “It’s an attack of Satan trying to hinder me.”

Jesus had shown mom in a Spirit dream that her brother approached her. He said, “You are so busy with the Word; the funeral service has begun.” My grandmother had gone home to be with Jesus.

The following day in a Spirit dream, Jesus showed my grandmother.

Isaiah 53:11. (Amplified Bible) “He shall see (the fruit) of the travail of His soul and be satisfied; by His knowledge of Himself (which He possesses and imparts to others) shall My (uncompromisingly) righteous One, My Servant, justify many and make many righteous (upright and in right standing with God), for He shall bear their iniquities and their guilt (with the consequences, says the Lord) “

I awoke the morning of October 12th and called out to mom who came hurriedly. She had been seeking the face of Jesus concerning Molly. The Lord showed me that mom had a very serious Spirit dream in which she was talking to the teacher of the ministry. She had asked him to search the matter. Meanwhile, Molly had entered our house.

Then the Father spoke and said, “Your house has become the house of Beelzebub. Your house is a re­bellious house before My eyes. I will keep both Loie and Cindy responsible for the abomination that has entered into their house“.

Just then the teacher returned and pointed to Molly saying that she was responsible for the very abomi­nation that the Father hates. Molly carried off the abomination to her boyfriend’s car and before our eyes, they fled. It seemed as though an iron fist had smashed into our faces. Now I saw that mom had put the accursed things of Molly out of our house.

Through their compassion that they had for Molly, they gave her a place to stay. During that month, our gifts of discernment began operating each time Molly came home very late. She became rebellious and was always too tired to be counselled. Molly became grumpy and moody about almost everything. Mom be­came very ill; for this reason she sought the face of Jesus concerning Molly who had tried so hard to cover up her sinful habits.

Molly never came home one night and the Father spoke unto me. It hit mom like a sledgehammer. She went before the Throne of Mercy and Grace and wept bitterly. Mom rent her heart and repented; the Father held her responsible. When Molly decided to return, mom approached her, but she became too rebellious and left with her boyfriend. Thus the vision of the morning was consummated.

The only covering that gave mom legal ground is when she began pleading the Blood Covering until the Spirit responded. Pleading the Blood of the Lamb took her into a deep prayer of repentance. “Let the Blood of Jesus speak for me. Through Your Blood into Your Presence…” Immediately, she recovered when the Fa­ther responded. The following day, mom acted according to my vision, and removed the accursed things of Molly from the premises. The Father’s Light shone brightly; His Presence filled our humble abode.

Four days later, in the morning, I was shown a vision that worms were coming out underneath the gey­ser in the kitchen. I saw that these worms had an evil appearance; mom was busy spraying doom on them. Then I heard her bind up these demons of rebellion, in the Name of Jesus. While we were sitting in my room, we saw spiders coming out from under my bed. Immediately, she rebuked the demons of rejection in the Name of Jesus. I also heard her bind up every demon associated with the spirit of rejection, in Jesus’ Name. Then she bound up every demon associated with the spirit of rebellion, in Jesus’ Name.

The moment I related the Spirit dream to her, she grew serious, for she said, “The Lord has shown me what to do!” After seeking His face, she went about rebuking according to His instructions.

During the wee hours of the following morning, I awoke and called out to her. The Lord had shown me that a frightful imp followed Molly. She returned to mom and said that she had nowhere to go and that she had lost her job. “There is something following me!”, she said. Mom had listened carefully to what Jesus had shown me and said that tokolorsies could be bound up, in Jesus’ Name.

“Nor shall you bring an abomination into your house, lest you be doomed to destruction like it. You shall utterly detest it and utterly abhor it, for it is an accursed thing.” [Deuteronomy 7:26].

One month and two weeks later, Molly knocked on the front door. The above vision was brought to com­pletion. Five days before Christmas, we came home very late and found that Molly had dumped her be­longings at our front door. That night, an evil spirit entered our house and every corner began to creek. Our spirits were in turmoil and mom remembered the warning. During the wee hours of the morning, she rebuked the tokolorsies. Jesus had shown me that these frightful things followed Molly. Mom prayed, “In the Name of Jesus Christ, I command Satan to take his belongings off this property.

Satan, you have trespassed onto this property; this is my domain; leave, in Jesus’ Name. Ministering angels go forth and cause Satan to remove his belongings from this property. Thank you Father, in Jesus’ Name”. Immediately, calmness entered our house and we fell into a deep sleep. Four hours later, the Spirit of God caused mom to awaken. Be careful, he prompted in her heart.

When she looked out she saw that Molly’s belongings were scattered everywhere. She thought that the evil spirit was responsible for this. Soon she saw Molly gathering her belongings very quietly and with her boyfriend, they rode away.

Then mom said, “Now I am assured that Satan was found out; he is guilty of trespassing.” As the English proverb says, ‘Old habits die hard.’

One month later, on a Sunday morning, very early, Molly came thumping at our front door. Her boyfriend had dumped her and she demanded to be taken back. In the process, she dragged the Lord’s ministry through the slimy gutter. She had disturbed the neighbourhood and ran away. She dumped her belongings in front of our door and demanded that mom look after her son. Her full blown rebelliousness shocked the neighbourhood. Mom never spoke a word and neither did Brother Loie.

Their spirits grieved at the way the Lord’s Name was blasphemed, insomuch that Molly had peeled every bit of skin off their faces. “Lord”, mom wept, “lay not this charge against Molly but let her know that she has kindled Your wrath.” The atmosphere hung heavily in the neighbourhood. God’s ministry had been stigmatized – hot off the press. (Psalm 59:7) “Behold, they belch out insults with their mouths; swords of sarcasm, ridicule, slander and lies are in their lips, for who, they think, hears us?” The Spirit fell during our gathering that afternoon so that mom could not control her physical form. As the Holy Spirit swept through, mom felt her spirit sitting on a very high mountain. She was looking down and saw all things through a very bright white Light. “Lord, every bit of me, I surrender to You. All of me belongs to You,” she groaned.

Four days later, in a Spirit dream, she fought an army. On the battle field huge dynamite landed next to her. Waiting for the explosion to disintegrate her, she heard a sizzling noise and saw it still alight. In a wink, she held the dynamite and threw it into the enemy’s camp. A further cat and mouse chase continued against secret agents who had tried to kill her. She opened her eyes as they agreed upon a peace treaty.

That week, she went before the Throne of Mercy and Grace, “Father, I come before You, only under the covering of the Blood of Jesus. You said ‘I, even I, am He Who blots out and cancels your transgression, for My own sake, and I will not remember your sins. Put Me in remembrance (remind Me of your merits); let us plead and argue together. Set forth your case, that you may be justified (proved right)’. Father, through Your Son You have shown Yolin that my house had become the house of Beelzebub. You would keep me and Loie responsible for the abomination because of Molly.

I have rent my heart before You, most Holy Father and have put the abominable out. I have been obedient to Your command. I also stand on the Covenant that Yolin and I have made for Your protection against these coming attacks of Satan. Father, according to Your Will I have been obedient because You require Total Obedience. Make Satan take his hands off this situation he has taken advantage of, to cause havoc within our neighbourhood. Thank You for announcing it null and void, in Jesus’ Name.” An immediate response came, “Woman, I have set you free. Woman, I have set you free.” The Power of the Almighty ran like an electric current through her and lifted the stigma.

It is the night of November 11th; mom and I gathered together as usual. I told her that Jimmy Swaggart sang ‘He chose me to follow Him.’

“How many are able to deny ‘self’ to follow Him?”, I said.

“Now this is an important question”, she replied. “You have to make Jesus Total Master over every, every area of your life. You have to enter into this covenant with Him giving Him total control in defeating Satan.”

Jesus showed mom in a Spirit dream, that I smoked a cigarette. She told me, “You are the temple of the Holy Spirit. Every puff of that cigarette would become an idol to you.”

Now she awoke and paced the floor. “Father, in Jesus’ Name, I petition for my daughter. We have covenanted with You for Your protection against Satan’s attacks. You have responded with Psalm 23. Satan is asking to sift my daughter with this cigarette but I intercede for her. I plead the Blood of Jesus over her. I lay this covenant before Thee, in Jesus’ Name. We have an advocate, Your Son, Jesus Christ. I thank You for honouring this Covenant.”

As she wept bitterly, she said, “I will not give my daughter to this cigarette. I refuse a bad report.” Mom felt the heaviness lifted and she worshipped the Father, in Jesus’ Name. During that morning, she approached me. Now as we sat discussing the matter that night I told her that I could not sleep at night. I’d cry myself to sleep thinking of every hurt I’ve been through in my life time. As a teenager, she had always offered Jesus to me and on so many occasions, I had ignored her offer. There was so much deep hurt, rejection and rebellion. Jesus revealed unto her that I was not fully schizophrenic. Therefore, she counselled me for some time. This was the last of the waste matter which I flushed down the toilet in a vision one morning.

Tears welled up in me as she wept. “Give this emotional area to Jesus. This is what He is waiting for. You can’t do anything about your emotions; all you have to do is to give it to Him. Let Jesus take care of your emotions; let Him unblock you.”

Responding, I cried out in Jesus’ Name, “Satan, I don’t need your emotions in my life. I give back this cigarette to you; it belongs to you.” She led me into prayer.

Mom laid hands on me and prayed, “Satan, you heard Yolin say that she does not need you. She has made Jesus Total Master over every area of her life. She has rendered the area of her emotions unto Jesus, Who is her Master. Jesus has absolute control. In the Name of Jesus, you are commanded to leave immediately. I bind you Satan, in the Name of Jesus that which I bind on earth is bound in the heavenlies. Yolin, in Jesus’ Name, I loose you from its grips. That which I loose on earth is loosed also from the heavenlies.

An immediate response came from the Father, through His Son Jesus! Once again I was soaring very high with Jesus.

In a morning vision three days later, I was adorned in the most beautiful white wedding gown. The appearance of a million stars sparkled. This was in preparation for the Big Day. As I looked into the vision, the day had arrived. I stood with the Groom before a massive, white Church. White doves flew around; some perched on the roof of the building, others there were moving peacefully on the grass. I looked at myself. I was stunning; together with the Groom, I felt such unspeakable Joy. As I opened my eyes in the natural realm, the Presence of God filled our humble place.

Three days later, I was with the Lord in a morning vision. There appeared to be a massive house designed as a maze. Now while we were together, ugly forms appeared within the maze. The presence of evil hung heavily; through the dim light, we could just about make our way as we ran together. I could not afford to lose sight of Jesus. I understood the importance of His Presence.

That day, mom went into the Courtroom before the Father, in Jesus’ Name. She presented her case and asked Him to render null and void, all curses placed upon every area of our lives. Her petition before the Father brought an immediate response. I had suffered illnesses; I could not keep my healing. Because God rendered judgment in her favour, He healed every area of our lives.

[Psalm 9:4] “For You have maintained my right and cause; You sat on the Throne judging righteously.”

In the following morning vision, I was back at school. There I met a Muslim girl. When she realized that I had spelt Mohammed’s name incorrectly, she said that just for the spelling error, the Muslims would kill me. Nonetheless, I had no fear, for I said that Mohammed is but a name.

Yet in another vision, on the morning of November 19th, I was back at school. Certain of the students were handed messages to take to other teachers. I was one of them. As I went the teacher accompanied me. She led me to a beautiful, ivory keyboard and said, “Yolin, this is yours.” I was amazed at its beauty. “I am going to teach you on this instrument!”, she said.

The following day, I was back at school; the police came to arrest me. Some guy had pinned his drugs onto me, although I had no knowledge of his crime.

There I stood, cleaning the foyer of the principal’s office. The teacher passed and called me. “Why are you so sad?”, she asked. While I was explaining to her I opened my eyes, feeling sad.

Meanwhile, mom was interceding as to why I was once again viciously attacked by Satan. Within seconds my entire physical body would ache until I would collapse. She would lay hands on me and rebuke the demonic attack, and I would recover. The attacks became more consistent; for this reason she spoke to the Father, in Jesus’ Name.

During that week, she noticed that I spoke a lot about some false accusation during the time I was in matric. Each thought crashed in my mind like thunder. This went on and on until one night the Voice spoke unto her, “Close the open doorway for Yolin.”

Immediately, she understood the Lord as He put into her mind, the complete picture. “Yolin,” she said, “There is an open door the Lord wants us to close.” Then she explained the reason; for I had told the accuser that he had no brains. He became enraged; Satan had blown the situation out of control. Satan also used an old tactic; the accuser sent a message that he still had feelings for me and that he was prepared to wait for me. Because I kept talking about the incident, Satan took the advantage to play secretly with my feelings. Listening to him, I opened a doorway through which demonic attacks flooded through.

For some time, mom counselled me that night then she led me into prayer. “Yolin,” she said, “Father will be listening to you; now remember Satan will also be there just waiting to point a finger.”

While we prayed I could actually see the evil present. It sent cold shivers all over me. Afterward she interceded, “Father, Your Word, ‘I, even I, am He who blots out your transgressions for My own sake; and I will not remember your sins. Come now, and let us reason together, says the Lord, though your sins are like scarlet they shall be as white as snow though they are red like crimson they shall be as wool…’”

As she prayed for me, His anointing broke the yoke and I saw that the darkest of evil had vanished; a bright light shone through. I felt a heavy load lifted from me as she prayed, “Father, in Jesus’ Name, sever Yolin and the accuser (on his name) in the spirit realm. I close the open door forever with the Blood of Jesus so that there is no link…”

Mom carefully chose her words to be in line with the written Word of God and His Spirit Law. This brought an immediate, supernatural response from the Throne of God through His Son. “Mom”, I said, “I feel wonderful.” “Yolin”, she said, as she hugged me, “If only you understood the depth of His love for you!”

The next day, I was back at school; because of the colour of our skin, another girl and I were ostracized by white students. As I saw myself approaching her to get together, I opened my eyes. Although I was rejected yet the freedom given to me by Father the previous day caused my inner man to feel good.